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Hawaiian exotic attracts tourists like no other. Hawaii – it is a unspoiled Paradise of nature, which has preserved its unique flavor. It's eternal summer with a mild exceptional climate, a riot of natural colors, soft Sands, gorgeous beaches and endless ocean, with strange underwater world. All this, combined with the hospitality of the locals and the American level of service that makes the stay in Hawaii more enjoyable and memorable.

The Hawaiian archipelago is located just North of the middle of the Pacific ocean and is a US state. Tourists waiting for the rest of 6 main Islands, each of which has its own characteristics and is characterized by a unique landscape.

The Hawaiian Islands today – this is one of the most prestigious holiday destinations in the world with luxurious hotels, high quality service, well-appointed beaches. Also they are full of expensive shops and restaurants, elite night clubs.

The Hawaiian Islands attract tourists amazing wildlife and numerous natural attractions. Here are the world's highest sea cliffs, the most active volcano on Earth Kilauea, the extraordinary beauty of the Waimea canyon, a huge volcanic craters. The Islands have preserved thousands of species of endemic plants that can be found only here.

The Major tourist destination in Hawaii – it's a beach vacation combined with numerous water sports.

Fans of passive recreation can enjoy a magnificent tropical climate, abundance of sunshine, white soft sand and warm ocean waves. The climate of the Hawaiian Islands perfect: comfortable temperature – 23 to 30 degrees, the fresh breeze of the ocean. From December to March on the Islands the rainy season. The best time for a beach holiday – from April to November.


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Vacation in Hawaii is impossible without water adventures. Conditions for scuba diving created by nature itself. Hawaii – the ideal place for diving, sailing, sea bike, surfing, kiteboarding, Windsurfing. There are well-equipped diving Cetra for hikers with any level of training. Divers breathtaking caves and grottoes, arches and columns, a variety of corals and an incredible amount of unseen fish. Fishing enthusiasts will remember a trip to Hawaii. Ocean fishing is amazing the types and number of fish.

Unforgettable is a meeting with the mysterious Polynesian culture. Local residents carefully preserve their traditions and still kept their identity. Such elements of Hawaiian culture as the hula dance, guitar and shirt, the famous greeting “Aloha” is known far outside the country. The culture of the Hawaiian people is fully reflected in the national dance, which is accompanied by special singing. It is executed publicly by both men and women. Dance read the whole story of this remarkable people.

Tourists can explore the cities of the Hawaiian Islands, most of which are small. The biggest – the capital of the Islands-Honolulu. In the cities you can visit art galleries, competition surfers, cowboy Rodeo.

Hawaii – it's not only amazing nature and unique culture, but also a kind kitchen. The most famous local dishes – pok and the navel. Pok – smoked fish, which is marinated in olive and soya sauce with the addition of algae, chili pepper and green onions. Navel – a dish of rice or ground nuts with the taste of soy. Hawaii kitchen – a variety of fish: shark, Dorado, Barracuda. Of course, it is impossible to imagine life without juicy ripe fruits: pineapple, mango, papaya, passion fruit, guava.

In Hawaii you can safely go with children. For younger visitors there are not only fun, but useful lessons. In hotels open special kindergartens where children learn to dance the national dance, make decorations from flowers and seashells.

Vacation in Hawaii is impossible to forget. In this fabulous location will want to return time and again.

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