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Currently, cheap hotels of Novosibirsk is the most popular. This major city every day more and more tourists. Economical travelers can find here the ideal options to stay. There are hotels which present a wide range of categories. Among them, for example, hotel "Novosibirsk". Tolmachevo international airport also offers budget hotels. hotel Siberia

General information

In local hotels a list of minimum services for which you have to pay extra. The obvious benefits include the courteous staff, quality repair of premises and clean rooms. Cheap hotels of Novosibirsk will be able to satisfy all needs of all visitors, whether businessmen or ordinary tourists. Budget room can be rented almost everywhere. These numbers are even in those institutions that position themselves as a hotel with European service and high ratings. Cheap hotels of Novosibirsk is located in almost every corner of the city. In any area there are places budget type. It's better to travel in a group. In this case, offers various bonuses and extra discounts. The cost of the hotel rooms that offer cheap hotels of Novosibirsk is able to surprise guests. In hotels you can rent a comfortable room or just a bed place for a very reasonable fee. Prices-from five hundred roubles a day. The only problem is that institutions quite a lot, the client will have to work with the selection.

Novosibirsk, hotel "Severnaya". Basic information

At the present time on the territory of Novosibirsk successfully operates a variety of hotels. Almost all boast attractive prices for the customers. Guests save money and at the same time satisfied with quality service. The hotel "North" is a prominent representative of this category of institutions. For more than fifty years it successfully operates. Guests of the Siberian capital placed with pleasure in its comfortable rooms. This hotel stands out against other similar establishments. This is due to the strong integration in the city life in General and tourism in particular, as well as established traditions. Azimut hotel Novosibirsk


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Historical information

The Hotel "North" was opened in the fall of 1961. During this time, managed to accumulate vast practical experience. Thanks to him, turns to find an individual approach to each visitor. Currently the hotel has 126 rooms. The school passed the relevant certification. Now the hotel "Severnaya" has the status of a star. Service is always maintained at the maximum level. This is largely achieved through the joint efforts of highly qualified staff and strict management. Repair work is conducted annually. They affect the corridors, rooms, guest and the rest of the room. Visitors can always count on providing comfortable rooms.

hotel Novosibirsk airport

The hotel offers a wide range of additional services. There is a Laundry room, a Barber shop, a household room, a hall for conferences. You have access to the Internet. Guests can enjoy a massage or sauna. The hotel management is doing everything to offer the service has improved.

Classification of numbers

  1. Single Suite. those numbers, eleven in all. They represent two of the room. The room has a double bed, fridge, TV, air conditioning and a Minibar. Breakfast is already included. The total cost of services – 4 thousand rubles per day.
  2. Suite. those numbers only eight. They represent two of the room. The room has two beds, refrigerator, mini-bar, TV, shower and toilet. Breakfast included. The total cost of services – about 4 thousand rubles per day.
  3. Single room of the first category. it includes a refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, mini-bar, shower and toilet. Breakfast included. The total cost of services – 2800 rubles per day.
  4. Double and triple rooms. they have a refrigerator, TV, mini-bar, shower and toilet. Breakfast included. The total cost of services – 1700 rubles per day for accommodation of one person.
  5. Single room category II. it has an incomplete bathroom. That is, the room has a sink and toilet but the shower is missing. Breakfast included. The total cost of services – about two thousand rubles per day.
  6. Double and triple rooms of the fourth category. these rooms belong to economy class. The total cost of services – up to 900 rubles per day for one place. cheap hotels Novosibirsk

Modern hotel business class

The Hotel "Sibir" (Novosibirsk) is located in the heart of the city. To its obvious advantages is the high quality of service. The former hotel "Azimut" (Novosibirsk) was opened in 1991. In the building of fourteen floors. Currently there are more than 250 rooms. The institution may provide to its customers a variety of services for leisure and business. Hotel "Sibir" is recognizeda kind of conference centre. This is because the hotel has specially equipped rooms, where held various business meetings.

Special Features

There follows a list of services provided by the hotel:

  1. Banquet hall.
  2. Beauty Salon.
  3. Bar.
  4. Solarium.
  5. Laundry.
  6. Sauna.
  7. Security Service. Is available.
  8. Room Service. Is available.
  9. Business center. Is available.
  10. Web-front. There are two personal computer. Crafted line. Is available.
  11. Free Wi-Fi zone.
  12. The Porters. The service is free of charge.
  13. Conference hall.
  14. ATMs. Working around the clock. Is a function of the currency exchange.
  15. Shop.
  16. Stand ticket sales. Novosibirsk hotel

Classification of numbers

1. Single superior. In one room. Total area – about sixteen square meters. The bedroom has a separate work area. The room has a single bed, TV, telephone, air conditioning, Desk, mini bar, refrigerator and free Wi-Fi. The bathroom has a bath, shower, toilet and Hairdryer. The total cost of services on weekdays – 4 thousand rubles, at the weekend – 3200.

2. Double superior. the room has one bedroom. Total area – more than eighteen square meters. Incorporates a dedicated work area. The room has one double bed, telephone, Desk, TV, refrigerator, mini-bar, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi. The bathroom includes a Hairdryer.

VIP accommodation

The Hotel "Novosibirsk" was built in 2000. The building has eighteen floors, with a length – one hundred meters. The hotel is one of the largest business hotels in Novosibirsk. It is located at the intersection of Central streets of the city, opposite the railway station. Comfortable enough to walk a couple of steps and they will be able to visit the best boutiques, shops and cultural centers. The hotel clients can use the services of the following:

  1. Bar.
  2. Coffee shop.
  3. A restaurant.
  4. Beauty Salon.
  5. Billiard club.
  6. Shop.
  7. Erotic club.hotel in Central Novosibirsk

The business center you can get services such as printing, scanning and copying documents and sending faxes. Guests can enjoy free high-speed Internet. There are services of a qualified interpreter. Values can be put in safes. Room service, Luggage storage, Laundry, tailor shop and Shoe Shine are free.

Hotel economy class

The Hotel "Central" (Novosibirsk) located in the center. From the metro station "Lenin Square" to the hotel is five minutes walk away. To the obvious advantages of the institution include the availability of convenient transport interchanges. All rooms are clean and comfortable. Guests can use a refrigerator, a TV and a telephone. The establishment has a restaurant. The approximate cost of services – about 2000 rubles per day.

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