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Summer vacation is a great time for children and their parents. Therefore moms and dads must think about how to make the rest of your beloved child a varied, fun and rewarding.

camp horizon

The Camp “Horizon” in the Poltava region offers an unforgettable vacation for every child. Of course, parents should study the characteristics and the conditions for the son or daughter in a summer institution.

Why should you send your child to camp «Horizon»

There are lots of significant reasons to send a child to rest. Health camp “Horizon” is:

  • Large area, which is located in a picturesque place of Ukraine, near the city of Kremenchug. The camp more than 7 hectares. Nearby is the river Psel, where the camp has a private beach.
  • On site are sports grounds for football, volleyball, basketball. Children who love sports, be sure to find something.
  • Next to each housing in which children live, there are gazebos, tables for playing table tennis, Playground with swings, slides and other entertainment structures.
  • Place the rest rooms, which are home to 4, 5 or 6 children. The rooms have all the amenities a modern fresh repair. Also on the floors there is an area with sofas where you can watch TV or just relax from an intense workout.
  • Every day the children will spend their leisure time immersed in the prepared them for entertainment. Various contests, competitions, relay races, discos, festivals will not allow boys and girls to miss a single moment.
  • In the camp of “Horizon” is a tent city. Here the children can spend time in the hot hours, feeling like real tourists.
  • Campfire area will bring a lot of fond memories of rainbow conversations and songs.

 horizon camp Poltavska oblast


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These are some nice suggestions that will give the camp «Horizon» kids of all ages.

The safety of the children in the camp

The camp Administration “Horizon” in the Poltava region is committed to ensure the safety of every vacationer. The notion of security includes many nuances:

  • Round the Clock security inside the camp.
  • Medical care.
  • The Permanent presence of a police officer on site increases the level of security for the territory.
  • Counselors are constantly aware of what clubs, sports activities is each child from the squad.
  • Besides the fact that security is on-site, each of the camp buildings “Horizon” also fixed security, which are always following the order, the safety of things that kids leave in the rooms.
  • Also for security and for the tranquility of parents, you have a mobile phone with different operators. Therefore, in case of an emergency, moms and dads can personally talk with your child.

children's camp horizon

The camp Administration has also asked parents to explain to their kids before the race that they should listen to leaders and other representatives of the administration of the camp «Horizon».

What the child needs to have a

During the trip the children will be useful for mints or pills and water. Clothes need child a to give:

  • Sports clothing;
  • Summer clothes;
  • The jacket for the evening;
  • Elegant clothes for various events, festivals, discos;
  • Comfortable clothes for fun;
  • Swimwear;
  • Lingerie;
  • A cap, a hat;
  • Shoes should be sporty, dressy, casual and for the soul;
  • Also with a need to give a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, shampoo, bath towel, toilet paper, sun cream;
  • You can give a child a children's magazines, book;
  • If you have you can give costumes to participate in the concert programs.

Wellness camp horizon

Should write the child a list of things he had with him was that he didn't forget anything important at the end of the shift.

The camp Infrastructure

Camp for Children “Horizon” is infrastructure the following buildings:

  • Residential buildings, which on the territory of the five pieces. Near each house there are gazebos, which are the squadron activities and competitions of the camp «Horizon».
  • Housing administration, which houses the Director, an accountant, showers, Laundry. Also in this case the infirmary of a jail.
  • Also at the camp “Horizon” in the Poltava region is the cultural and entertainment building, which hosts concerts, competitions, there is a movie theater that shows popular cartoons and children's films. The psychologist is also located in this building. Also in the cultural and entertainment complex located dining room. In front of the body are discos, entertainment under the open sky.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Campfire area.
  • Playground.

All of this suggests that every child will find a hobby which will help nice and bright to spend leisure time. All factors indicate that youngcampers having a great time in a children's camp «Horizon».

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