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In the age of high technology and the constant bustle really want to spend time where you can relax and enjoy a touch of natural beauty. From nature man receives incredibly strong boost of energy that improves mood and even allows you to do some soul-searching. If you want to visit a place like this, you'll like the landscaped Park (the beeches) located near Kiev. Even know about it, not all the locals not to mention tourists. But in the near future, he has all chances to become the main attraction of the skvirsky district.

Park beeches

The Village Buki: a few historical facts

A Small settlement was formed in ancient times, the first written records about it date back to the eleventh to thirteenth centuries. The village is twelve kilometers from the center of skvirsky district, and a hundred and ten kilometers from Kiev. This region is considered the heartland, where even the buses run only twice a day and under good weather conditions. So ten years ago no one thought that arises in the village of Buky in Kyiv region, the Park will attract a large number of people wanting to see this man-made miracle.

History of the Park

The Landscape Park in Beeches arose through the efforts of one of the richest people in Ukraine - Ivan Suslov. Once upon a time this place was a dump, almost entirely scored the bed of the river Rastavitsa. Every year the environmental disaster was taking serious proportions, but in 1996 Ivan Suslov decided to buy no one needs the land for its own purposes.


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For redemption took almost three acres of land together with part of the river, the dump has cost the businessman of twenty thousand dollars, which is very little even for that time. It is on this seemingly useless land an enterprising businessman has created an amazing Park. Buki is now becoming more well known and popular, after all, a talented businessman plans to further develop these areas, attracting investments, and promising a region of great promise. However, the topic of our article is precisely the Park.

landscape Park beeches

Brief description of the Park

The Landscape Park (the beeches) is simply a unique place where it is necessary to go at least once in your life. It seems incredible that a former landfill turned into something amazingly beautiful and fabulous with an abundance of flowers, fountains, sculptures and even a small hydroelectric power plant. Walk in the Park in Beeches all day, and the photos here are just incredible.

Conventionally, the territory is divided into two parts. The first is available to all travelers, it built the Church and bell tower. But the second is a personal residence Suslov, which can be accessed only in the tour group. Every corner of this beautiful place deserves a detailed description. However, to tell everything in detail in one article is quite difficult, so we will try to describe both parts of the Park briefly, but colourfully.

beeches Kyiv region Park

Territory with free admission

If you are going to the village of Buky in Kyiv region, in the Park Suslov, keep in mind that the entrance is absolutely free. Almost from the first meters you will discover an incredible sight of well-groomed paths, fences and stone buildings, made in an unusual style reminiscent of the castles of the fairy tales.

The First thing visitors see is a fountain. For many years he served as a decoration of Independence square, but were written off as unnecessary. Suslov it was reconstructed and installed in its fleet. Buki has acquired not only a beautiful fountain but also a beautiful bell tower, named after the father of former President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. The story goes that once Daniel Kuchma was able to help Ivan Suslov to get expensive foreign medicines needed for the treatment of his son. The construction of the bell tower, the businessman thanked the Saviour of his child.

Nearby stands a Church where you can freely come in and light a candle. Surprisingly, they are free. Everyone who enters will be invited to inspect the temple and go down to admire hall for baptism. It's worth noting, he's really great.

On the banks of the river there is a sculptural composition of three frogs, they can throw a coin to never experience jealousy. There is a monument to Maxim Gorky. They say he is the favorite writer of his Park. Here is perfectly visible possession Suslov, built in the form of a huge castle, but you can only get here via the bridge and part of a tour group.

the beeches Park how to get

The Second part of the Park

A visit to the site is ten hryvnia, and for the bridge only allowed for groups of no less than ten people. So you have to expect when you are going to need a number of people. However, it happens quite quickly.

The Bridge leading to the second part of the Park, made quite unusual. At its both sides Hiking the courtyard, and all the middle filled with water. This is done to ensure that the vehicles passing over the bridge could wash the wheels and went for the Park clean. On one side of the bridge lies the residence Suslov, and on the other handmade a nice waterfall.

In the second part of the Park you will drive the guide that will show you all the most beautiful places and sculptures. The newlyweds have chosen a Holy stone, which was brought from Israel. According to the tour guide, he was taken from the place where Jesus turned the water into wine. A talented sculptor very organically fit it into the composition of bronze and iron.

Kids will love the mini zoo where you can see lions, bears, deer and various Pets. With the latter you can take pictures and feed, so the children will first seek in this part of the Park.

The Area is often called the fairy tales Alley. Here a sculptural composition depicting fairy tale characters or just the characters with whom it is always fun to be photographed.

At the exit of the Park is a beautiful wrought iron pergola over the pond with carp. Visitors claim that fish there so much that she literally jumps out of the water. Here you can sit and enjoy the river and thinking about something sublime.

beeches Park reviews

Infrastructure for visitors

Gradually, the Park develops, and its use is becoming more comfortable for tourists. Recently there was opened a small restaurant where you can eat delicious dishes piping hot. By the summer businessman has built several quaint cafes with tables in the shape of mushrooms. Here are usually ordered snacks and coffee, for kids, the menu includes ice cream.

The Road to the Park

Many people are interested in visiting the landscape Park in Beeches. How to get to this amazing place, located in the Outback? In principle, it is easy, especially by car.

In this case you should early in the morning to travel from Kiev to Odessa route, it passes most of the way. Naturally, it is necessary to take a card not to miss the turn to the village Buki.

If you plan to go to the Park for buses and shuttles, then get ready for this adventure. Between Kiev and Beeches there are no direct connections, so will have to go with transfers. Most people choose the bus to the city Skvira, it departs from the metro station "Lybidskaya" and the southern bus station. The interval of movement of buses is approximately one hour, the first flight departs at eight in the morning and the last at ten o'clock.

In Skvira need to go to the bus station, you twice a day go bus routes through the beeches. The first leaves at ten-twenty in the morning and the second in exactly two hours.

landscape Park beeches mode

Work Schedule

The Landscape Park (the beeches) mode of operation is quite unusual - during the weekdays the Park is closed to the public. You will only be able to walk around the fountain and enter the Church. If you plan to see the whole Park, then come Friday-Sunday from nine in the morning until five o'clock in the evening.

The Village beeches, Park: visitor feedback

All Park visitors to leave reviews on the Internet were divided into two groups. Some remained in complete awe of the architecture of the Park, with beautiful plants and amazing sculptures. They recommend it for visiting families with kids and anyone who wants to spend time in nature. But the second is extremely dissatisfied with everything that he'd done on his land Mr. Suslov. They believe that the natural landscape has been spoiled, the Park itself is rather tasteless, and the prices in cafes unnecessarily inflated.

skvyrs'kyi district village of Buki

Therefore, we can not definitely say whether to recommend this place to visit. However, think about everything you need to make up their minds. And, then, you should definitely go to landscape the Park and talk about it in their reviews.

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