Geysers in the Kherson region of Ukraine: how to get and other travel tips


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Of Course, the Kherson region of Ukraine-not Russia and not Iceland. But there are geysers. But if the hot water gushes out of the ground fountain is not among the snow-covered beauty, and right in raspushennoy sun of the desert, the healing properties it not lose.

In this article we will discuss about the geysers in the Kherson region. They have a very interesting history, because it opened them to human Nature, and… seekers of scrap metal. But the discovery of the hapless fans of easy money have evaluated entrepreneurs. They are equipped with geysers baths. Of course, Spa-a world-class center can not be called, but the prices for the improvement in thermal springs is purely symbolic.

On how to get to the geysers, we will explain below. You will also learn how much fun to soak in the hot healing water.

Geysers in Kherson oblast

The Geysers in the Kherson region: the history of discovery

In the distant one thousand nine hundred and seventy-first year, in the fall, employees of state-owned enterprises “Crimnology” was looking for on the left Bank of the Dnieper minerals. Still not clear the purpose of the expedition. Some rumors say they were looking for oil, that gas. But they found that wells drilled to a depth of a thousand five hundred twenty-seven meters, highly rich in iodine hot water. Finding explorers are not inspired. They appropriated the source's number six and made the exit of thermal water with a huge metal plate.

The years Passed. Already in independent Ukraine there were some hunters behind scrap metal. Calculate in mind the profits they can obtain by passing a slab weighing several tons, they drove the truck and started the realization of dreams. The result almost ended in the death of hunters behind metal. The water under pressure threw a damper on six meters! But it weighed several tons. And then the little village Obloi became famous to all Ukraine. As it scored the geysers. In the Kherson region, there have been enterprising people who wanted to privatize the natural wealth of the people of Ukraine.


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Geyser in the Kherson region as links


The village Council of the village Obloi passed the geysers in the Kherson region rental a single limited liability company. Nothing but a fence and gate that OOO has not been built. Dealers just take the money from anyone who wanted to bathe in the hot spring. After repeated complaints of low (or zero) level of comfort in Obloi even raided the fight against organized crime. In the end, a hot geyser in the Kherson region (or rather the land around it) was given to another tenant. But even judging by recent reviews, the infrastructure of the rest of it remains on the most rudimentary level.

It is three baths: two – of water (twenty to thirty meters), and the third – with healing mud. Liquid pools of dark brown. Reviews recommend taking bathing suits, "not sorry”. The hot spring emerges at a temperature of +70 OC, but in the pools it is a little cooler-about forty-five degrees. Around the tanks there are cabanas. Already functioning in the shower where you can wash the salt and iodine, as well as massage services.

Healing geyser in Kherson oblast


In the Kherson area there is another healing geyser – radon. It is located on the Arabat spit of the sea of Azov in Genicheskaya Gorka, near the village of Schastlivtsevo. But the natural reservoir is under the jurisdiction of balneoclinic treating cerebral palsy. And the second healing geyser in the Kherson region, near the village of Fin, often compared to the Dead sea in Israel. Its water contains a lot of iodine and bromine, there are also minor concentrations of calcium, potassium and boron. The liquid is very dense, pushes to the surface. This geyser is recommended to visit people with diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, kidneys, thyroid, nervous system. But pregnant is not desirable here to go – use of the pool may cause miscarriage.

Hot geyser in Kherson oblast

Fin, geyser in the Kherson region. How to get there? Prices

Unfortunately, the condition of the road to this unique natural phenomenon leaves much to be desired. So tourists are not recommended to go to the hot spring after the rains-you get stuck. From the city of Golaya Pristan should go towards the resort's Iron Port. The village Behtery we turn onto a dirt road and move to Fin. The geyser is located two kilometers from the settlement. But enterprising citizens have already built in the immediate vicinity of baths, the cottages who rent treated. After all, to achieve positive and lasting effect should take two baths a day for an hour for at least weeks. The cost of visiting the baths is still symbolic: fifteen hryvnia per person. But the use of the shower is worth the extra money.

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