Sousouras Hotel 3* (Greece/Halkidiki): overview, description, beach, rooms and traveler reviews


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If we are talking about a beach holiday in Europe, many tourists prefer Greece. This country has much to offer the tourist — and it's historical sights and interesting culture and, of course, extremely varied and beautiful nature.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece is the Peninsula of Halkidiki. Of course, there are a huge number of hotels and entire resort complexes for every taste and budget. And one of the good places to pause is the hotel Sousouras Hotel 3*.

Of Course, before you can book a hotel, you should try to learn more about it. For example, tourists should find out whether the location of the hotel convenient and there is next some interesting places. Do tourists food and really good accommodation? Is it worth spending your holidays with children?

Location and description

sousouras hotel 3

Of Course, when choosing the hotel, first and foremost, pay attention to its location. Where the hotel Sousouras Hotel 3*? Halkidiki, Kassandra, the picturesque resort village of Hanioti — it is here, just 50 m from the sea, is situated this cosy hotel. By the way, the distance to the center of the town is no more than 100 meters.

Within walking distance are cafes, shops and even a Mall. The nearest international airport is in Thessaloniki, which is 105 km away.

The Hotel Sousouras Hotel 3* consists of several five-storey buildings and small bungalows. By the way, the hotel was opened in 1984, the last restoration was completed in 2015. It offers not only a spacious building with modern interiors, but also beautiful grounds where you can have a great time.


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What the room offers?

The Hotel offers its guests a choice of one of the 80 rooms of the following categories:

  • Standard rooms-spacious rooms with a sleeping area and a balcony, located in high-rise buildings.
  • Family rooms — rooms, consisting of a separate bedroom with a large bed and a living room with upholstered furniture and sofa beds. Their area is 27 square meters and the rooms can accommodate 3-4 people.
  • Family Bungalows — large rooms located in separate bungalows. There is a bedroom with a sliding interior door (this area is a double bed) and a living room with a large sofa bed and two single beds. Rooms can accommodate five guests.

Hotel Sousouras Hotel 3* (Kassandra, Chalkidiki, Kassandra, Hanioti): photos and information about rooms

Halkidiki hotel sousouras a 3

Regardless of what case or room you settle, you can be sure that will spend time with comfort. The rooms have comfortable furnishings and features a spacious balcony, which offers wonderful views of the coast.

All rooms are equipped with the necessary equipment, without which the comfort of the modern traveller is simply impossible. Guests can enjoy individual air conditioning, a telephone and a radio. To while away the evening watching satellite channels on the TV. And offers mini-bar with refrigerator (drinks delivered to the room on request only).

Certainly you will rejoice and spacious bathroom, where not so long ago has completely replaced all plumbing. You can relax in the hot tub, take a shower, and at any time of the day, as problems with water supply no. There is also a toilet and washbasin. Guests are provided with clean towels and toiletries replenished every day.

Food on-site: what to expect for this trip?

sousouras hotel Kassandra Halkidiki 3

It is Hard to imagine the holiday without delicious food, in fact, going to another country, I want to enjoy not only sun and sea but also delicious dishes. In this respect, offers its guests a hotel complex Sousouras Hotel 3*?

Covering the accommodation on site, you can choose your preferred power plan, whether it is a Breakfast only, half Board or full Board. From the restaurant one can opt out (this point should be clarified with the administrator when booking).

The meals are held in a spacious room of the hotel restaurant. Reviews of guests say that the menu is quite varied — guests are served international dishes and Greek cuisine. For Breakfast, usually served eggs, sausages, salads, snacks, fruit and pastries. Lunches and dinners are more varied — guests can choose from different meat and fish dishes. The menu from time to time appear, and seafood. It is worth noting that in the evening drinks are paid separately.

On the territory of the hotel Sousouras Hotel 3* (Halkidiki) there are several bars and picturesque Greek taverna, well worth a visit at least once. Of course, you can eat on campus, where during the season open a huge number of different catering establishments.

Where is the beach? Entertainment and facilities on the shore of the sea

3 sousouras hotel Kassandra Halkidiki Hanioti

Many people prefer to spend their vacation basking under the warm rays of the sun and swimming in the clear sea waters. What offers its guests hotel Sousouras Hotel 3*? Greece, Athens, Attica — are places which are famous for their scenic banks. And the hotel has its own private stretch of beach, located just 50 metres from the main building.

The Shore is covered with small pebbles. The entrance to the sea convenient, and the depth increases gradually. Tourists are advised to get special shoes. By the way, guests enjoy free sun beds, umbrellas and large, clean towels.

Of Course, if desired, the tourists can spend their time more actively. Nearby is a sports center where you can rent non-motorized water transport (boats, catamarans). Guests love to water ski, or banana boat. Travelers have the opportunity to do parasailing, Windsurfing, scuba diving and some other sports.

Hotel Sousouras Hotel 3* (Greece, Halkidiki, Kassandra, Hanioti): a list of additional services

sousouras hotel 3 Greece Kassandra Halkidiki

Of Course, guests can count on modern comfort and some added convenience. For example, the hotel can be easily exchanged currency. At the reception you can get free individual safe which is always under guard.

You can Also use the local Park. By the way, rent a car, bike or any other mode of transportation on campus is a snap — this is the way most tourists travel around the Peninsula. And on site there are several shops including a grocery and gift shop.

Leisure of guests: entertainment at the hotel

sousouras hotel 3 Greece Chalkidiki Kassandra Hanioti

Despite the fact that most of the guests prefer to spend the day on the beach or in the city centre, the hotel can also offer guests some entertainment. For example, a nice bonus is the presence in the yard pools with warm, fresh water. Around sufficient sun loungers — guests can sunbathe, relax and spend time in pleasant conversation.

Features and a tennis court and a professional instructor who for a small fee will give some useful recommendations. For fans of active pastime, on-site basketball courts. And the guests have fun playing Billiards and ping-pong. In the evening, all are invited to a disco club where you can dance to the fiery rhythms.

Family fun with baby

sousouras hotel 3 Reviews

Many people desire to rest together with children, because kids also need healing sea air and bright impressions. Of course, for parents to the fore the issues of comfort. Immediately is to say that the hotel Sousouras Hotel 3* is quite suitable for families with baby. On-site employs several professional nannies (extra charge), room immediately upon demand, bring additional beds, and the restaurant menu is varied — there's always something delicious and healthy for the child.

As for entertainment, the hotel has something to offer. For example, kids love to splash in a special pool with warm water. And more of them are equipped with a spacious Playground and a games room — kids actually have something to do.

How to speak about the hotel's former guests?

A Brief conversation with people who have already managed to spend a few days in a hotel, can be very informative. What really think the tourists about hotel Sousouras Hotel 3*? Reviews for the most part positive — this place is really well suited for a relaxing beach holiday.

The hotel Territory is beautiful and well appointed, and the rooms always have a good time — it's light and fresh, has all the necessary equipment and furniture. The staff are friendly and welcoming, always trying to help and speak good English (and understand some Russian). Menu at a local restaurant sometimes a bit monotonous, but there is always a choice, and dishes are incredibly tasty.

The Highlight in this case is having its own quiet and clean beach. And very close there are lots of entertainment and attractions. In short, travellers recommend hotel complex Sousouras Hotel 3* (Greece, hotel). "Asuras" (hotel, Halkidiki) — a good place for a beach holiday, and at an affordable cost.

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