Outlet village Belaya Dacha: how to get there? Than it is remarkable?


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Previously, many shoppers do not cease to admire the shophouses, molami, and outlets located abroad. But recently the situation has changed dramatically. In Russia appeared first outlet called “spring”, who in August will be two years. He is, as you might guess, in Moscow. And if you have the capital to really best shopping object, it is, of course, outlet “spring”. How to get to it, everyone should know who are trying to save.

What is the outlet?

This great outlet opened its doors to visitors in late summer 2012, and immediately rushed there many tourists, who do not cease to come to this day. This trading object is a complex that can accommodate a large number of boutiques, forming small streets. outlet village Belaya dacha how to getThis style of structure is often called open, because in some countries there are outlets, which is one huge store. It should be noted that they are generally less beautiful. But outlet “the White Cottage” is striking in its splendor.


Currently, there can be found approximately 87 of famous brands, both foreign and domestic. Guests “the White Garden”, for example, will find here the best deals from Michael Kors, Baldinini, Furla, Lacoste, Cacharel and Ecco. There are also products popular brands such as Carlo Pazolini, Gizia, Fabi, No One. But this, of course, is not a complete list.


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Wide range

It not only has the shops of stylish clothes. In addition, in the outlet you can find household items, cosmetics, all sorts of nice little things, perfume, beautiful decoration and everything you need for the sport.  outlet village Belaya dacha how to getHere is just too much. It is a wide range and is famous for outlet “spring”. How to get to this commercial object is already known by many shopaholics.

Vacation mode

For those who want to relax, “spring” is also ideal because there are restaurants and cafes, there is also a Playground for kids. The outlet is situated on 38000 m2.

The Mode of operation of this trading object are quite satisfied nearly all buyers – the outlet operates from 10:00 to 22:00 each day. The value of discounts can range 30-70%. But you must know that happen here and seasonal sales. During this period, discounts may be astonishing.

How to get here?

If you want to buy any thing at an unusually low price, then go should be exactly in the outlet “spring”. How to get to it? This can be done in various ways. For example, you can drive the car on Volgogradsky Prospekt, heading in the direction of the Moscow ring road, and then another few kilometers to overcome on the Novoryazanskoe highway.  outlet village Belaya dacha how to getBut many will be easier to arrive to the metro station called Kuzminki, where you can catch a bus going directly to the “White Cottage”. It is so written. He walks every day. This is a special bus that shoppers and tourists travel to the famous outlet. As a rule, those who do not own cars. Some of the morning rush in the outlet “spring”. How to get there, they have long been aware of.


The commercial facility continuously striving to whet the interest of the customers and for that, regularly organizes various events and promotions. For example, recently in the outlet were discounts from the brand “Stockmann”, can reach 60%. Sold summer clothes earlier so no one bought it. There were also discounts on women's clothes brands Code Red, monarch and Deep Blue. All buyers have been immensely happy for very profitable acquisitions. Many of them told their friends about the outlet “spring”. How to get to it, they also probably explained.

Opinion, the prospects outlet

Residents of the capital believe that “spring” is a very cozy place, designed not only for shopping but also for a pleasant stay. However, some believe that bad weather can spoil all the pleasure of visiting the outlet.

outlet Belaya dacha

But the true lovers of shopping will not be afraid nor cold, nor rain. They at any time be glad to come in “White Cottage”, and therefore, the owners of the first Moscow outlet you can be sure that he will never lose his popularity. On the contrary, it will continue to grow. Indeed, many share their experiences with others, talking about how pleasantly surprised outlet “spring”. How to get here, you can find too very easily. You already know that, so have a nice shopping!

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