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Cyprus hotel Park Beach Hotel 3* (Paphos) – on a budget «treshka» with first-class European service, which is located near the sea, in a forested area. Tourists who come here are pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to combine high standards of the rest with beautiful nature, clean sea and some elements of Oriental luxury. It would seem that we should not expect from this beachfront hotel the exclusivity of a five star resort like MC Beach Park Resort Hotel in Turkey, but some tourists compare both these hotels, and it happens that conclude in favor of the Cyprus hotel. After all, the service of Cypriot “boards” is not inferior to the “four” and even “five” of neighboring countries. And in this price range this is one of the best hotels in Limassol. But it is better you will make conclusions themselves.

Park beach hotel Limassol 3


This resort is considered one of the most fun on the island. Yes, and it is located very well. If you have a car, then immediately realize all the benefits of the location of Limassol. To all places of the island it is almost equal distance. Closer to the center of the city like to relax young people – even here in winter you will find Nightclubs and discos. And on the outskirts – romantic couples and families with children. For younger visitors Limassol – a real Paradise. There are a lot of attractions, Luna Park, the Palace of water sports. There is even a zoo, the only one on the island. In Limassol a lot of tourists from Russia, we can say, more than in other areas of Cyprus. Get here from the airports of Larnaca or Paphos. This can be done by taxi, bus or ferry. Beaches in the resort are great – sandy or with small pebbles.Mc beach park resort hotel


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Park Beach Hotel 3* (Paphos) is located almost in the woods where pines and eucalyptus trees. And the only thing that separates it from the stunning sandy beach. These features make this hotel very attractive both for leisure and for recreation. The resort centre is only three miles. It's about forty minutes walk. If it's too hot and I don't want to go on their own, right next to the hotel buses and taxis. Go to the center about ten minutes. But that is not to say that the hotel is completely cut off from civilization. One has only to go beyond the territory, and find yourself in the hustle and bustle of boutiques, shops, seaside taverns. And the nearest supermarket “occasional” – a ten minute go. Thus, the hotel is located perfectly: on the one hand – the city bustle, on the other – the orderly tranquility of the parklands. From Larnaca airport you can get here for about forty minutes, no more.

Park beach hotel


Park Beach Hotel 3* (Paphos) is a main building surrounded by four cottages. In two thousand and fourth year, the entire resort area of the hotel has been completely renovated, and now he has changed beyond recognition. Of course, the hotel can boast a fleet of thirty square kilometers as MC Beach Park Resort Hotel in Alanya, but she has her own, no less attractive for vacationers advantages. On site there is a beautiful lawn, stylish paths, everywhere pine trees that create shade. All very cozy, clean and tidy.Park beach

Where tourists Lodge

Park Beach Hotel 3* (Paphos) one hundred and ten rooms. They are divided into different categories. There are rooms for two, three guests, for families, and interconnecting rooms. The price of accommodation often depends on the view of the sea, but he is assured tourists, just chic! The rooms are stylish, comfortable, with wooden floors, air conditioned. There is satellite TV, bathroom. Plumbing is in excellent condition. Nice furniture. Wardrobe, mirror. For an additional fee you can rent a fridge. Almost all of the rooms or with balconies or private access to the street. There is a rope for drying things. Linen and towels are changed regularly. Valuables and money can be left in the room even without the safe. No one will touch.

Entertainment and service

In the evenings, the restaurant singing and dancing. The hotel has Parking for tourists with their own or rented cars. For fans to keep in shape gym and SPA. There is a Playground, you can invite a nanny. The opportunity to play Billiards. Because entertainment lovers mainly go “hang out” in Limassol, the rest in the hotel is very quiet, the guests behave decently. The staff knows Russian, so no problems with communication does not occur. Sometimes for vacationers organize evening cultural dance and music. “Wi-Fi” catches around the lobby and to have access to the Network in rooms need to pay. Staff smile, show kindness, always willing to help.Park beach hotel Limassol 3 reviews

How to feed

The Park has several Beach restaurants. The home is indoors, but has a terrace. The rest – “a La carte” with fish dishes of the local cuisine. There are also bars – in the lobby and by the pool. Last evenings music. Very good quality food in the “half”. You can take Breakfast and dinner or changethe evening meal for lunch. There are different salads, a great selection of hot. Particularly good fish dishes and stewed vegetables. Several meat types-lamb, beef, pork. It was tender, cooked with spices. In General, the menu is very diverse. A lot of fruit-melons, watermelons, grapes, apples, nectarines. For hotels of a similar price range the food is wonderful. As for the drinks for dinner you have to pay tourists tend to buy at the restaurant with local wine. Especially because in Cyprus it is famous for. Besides the many shops and cafes located right at the gates of the property.

How to sunbathe and swim

Go To the sea at the municipal beach (like everywhere in Cyprus). Only for umbrellas, deckchairs and sun loungers you have to pay separately. The sand here is volcanic, grey color, very useful, with a high content of silicon. The bottom is very good, the sunset in the water safe. To get there, two minutes in the shade of the trees. But if you don't want extra, then the hotel Park Beach Hotel has a large, spacious, beautiful outdoor pool where all these beach accessories are available in sufficient quantity. And absolutely for free. Besides sunbathing on the territory not only near the pool, but also on the lawn. And she reaches out to the boardwalk. So you can sunbathe in the hotel, and swim to go to the beach. Little people, enough space for everyone.Mc beach park hotel reviews

What campers say about Park Beach Hotel 3* (Paphos)

Reviews of travelers speak of him as a good beach hotel. Happy even those who have been in the luxurious Turkish “five”. Some even compare “downtown” in Limassol, Alanya MC Beach Park Hotel. Reviews claim that the local grove is no worse than the vast Park, the beach is gorgeous and the SPA is also working knowledgeable professionals. Of course, there are animators entertaining the tourists night and day, but if you are going to have fun on Cyprus that offers all the best night clubs of the resort! They provide such a varied programme that you do not want the hotel show, which tired on the third day.

Tourists have only good impressions from staying in a hotel, and they assure that he is not averse to come back. After all, he had great location, great food and affordable room rates (from 80.e. per night for a double apartment). And the money saved, you can see the island and admire all the sights. To go to Paphos, Protaras and Ayia NAPA, to ride on a boat from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, to visit the fountain show and much more.

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