Rostov-na-Donu - Anapa: distance. How to overcome it quickly and cheaply?


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Many people during the summer holidays want to warm your body in some sun, but at the same time inexpensive. Ideal – Russian resorts. Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa – distance, breaking which you will be one step closer to the coveted vacation.

Rostov-on-don, Anapa distance

Ride the bus

The Bus "Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa" – one of the cheapest ways to get from one city to another. However, it should be noted: not the fastest. More precisely, even to say that the longest. The road will take you about nine and a half hours. Although, if you go in the evening, in the morning you will be able to enjoy the salty air of the Black sea.

With the dates still need to be careful, because the bus "Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa" goes far not every day. At the city bus station there is a message that is sent to the bus 4 times a week. However, it is better to play it safe and buy tickets in advance: you know how difficult it is to buy them in the middle of the season.

The Cost of the trip will be from 800 to 1 200 RUB. Of course, if you buy a ticket on the day of departure, and the cost it will be more expensive.

And now by train

The Road Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa, you can travel by train. However, there are some nuances as to the main train station of Rostov need to first drive to Krasnodar.

The Train departs twice a week, and the ticket costs from 750 to 1 600 rubles. Along the way you will spend about three and a half hours. When you arrive in Krasnodar, you'll have to take the bus to Anapa. Good to go to the other station does not have to: buses and trains stop in the same place.


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bus Rostov-on-don, Anapa

The Road from Krasnodar to Anapa will cost you from 300 to 600 rubles. The trip will take three and a half hours, and buses depart every hour.

In General, on the route Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa distance can be overcome in the seven and a half hours. If you arrive just in time with time, the transfer will take only 40 minutes. Therefore, choosing a time to train, consider also the bus schedule from Krasnodar: otherwise you'll have to wait long at the station.

Use your own car

Many are wondering how many km from Rostov-on-don to Anapa. To answer your question: 420 kilometres. So on the route Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa distance the car can overcome a total of six hours.

At the same time for the cost of fuel you will pay more than a bus ticket. For reviews, to get from one city to another by car will cost from 1 400 to 2 300 rubles.

the road Rostov-on-don, Anapa

If you still prefer this option then you have two choices. First, you can go on the highway "don", take the E50 highway turn to the E115 and in the end steer to M-4. Thus, the journey takes 5 hours and 33 minutes. It is on the shortest path.

Another route Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa distance can be overcome by spending a little more time. You still go by "don", but this time we reach the turning to E115. Then – proven scheme. Eat on M-4 and at the end enter the city at А146. This will take a little more time: 5 hours 50 minutes.

In an attempt to save

Cheapest and fastest option for the journey – to use the service Bla Bla Car. For example, you need to go to Anapa for their business. To not burn gasoline for nothing, you take creativity to find a companion who will pay part of the gasoline. In the end you will be satisfied, as will be able to recapture part of the cost, and companion also will not be offended, as it will get there faster and cheaper.

If you choose this method of travel, then after 6 hours will be the destination. The total price statistics in this area says that the ticket will cost you about 500 rubles. Agree, not such a bad option?


On the route Rostov-na-Donu-Anapa distance can be overcome and by air. However, it will cost not so cheap: from 12 000 to 35 000 rubles. At the same time you will save not so much: it takes 5 hours.

The Cost of travel to the airport by taxi will be from 300 to 400 rubles. A similar amount will need to get from Anapa airport to the city. The trip will take 23 minutes, and you will have to take a taxi. Unfortunately, in this tourist town with cheap public transport are all very, very bad.

But to get to the airport in Rostov-on-don will take not so much time. In 10 minutes by car you will find yourself at the destination.

But do not think that to get from one city to another will be possible in 5 hours. Add to that the time for registration to appear at the airport you need at least a half hour before landing. In the end we get the same six and a half hours, but at a much higher price.

km Rostov-on-don, Anapa

When planning your trip it is worth considering that Anapa is a popular tourist destination, which aims to make money on tourists. Therefore, the cost of tickets to the city and within it can be very high.

So, if you are going to travel to Anapa, take care of your ticket as early as possible. Experienced travelers are advised to buy tickets 45 days before the intended departure. And don't forget to follow the various discounts and promotions. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and manage to find a good ticket at a low price.


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