Anapa, Cyprus. Cradle Of Aphrodite


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This is an amazing place for a long time called “Ibiza number two” due to the fact that it has become a Mecca for young people and has become a symbol of relaxation and serenity. Nowhere to find so many all happening places, popular bars, foam clubs where famous touring DJs, as well as small romantic taverns in the fishing style, where couples seeking privacy can enjoy the company of each other.Inapa Cyprus Anapa (Cyprus) - this is a great opportunity to bring children. Because they are so much fun! Ranging from huge water Park with many slides and water attractions, ending with a massive beach with sand the color of gold and shallow sea. After all, these famous Inapa.

Cyprus is famous for its legends, one of which was born here from the foam of the sea all-powerful goddess of love. This resort is also not devoid of mystical glory. After all, and its very name, which in Greek sounds like “NAPA” means “sacred grove". Perhaps in ancient ancient times, it was the realm of a Greek goddess, and in more recent times this legend has transformed into the story of the finding of the miraculous icon of the mother of God. Later in these places, founded the monastery and then the village, who called Inaba. Cyprus hotels AnapaCyprus is famous for such resorts as described in this article the location is very convenient transportation center. It is good to get from Larnaca from the airport or from any city of the island by bus or minibus. But for most the town experienced hikers are advised to walk or take a moped or a scooter - the streets here are narrow, and everything you need is within walking distance.


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If you want to arrange a beach vacation that will never forget, choose Cyprus. Anapa, hotels which are always at your service, located in the stunning beauty of the Bay and reflected in the azure waters of the sea. Once there, you'll become the picture by some great painter of seascapes, so improbable local paint. In addition, and importantly, is very clean and “blue flag” on the beach suggests that there is an excellent level of service to guests. Moreover, you can choose any location for sea and sun baths - Nissi beach, Limanaki, or anything else. Inapa Cyprus testimonialsAnd if you want to look at marine flora and fauna of the Mediterranean, immerse yourself snorkeling or scuba diving, you will not regret!

Deciding to vacation here, you should be very careful approach to the selection of the time of year. Find out what season you will be comfortable Inapa. Cyprus, which reviews vary greatly depending on the number of tourists and the particular hotel attracts a lot of people, sometimes having the opposite idea of what it means to “relax”. So if you come to these places in may or September and love the peace and quiet, you will be quite comfortable. And selecting the peak summer season, be prepared for noisy parties till dawn, and noisy from morning till evening a motley group of young people. So, this Inapa. Cyprus as is known, is the cradle of the goddess of love. Because we will not blame the youth - let him have fun until you wish.

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