Embankment of Sochi and Adler: vacation spots in the tourist capital Russian Federation


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Sochi, the sea, the promenade... like Paradise! And indeed it is. Embankment of Sochi is one of the most remarkable places in this wonderful city. In General, for the sake of justice it is worth noting a caveat. Promenade – this is the place that is considered the most attractive in any seaside town. But we all know that Sochi – a special city. So and its interesting places worth to talk separately.

promenade of Sochi

In Brief about attractions

So, the embankment of Sochi located on the Black sea in Central and Khostinsky districts. In General, this Sunny resort town, the whole, entirely located along the sea. This can be understood only by looking at a map.

The people of Sochi promenade called "Promenade". This is the most favorite place for rest and walks as indigenous people and visitors who visit the city for leisure or business. It lasts, starting from the Maritime station to Pushkin Avenue. In principle, a leisurely, walking pace it can be completed in forty minutes. The total length of the embankment is about two miles. Many believe that this place – perfect for Hiking, romantic walks. Anyway, a lot of pleasant experiences certainly provided.

Sochi sea embankment

What to see

The Embankment of Sochi – this is not only an amazingly beautiful place with sea views. There is also a lot of different cafes, cafeterias, restaurants. Besides, in this place filmed the famous scene of the lottery ticket from the film "the diamond arm”. And on one of the beaches here have a tradition of celebrating the marine “the Feast of Neptune”.

By the way, one of the main attractions, which can boast a promenade of Sochi, is a naval station, a building which was built in 1955. Interestingly, the main deep-water berth is also filmed another episode of “shelf”. This is the scene where semen Semenovich Gorbunkov goodbye to his family before leaving on the cruise, which was called “Mikhail Svetlov”.

The Marine station of Sochi is an architectural monument of Federal importance. 71-meter tower topped by a spire, which is made of polished stainless steel. And over three tiers were established figures created by the famous sculptor V. I. Ingal. They represent the four cardinal points and 4 seasons of the year.


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The Central promenade of Sochi is soon to be transformed – the city plans to make it more wide and beautiful. By the way, in 1978 it was first artificially expanded. It was then decided to equip and the beach called “beacon”.

The first year the authorities of Krasnodar region want to make the entire waterfront a unified architectural appearance. There is a caveat that someone thinks plus others – minus. And it – cafes, stalls, shops. They almost left the beaches and the waterfront. However, on the other hand, due to this pastime by the sea is nicer. In General, the authority decided to find a compromise, but while it remains to be what it was.

 Central promenade of Sochi


This area of the Big Sochi, and not the city, which many believe him. Although Adler would be treated as such. While, in Soviet times, by the way, he was the city. But, in principle, is not the point. Central waterfront in Adler – is a popular place for tourists. The sea, restaurants, souvenir shops, night clubs, entertainment – here is everything you need for vivid entertainment. And if you drive a little further, it is possible to be on the other promenade-within easy reach (couple of minutes) from the Olympic venues. It is worth noting that Adler considered the most prestigious venue in the Krasnodar region for a vacation.

What can we say in conclusion? Perhaps, the following: Sochi – it's really colorful, bright, warm and welcoming city, which is something to see. Therefore, if you have the desire and the opportunity to visit the resort capital of Russia – you can not miss this chance.

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