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The lions is an unusual city with a colorful and sometimes dramatic history. For centuries it was a city of many cultures. Poles, Jews, Armenians and Ukrainians lived alongside each other. This interesting tourist city, so this article will focus on those places that are worth a visit in Lviv, if you happen to visit this city.

If you want to explore the attractions of the city, its unique atmosphere and character of this city, it is better to use the services of a guide, conducting tours of the city. And the first place suggested by the guide, that may seem surprising, will be the so-called flea markets. Them in Lviv two. Just guide makes it clear that after a General tour of the city you can come back here to purchase whatever you see fit, in memory of Lviv.

Fair of Booksellers and opening

The First flea market is located next to the Church Corpus Christi Dominican monastery at Theater square. This place is sometimes called the fair Booksellers, because there are people who sell old books. In addition to books there are other Antiques such as vinyl records, coins, stamps and memorabilia associated with the Second world war.

opening day in the city center

The Second of Lviv flea markets, commonly known as the Vernissage, located at the intersection of Theatre and Lesia Ukrainka. You can buy here, among other offered products, all kinds of Souvenirs, Ukrainian national costumes, paintings or decorations. The sellers of both flea markets are in place from 8:00 to 17:00, and here you can buy everything, what the soul is.


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Historical facts

Before heading on a city tour, see the description of the attractions of the city. Photos of interesting places located in the city guide. There has been some historical data that are of interest to tourists.

The Territory of modern city was inhabited in the V century, but its history as a town begins in the XIII century. Lviv was founded by king Daniel of Galicia, about the year 1250, and is named after the son of king Lion. The city was part of the Halych-Volyn Principality. In 1261 the town was invaded by the Tatars, who killed him, he was restored to 1270.

Lviv - one of the best cities of Europe

In the XV-XVI centuries Lviv became one of the major trading centers between the black sea region and Central Europe. More than half a century the city was the European cultural space, as evidenced by the architecture of the buildings. Its narrow streets very similar to the Italian, and the style of the buildings reminds of Prague, visible in the architecture of the touch of Paris. Nevertheless, Lviv has its own flavor. Sometimes surprising sometimes to tourists as attractions of the city harmonious, despite the fact that there is still a mixed style: Gothic and Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

Town hall

The town Hall witnessed many of the events that occurred in the city since its construction. It was built in 1357, but was destroyed several times and rebuilt. By itself, the town hall is not so much interesting for tourists as a towering most high (65 metres) in Ukraine tower with an observation deck. It is perfectly possible to consider the city. Currently it is a monument protected by UNESCO.

Opera house.

The Boardwalk begins with a newly renovated square of Adam Mickiewicz with his monument, and ends with one of the most beautiful buildings of the city - Lviv national academic theater of Opera and ballet. Solomiya Krushelnytska. In winter there is the Lviv Christmas market and in spring - Easter fair.

Lviv Opera house - a landmark of Lviv

The Lviv Opera house (as it is called Lvov) is one of the attractions of the city (pictured above). The building was constructed between 1895 and 1900 by the famous architect Sigmund Gorgolewski. On the pediment of the theatre building's sculptural composition, made by P. Viewitem. This allegorical figures: Fame holding a palm branch (in the center), the left - Genius of drama and Comedy on the right is a Genius of music. The building is constructed using the styles of Renaissance and Baroque.

A Four-tier hall can accommodate 1000 spectators, his interiors were richly decorated with stucco and painting. The best sculptors and artists of the time participated in the decoration of the theatre. During the premiere performances, the scene closes with a festive curtain "Parnassus", made by G. Siemiradzki. In the theatre you can come not only to play, but also enjoy them as a great work of art.

Cathedral in the Armenian quarter

Armenians, expelled from their lands in the XIII century, found their refuge in Lviv. The first arrived in the city merchants and craftsmen settled compact. At the present time this Armenian street. All sights of the city are concentrated on this street, including the Armenian Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, located in the heart of the city established by Armenians. The construction of the Cathedral was begun in 1356 and completed in 1364-M. as for architecture, it's small and inconspicuous from the outside the building, interiorit pleases colorful decorations resembling sometimes the pictures of mosques. The Cathedral was several times burnt and restored. In the years after world war II, the temple was a storehouse of paintings. In 2003-2013, the temple was reconstructed.

Armenian Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary

In the spiritual and artistic terms after visiting the temple remains a vivid impression. In the Armenian rite, as distinct from Roman Catholic, don't use organs or other instruments. All songs are performed professional choir of more than a dozen singers, with such clean, perfect and perfectly synchronized, they cause goosebumps. The voice of the deacon, in turn, is extremely loud, low, deep and bright.

Potocki Palace

One of the most beautiful sights of the city (pictured below) certainly is the Potocki Palace. It is a monument of architecture built in the classicist style in 1880. The initiator of the construction of the Palace was one of the richest and most famous families in Ukraine and Poland - the family of Potocki. On the site of a hunting Lodge in Lviv the estate of Alfred II Potocki was built the Palace for the reception.

In 1975, the Palace was a city registry office, but later in his building was occupied by the Lviv art gallery. Currently, there are several exposures. Sometimes the rooms of the Palace are used for celebrations and wedding photo shoots.

Potocki Palace

High castle

Attractions and photos of all the beautiful places of the city do not compare with the beauty that opens from the hill of the city. The high elevation of Lviv is located in the North-Eastern part of the city. In 1362-1704 years there was a brick Gothic castle built by king Casimir the Great. The castle was conquered and destroyed by the Swedish army in 1704. After the destruction of the castle, no one did, and it was gradually carried into the city and they paved streets. A visit to Castle hill is included in all tours. But the favorite place for citizens and visitors of the city it is better to come in the morning or shortly before sunset. View of the city - stunning.


One of the largest museums Lviv is a city landmark under the open sky, is situated in the northeastern part of the city for wooded hills, close to the Park High castle. On the territory of 60 hectares, where you can see a reconstructed village from the Hutsul region, Lemko region, Bonomini, War, Polissia, Bukovyna, Transcarpathia, and, finally, the surroundings of the city. Shevchenko's grove invites visitors who are interested in different cultures and spheres of life of the people inhabiting the regions of Ukraine.

At the Museum is a unique collection of wooden cottages and churches, in which the old (antique) household items of the ancient times. Time stops here and takes us back a few centuries ago, in a world without the city bustle and noise. The atmosphere in the Museum is special, it makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed.

Seicentesco guy

In the middle of the route there is a Cossack blacksmith shop, and a field kitchen, where you can try the real Cossack dishes based on cereals, meat, bacon and vegetables. You can also organize a photo session in the beautiful old houses of wood, straw and clay. This Museum is located about a 25 minute walk from the centre of the city.

Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. George's Cathedral, constructed in 1744-1761 years, noted in the guide to Lviv as a tourist attraction. This beautiful monument of Baroque architecture Rococo is located at the height of St. George mount. In the Cathedral there is a crypt in which are buried famous figures of the Ukrainian Church. The bell tower with the famous old bell in Ukraine is located in the Park behind the Cathedral. During the XIX and XX centuries, the Cathedral served as the mother Church of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC). After the death of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in March 1946, the Soviet authorities forced Church leaders to denounce Rome and join the Russian Orthodox Church. Justice prevailed in 1989, when the Greek Catholic Church has recovered and resumed the work of the Cathedral.

Cathedral. George

Lviv brewery

Having been on tour around the city and become acquainted with the attractions of the city, is to go to the Museum brewery on the Lw&mónica;w Brewery, which opened in 2005. Stay for the Museum tour of its sights and tasting. Therefore, it is not necessary to drink beer in Lviv in the pub, better to do it at the brewery - the cost of the same. Interestingly, the brewery was founded by the Jesuits.

Initially intoxicating drink they were drinking at home, after some time began to treat the guests and seeing what the beer is like, they started manufacturing it on an industrial scale. After the first partition of Poland and the occupation of the city by the Austrians in the late XVIII century, the brewery fell into private hands. Currently, the brewery owned by the Carlsberg group. It produces among other things a famous beer in Europe 1715. Holding a mug of cold beer in Lviv, you might think, where elseto go in Lviv. And many more...

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