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Philadelphia – a city in the U.S. (Pennsylvania), located to the East of the country. Is a major economic, political and tourist center of America. Philadelphia (USA) – a popular city with travelers from around the world. There are many sights that remind you of the most significant events in American history. In addition, the city is considered the cultural capital of Pennsylvania, because Philadelphia is located most of the museums in the state. In this publication you will find the most interesting information on the Philadelphia (attractions, history, culture, facts).

Interesting facts

  • Philadelphia called ‘city of brotherly love”. Because its name translates from the Greek language. And the local people their city is called simply “Philly”.
  • Philadelphia – the first capital of the "United colonies". The status of the city received in 1775.
  • In the period of the war of independence in Philadelphia (USA) functioned as the temporary capital of the newly formed state.
  • Independence Hall-the most famous and prominent landmark of Philadelphia and America as a whole. In this building was held the most important event in US history. Here in 1776 the meeting of the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence of America. But in 1787 in independence Hall signed the U.S. Constitution.
  • Benjamin Franklin-father of the American state – lived in Philadelphia.
  • The city is the famous Congress Hall. Within its walls were established the ‘bill of rights” is the first document that defined the legal status of the American citizen.

Philadelphia, USA


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Independence Hall

Independence Hall-historical site which boasts the entire state of Philadelphia (USA). In this building in the eighteenth century, decisions were made that determined the fate of the entire state. In independence Hall proclaimed the Declaration of Independence and adopted the first Constitution of the United States. The building itself was built shortly before these events – in 1753. Originally, the structure was built in the Georgian style, was intended for meetings of the state government.

Today, independence Hall ­– the most popular tourist sites in the city. A tour of the Palace begins with the courtroom. Then they enter the room, where sat the continental Congress, proclaimed the independence of the United States. Here today the completely restored interior rooms of the signing of important American documents. In addition, at Independence Hall you can see the old chair of George Washington, his silver inkstand and other personal belongings of the first President of the United States.

Philadelphia, USA sights

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is considered to be a symbol of independence. He exhibited on-site independence Hall in a separate pavilion. The Liberty bell was the first to notify the inhabitants of Philadelphia on the independence of America.

Originally, the facility was installed in the belfry of independence Hall. Today in its place is a Century bell cast to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of independence. Every tourist can climb the tower and see with his own eyes. In addition, the belfry offers stunning views of the heart of the city-Independence square.

Alley Oferta

Philadelphia (PA, USA) attracts tourists not only for its rich history and unusual sights. Alley Alberta is considered to be one of them. This is a small street located in the heart of the historic part of the city, near the Delaware river. There remained 32 old buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, These houses will tell every interested tourist of the story is simple American workers: blacksmiths, furniture makers, butchers, carpenters of the ship.

Philadelphia city in the US

Betsy Ross House

Betsy Ross House – one of the most visited tourist sites in Philadelphia. Betsy Ross, girl from a poor family, is considered the Creator of the first American flag. Despite this fact, historians have questioned the legend is particularly popular among tourists and locals. The story of the Betsy Ross, she was a member of the meeting at which the first President George Washington presented the draft of the American flag. The girl during the meeting, took the initiative and made a proposal to use the blade, not hexagonal, and pentagonal stars.

Today, the Betsy Ross house, where they were stitched the first American flag, and a Museum.

Philadelphia PA USA

The Philadelphia Museum of art

Philadelphia (USA) is considered the cultural capital of Pennsylvania, because here are the most important museums and historical monuments. One of them is the Museum of art. His story begins in 1876, when this building was opened an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The modern Museum building was built in the early XX century. It is an amazingly beautiful Palace in Greek style, surmounted by columns and sculptures.

Today, the Philadelphia Museum of art is one of the largest and most important in America. His exhibition includes more than 200 thousand exhibits.

Philadelphia USA

Philadelphia (USA): attractions that should be seen by everyone

  • Institute of Science Franklin – one of the oldest museums in the United States. The basis of the exposition of the invention of the internationally renowned statesman Benjamin Franklin. The Museum also features the latest inventions from different fields of science.
  • National Constitution center-America's only Museum dedicated to the Constitution of the state.
  • The Tower of William Penn – an interesting sculpture at Philadelphia city hall. For many years (until 1987) this building was the tallest building in the state. &Ldquo;gentleman's agreement" not a single skyscraper could not be above the level of the hat of William Penn. Today the Philadelphia city hall the tallest municipal building in the world.
  • The Most famous religious shrines of the city-the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, Church of Christ, Methodist, the Church of St. George (the very first in the USA), the Church of Joseph.
  • The Waterfront of the Delaware river, offering incredibly beautiful view of the Benjamin-Franklin-bridge-a popular place for tourists and local residents.

The City is definitely worth to visit!


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