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The smallest of the Indian States is famous for interesting angles and unique attractions. It can be compared to a small chest full of various treasures, causing the admiration of travelers. Exotic Goa – the world famous resort of India, the host thousands of travelers from different corners of our planet. Here everyone will find something suitable for yourself, and nobody will be disappointed and a wonderful journey to a magical place created for enjoyment of life.

Two parts of Goa

The Pearl of the Indian coast is divided into two parts, differing from each other. In South Goa, rest wealthy family tourists, and the North loves the youth at affordable prices in hotels and a huge amount of fun. Here is bubbling with life even at night: fun, discos and parties anyone will not get bored.the North Goa attractions and surroundings

It is No exaggeration to say that the dream of every traveller-to see the best of the boasts of North Goa attractions! Reviews of tourists visiting the magical area, full of enthusiasm, and it is quite natural.

A popular resort located on the West coast of India. From the East it is surrounded by mountains of the Western Ghats, most of which are covered with evergreen forests. In the Northern part of Goa is home to about 800 thousand people who speak different languages.

Climate and weather

North Goa attractions which are of great interest to tourists, even in winter surprised by the beautiful weather, because there reigns the tropical climate. Summer lasts from March to may, and three months the temperature can reach more than 30OC. From June to September, reigns the monsoon season, when much rain falls. This weather is not suitable for a beach holiday. After the rainy season comes warm autumn, and winter lasts from November to February, and even the night temperature does not fall below 20OC. This is the highest tourist season, and not coincidentally, the prices of all goods and services scenic resort are greatly increased.


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Dudhsagar Falls

What attracts tourists to North Goa? Attractions created by nature and man, very varied and their examination will allow to make the stay much more intense.the North Goa attractions

One of the most popular excursions is a trip to is located among pristine nature, Dudhsagar waterfall (Dudhsagar), which is located near the state capital Panaji. Falling from a height of 310 meters a miraculous miracle and the surrounding landscapes of the imagination. From real water extravaganza with lots of spray, sparkling in the sunlight is breathtaking. Powerful streams of boil-and-white fall from the rugged cliffs of time in a cold lake in which to bathe tourists, marking that this is one of the most beautiful places on our planet.

Sanctuary Bhagwan Mahavir

Natural attractions of North Goa can be called the main reason for meeting with him and a unique nature reserve “bhagwan Mahavir” is a proof. It is on his site there is a magnificent waterfall that invokes a sense of admiration. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary – 240 square kilometres of the unspoilt nature. To see all of the riches of the reserve, will have to take the jeep in forest Park.

Especially popular Devil's canyon, which is a small gorge to a depth of 50 meters. Beautiful area, formed under the influence of the current of the river Khandepar, attracts the eyes of stone banks and a small but powerful Arvalam waterfall, the noise of which is heard for several kilometers.

Here is an ancient temple of Sri Mahadeva. Made of basalt, it draws the eyes of the astonished visitors, admiring the carved bas-relief. Due to the remote location of Shri Mahadev Temple have been preserved in excellent condition. Inside the temple is decorated with images of elephants and flowers. This is the only example of stone architecture of the dynasty of Kadamba-Yadav, who is proud of India. sights of North Goa

North Goa (attractions prove it) – a unique area, full of vivid impressions and has a magical aura.

Old Goa

When Goa was a Portuguese colony, which could not affect its architectural appearance. Old Goa, which is called ‘jewel of India”, is located a few kilometers from Panaji. The city captured by the Portuguese, was very similar to Lisbon, and for its size it resembled the major cities of Europe. In the XVII century began the epidemic of cholera that killed more than 150 thousand people, and the conquerors were forced to leave its administrative center. In the abandoned town was mainly inhabited by priests and nuns, and now the number of local residents does not exceed five thousand people.

Here are the main religious attractions of North Goa. Excursions to Old Goa will let you see how the colonists lived and the impact they had on the culture of India.

What to look for in a religious center?

The Catholic Basilica of Jesus the merciful, made of dark laterite, – this is a wonderful example of the Baroque style in India. Inside Basilica of Bom Jesus, under a glass cover, the relics of St. Francis Xavier, whois the patron Saint of Goa. Put them only on major religious holidays.the North Goa attractions photos

SÉ Cathedral-the largest Church not only India but whole of Asia. A religious building considered to be the most revered religious monument. The majestic Cathedral dedicated to St. Catherine, appeared in the XVI century. Se Cathedral is known for the chapel, which is growing cross, fulfilling the desires of the parishioners and leisure guests in North Goa.

Attractions made the appearance of Old Goa unique in the eyes of tourists, and this is exemplified by the domed Church of St Cajetan – a real copy of St. Paul's Cathedral, which is located in Rome. The Catholic Church is really impressive: a mix of Baroque and Rococo, basalt gate, the carved altars, the pediment with niches with statues of saints, made a religious monument and one of the most popular tourist destinations. A majestic look to the interior of the Church of St. Cajetan gives the main dome, through whose Windows allow in bright light.

Ruins of a Gothic Church

The Ruins of the temple of St. Augustine are of genuine interest to tourists and archaeologists, finding important artifacts. When it was the Gothic Church Of Saint Augustine, but after the ban Augustinian it was destroyed by the Portuguese. All that is now left of its former greatness-the ruins of the bell tower height of about 40 meters and a few walls. Atmospheric place, which is under protection of UNESCO, I love foreign travelers, recognizing that the remains of religious monuments to make their imagination work.India North Goa sightseeing

Some churches are to this day, others became state museums, which are famous in North Goa. The sights themselves can attend, but it is better to take a guide, which tells in detail about the history of religious monuments. Many tourists with great admiration enchanting special atmosphere of Old Goa.

North Goa attractions and the surrounding area

As the locals say, in North Goa is one area that is definitely worth a visit. In the state of Karnataka is famous all over the world settlement, which is a architectural complex of monuments of great Vijayanagara Empire. Since 1987, Hampi is under the protection of UNESCO. Here every stone speaks the language of beauty. The Holy land makes an indelible impression on all who are interested in history and appreciate the unique architectural severy.

The magnificent temple was Vittala (Vittala temple), existing since the XVI century, is not completed, but from this it does not become less beautiful. Curiously, when tapped his mini-columns make wonderful melodies. The decoration of the edifice, which is dedicated to Vishnu, the stunning unique beauty of. sightseeing of North Goa tour

Bas-reliefs of the temple of Hazara Rama (Hazara Rama temple), tell about the events of the "Ramayana". They come to life paintings of the time: the proud riders parade with elephants, dancers bent in a passionate dance, horse fun rides, and the soldiers are preparing for new battles. On the walls of Hindu structures adorn thousands of images of Lord Rama.

Unusual Virupaksha temple, which grew from a small building in a complex that is the hallmark of Hampi. Virupaksha temple – is an important religious center. Twice a year there are great festivals, glorifying Shiva, and for participation in them pilgrims from all over India travelled thousands of miles.

According to tourists, even a few days is not enough to visit all the monuments of Hampi, so it is best to come for a week, and then you can fully enjoy fantastically beautiful landscape and man-made wonders of the Ghost town.

Fort Aguada

North Goa sightseeing which are not limited to natural and religious monuments, has an eventful history. Candolim is located near historic Fort Aguada, built by the Portuguese. Unfortunately, to see it inside will not work, but outside they can enjoy absolutely for free. The well-preserved fort Aguada, the walls of which are cut off straight into the sea, recognized as a historical treasure. Now the underground part is used as a prison for foreign tourists selling drugs. North Goa sightseeing independently

Redi Fort

Another fortification located on the border of two States Maharashtra and Goa. Redi Fort, the exact date of construction of which nobody knows, completely overgrown with jungle. Tourists think that Redi fort, is permeated through the green plants, is a single body with them. The vines creeping around the historical monument, intertwined in the most bizarre patterns.

Destroyed in the battle of the wall overgrown with bright tropical flowers and a moat beside the Fort is not visible due to high grass. Guests of the magic of the place suggests that this is one of the most peaceful corners of the state, calling North Goa. Landmarks, photos of which cause impatience to be there, – this is a great way to get acquainted with the ancient legacy of the mainresort of India.

The Popular resorts

The Resort, the beaches which literally occupied by tourists, every year is gaining popularity. People with the most different prosperity come to to fame to relax and the eyes to see man-made and natural monuments that made the world-famous North Goa. The sights (and the reviews about fabulous area only confirms their importance) allow us to touch the ancient history of the state and feel the Majesty of mother nature.

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