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Numerous Turkish resorts, as before, remain the most popular among our visitors. Among them and familiar to many of Incekum. The resort is considered the most popular place on the Antalya coast. In our article we want to tell about one of his five star hotels – Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5*.

About the hotel

Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* works for a long time, because it was built in 1991. The hotel has a large green area. The total area is about 48 thousand square meters. It includes two seven-story buildings, connected to each other.


The Latest update of the hotel was conducted in 2012. Currently, the complex offers beautiful spacious rooms with beautiful views. Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* is fully focused on the Russian tourists. Even here in the halls are posters with pictures of sights of Moscow.ozkaymak incekum hotel 5

Is the name of the hotel you can understand that it is located in the holiday region of Incekum, approximately 23 km from Alanya centre. But Antalya airport distance is more than one hundred kilometers.

The Number of rooms

The room Fund of Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* consists of 339 well-equipped apartments, among which are 311 standards, 8 two bedroom family rooms and 20 suites.

The Guests are offered with all the standards of the room. All rooms are equipped with balconies that offer stunning sea views and beautiful landscapes. The apartments have air conditioning, telephones, TVs, mini-bars, Hairdryers and other amenities. Rooms are cleaned every day. The bed linen is changed three times a week.


Power System

Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* (Turkey), as well as other institutions in the country, offers the concept of supply «all inclusive”. The hotel has a main restaurant and two a La carte. Daily menu includes a variety of dishes, complemented by excellent restaurants.

In addition, the hotel services and facilities include seven bars, offering cocktails, snacks, soft drinks and alcohol.


On the territory of Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* (Turkey) there are two outdoor pond. One of them have water slides. An indoor pool allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet. For the youngest guests a small pond.ozkaymak incekum hotel 5 reviews

For those tourists who even on vacation have to work, a conference hall, equipped according to modern standards. If desired, you can use the services of experienced staff that can take care of all organizing activities at different levels of complexity.


Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* (Alanya) offers the following services:

  1. Parking.
  2. Rent avtomobiley.
  3. Himchistka.
  4. Doctor.
  5. Magazine.
  6. Prachechna.
  7. Fax.
  8. Currency exchange points.

Sport and entertainment

Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* (Turkey, Alanya, Incekum) offers entertainment events. On-site gym. Guests can play tennis, beach volleyball, Darts, Billiards, archery, beauty salon, hairdressers, Jacuzzi and massages, scuba diving lessons, a Hammam, a Turkish bath.ozkaymak incekum hotel 5 Turkey


Acitivity in the daytime is carried out Aqua aerobics and water Polo and evening entertainment.


The Hotel Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* is located on the coast, so the road to its own private beach in less than five minutes. Its length is about 250 meters. The beach is equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, sandy-pebble finish is quite convenient for travelers. Gravel is observed at the edge of the sea. The sunset in the water is quite shallow and convenient. On the coast is available with a range of traditional water activities: banana boat ride, scooter, parasailing, etc.

A Little about the resort…

As we mentioned, Ozkaymak World Incekum Hotel 5* (Alanya) is located in the resort of Incekum. The resort name translates as “sand”. Incekum is a family resort with a comfortable sloping coast. In addition, the region is perfect for those people who suffer from lung diseases. The resort is surrounded by pine forests that make the air so healing.

In recent years, the infrastructure of the resort is very expanded, there are new shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. Many of the hotels of the village have a long history, but they are regularly updated. The resort has a lovely promenade that is a favourite haunt of all guests. The holiday season is in Incekum begins in April and ends in late October. But many systems are not closed in winter, offering incredibly low prices on holiday, thus attracting British and Germans.Alanya ozkaymak incekum hotel 5

According to tourists, the only downside of the resort is a considerable distance from the Antalya airport. The transfer takes two to three hours. It is not very convenient, especially after a flight.

Incekum has a wide arc-shaped coast, which is divided into separate coves. Clean beaches covered with Golden sand. Their length is about two kilometers. Thanks to the clean coastal waters and beaches, the resort is considered one of the best in the whole of Antalya.


Incekum – a small village which has shops and cafes, but the sights are not present. If you want to see something interesting, you should go to Alanya or side.

Reviews of Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5*

Continuing the review of the hotel, see traveler reviews, that already rested. It should be noted that Ozkaymak Incekum Hotel 5* (photo in article) gets quite controversial. Someone thinks a hotel – a great place and others say that the institution is frankly not up to five star status. Who is right, hard to judge, but let's analyze the feedback of the guests.

The Hotel is situated on the coast, but because the beach is on the doorstep. A large area of the complex is covered with green plants-citrus trees, palms and flowers. And all around are pine forests. The air here is wonderful and healing. The entire hotel is very neat, clean, and is the pride of the institution.ozkaymak incekum hotel 5 Turkey Alanya incekum

The Complex consists of two interconnected buildings. According to tourists, the rooms are quite nice and clean. Most of them out on the coast. And the other part of the courtyard and the carriageway, so visitors are recommended to book rooms, overlooking the coast, otherwise it may bother the late-night noise.

Apartment of a category the standard is not very big, but cozy. But family rooms are more spacious. All apartments feature a balcony with a table and two chairs. The rooms have air conditioning, but the disadvantage is that they are connected to a single system, but because the tourists themselves are not able to regulate temperature. This moment causes a lot of complaints from guests because the level of thermal comfort all people are different. Save the situation of the Windows, especially good if your room overlooks the sea, then the fresh and comfortable coolness you provided. By the way, conditioning is not always staffed, as a rule, turn it on at certain hours. So at night you may Wake up from the heat.

According to tourists, the hotel tired, noticeable bugs, especially the mini-tubs, the plumbing needed to be replaced. Moreover, in a five star hotel should have bathrobes and Slippers, but in this case they do not exist. Other than that the rooms are quite reasonable to stay. Despite all the nuances, they are maintained in good condition and clean.hotel ozkaymak incekum hotel 5

As for cleaning, that not all of the guests satisfied with its quality. Diametrically opposed opinions give reason to think that still has a human factor and not all the staff responsible attitude to their duties. In General, cleaning is carried out daily, but sometimes superficial. So count on the fact that you RUB the mirror or put a towel from the balcony. But very nice and clean linens, changed regularly. The hotel is customary to leave a tip, this is evidenced by the numerous reviews, however, the presence of monetary rewards does not always affect the quality of the service.

In General, tourists consider that the rooms can be comfortable enough to rest, if not to focus on some weaknesses.

Reviews diet

Nutrition is an important part of a good holiday for most visitors. Anyway, and no one wants to suffer in a foreign country from indigestion. It is for this reason that many are very sensitive to the issue of food.ozkaymak world incekum hotel 5 Alanya

The hotel operates under the concept of "all inclusive" and "ultra all inclusive". Many prefer the second option, because it implies the ability to take drinks – tea, coffee, Cola, sprite and Fanta, diluted powder juices, cocktails and local alcohol. The main restaurant is spacious and cozy, however, late to the start of the meal, you can look for clean appliances.

Local waiters, and maids, like a tip. So, offering a cash bonus, you can always be guaranteed to have a table set. As for the choice of dishes, there are a lot of them on the buffet. From meat mostly, preference is given to chicken in various forms, beef is served rare. A good selection of salads and vegetables, all kinds of snacks. But the range of fruit is small. Also present on the tables pastries and desserts. In General, the food is good, but there are no delights

Good snacks can be ordered from the bars. The quality of cocktails depends on the bartender on duty.

Overall impression

Tours in Ozkaymak Incekum hotel 5* for many years are popular with our tourists, despite the shortcomings. First of all, this is due to the fact that the hotel employs staff who speak Russian or English. And many workers in General are natives of the countries of the post-Soviet space. Therefore, there simply cannot be a language barrier here.

The hotel has a good animation. Especially good activities are carried out for children. Russian aktiviti cleverly lured children in various games and venture. Adult campers in the morning, organize exercises, and later in a large pool aquagym lessons, or yoga classes. In the evening, the program of events begins with a mini-disco for kids, after which the amphitheater holds shows for adults. Later, a disco is held, but there are not many tourists. In General, the animation is not Intrusive, some tourists even believe that there are few activities. But children's animators skillfully get along with kids.

There are two outdoor pools and one indoor pool on site. Reservoirs are equipped with recreation areas with loungers, which are not enough for all tourists. Because of this, from early morning vacationers are trying to take the place of towels. The hotel features a massage parlour and a Hammam, which are always available. There is a bus stop right outside the complex, providing easy access to Alanya if you want to see something interesting. There are also shops and cafés nearby.

Reviews about the beach vacation

Ozkaymak Incekum hotel 5* (reviews confirm this) has a very convenient location. Its main advantage is that it is located right on the coast, so there is no need to make long walking trips to the beach under the scorching rays of the sun. Wide coast is very convenient for rest. On the beach there are sunshades and sunbeds. Gently sloping entry into the sea is covered with small pebbles, if you swim further, there are large boulders that do not interfere with swimming. In General, the coast is just created for recreation. And kids here to swim comfortably. On the beach there are traditional sea rides in the form of scooters and bananas, and restless animators offer to join the team and play volleyball.

Instead of an epilogue

In general, we can say that the hotel makes quite a good impression, although it has a number of disadvantages, which are primarily related to the staff of the institution. The rest of the complex on the beach deserves the attention of tourists. Of course, it can not be attributed to the category of luxury hotels, but at the same time it is quite consistent with the ratio of "price-quality". Among the tourists there are tourists who are not the first time visiting this complex, considering it a good option for a holiday in the resort area of Alanya. Local beaches and picturesque forests, approaching the sea, worthy of attention of tourists. Not all Turkish resorts boast such beautiful nature.


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