Do I need a passport to Bulgaria? Prepare the necessary documents for the trip


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For many Russians the visa-free regime travel to a foreign country is a priority in the choice of holiday. So, turning to a travel Agency, our fellow citizens often get asked do I need a passport to Bulgaria. After all, this former socialist country is best suited for youth or family holiday by the sea.

Basic requirements for travel to Bulgaria

Do I Need a passport and visa to travel to Bulgaria? The answer is unequivocal: Yes, these documents must be provided in order. Such stringent requirements due to the fact that this Balkan state has recently become an integral part of the European Union. So, for a trip in Bulgaria, you will need the following documents:

  • Visa;
  • Passport (the validity must not end for at least 3 months after departure from the country);
  • A migration card.

do I need a passport in Bulgaria

Rules for filling in the immigration card

The Migration card is filled in upon arrival at the destination, at the moment of crossing the state border. Typically, these documents you can get on the plane or train. Rules of application of these standard, you should use the ink is black or blue, and the letters of the Latin alphabet.


As for visa, you can apply two ways. The first — through an intermediary, as a rule, in his role of the tourism firm. You will need to collect the documents and send them to the company, on — just tedious waiting.

Now that we have determined the question of whether a passport in Bulgaria for Russians, it is necessary to pay attention to the algorithm of visas on their own. To start, you need to collect a full package of documents, it includes:


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  • Passport (original and copy);
  • Application form and questionnaire;
  • Copies of your national passport (all pages required);
  • Colour photographs that meet the requirements (it is better to check with the Embassy);
  • If available, copy of previous passport with Bulgarian visa;
  • Health insurance;
  • Proof of income at the place of work;
  • If you are a student, you will need documents from educational institutions;
  • An invitation to enter or booking hotel rooms;
  • Tickets;
  • In some cases, can be useful and a certificate of currency exchange (50 euros for one day).

On average, the visa procedure takes up to 7 working days, urgent document shall be prepared three times faster.Bulgaria holiday do I need a passport

Documents for minors

Do I Need a passport to Bulgaria for little children? Yes, regardless of age, the child should be prepared the same documents. In addition, you will need to provide some additional information:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • The Permission to leave (in that case, if the child crosses the border with one of the parents). You may also need photocopy of the passport of the father or mother of the child (who remains in Russia).
  • A copy of the visa and package of documents accompanying persons.

It Must be remembered that the above list of documents is inaccurate. When deciding to do the visa yourself will definitely contact the I need a passport to Bulgaria for Russians

Types of visas

Now you know whether you need a passport to Bulgaria and how to apply for a visa. Be sure to pay attention to the validity of the latter. So, it is customary to distinguish three main types:

  • Transit. Intended to cross the country allow the presence on the territory not more than 5 days. May vary depending on the number of allowed intersections (once, twice or many times).
  • Short-term visa to enter (single). Issued to citizens applying for the first time. Designed for tourist or business purposes.
  • Short-term visa (multiple entry). Issued for a period up to one year. The citizens of our country it can stay on the territory of Bulgaria for up to 90 days within 6 months.

do I need a passport and visa to travel to Bulgaria

What determines the documents required?

Do I Need a passport to Bulgaria in that case, if you have property or relatives in this country? Unfortunately, exceptions don't exist and these documents you will need in any case. So, if you go to the family, to get ready to prepare the visa application form, passport photo sample, medical insurance, tickets (two sides), a written invitation from the host and proof of kinship.

Another reason why Russians often visited Bulgaria - holiday. Do I need a passport if you drive in this country without the help of travel agencies? Not just necessary, but essential. Besides him, you will need to collect a huge number of additional references, starting with confirming the place of residence to documents from work and extracts from the accounts of the Bank. Depending on the purpose of the trip varies and a set of documents that you want to prepare. In Bulgaria, come not only to relax but also to work, study, play sports, and to buy their own homes.


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