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The Convenient geographical position, natural conditions and an exciting historical past has made Bulgaria one of the most socially and economically developed countries of the Balkan Peninsula. No wonder this country at any time of year is popular with tourists.

Its most famous resorts are Albena, Golden Sands, Sunny beach, Sunny day, Balchik, Kranevo, Varna, St. Vlas, Nessebar, Obzor. Bulgaria is extremely rich in spectacular scenery and endless Golden beaches, unique culture, attractions and delicious cuisine that will turn the heads of any person.

Fairy town

Obzor, BulgariaSixty kilometers South of Varna is a small town Review. It is situated on the Black sea shore, near the descent of the mountain range Stara Planina. Thirty kilometers from the Review located the ancient town of Nessebar, just beyond the stretch of resort poselochek Pomerania, but only twenty-five kilometers hustle and bustle of the resort "Sunny beach". It is a resort with a beach stretching six kilometres, stretching from Cape St. Atanas to the southern Cape Mona Petra.

The freshness of the sea and the beauty of the mountains attracts thousands of tourists of different ages to the fabulous town of Obzor. Bulgaria gives generous hospitality and goodwill of each guest.


The Ancient town of Obzor there are more than three thousand years. Originally it was inhabited by the Thracians. During the reign of the wise Greeks it was called Navlohos, and later was renamed to Sun city-Heliopolis. With the advent of the Review of the Romans, begins construction of the temple of Jupiter. Since then, the city bears the name of Theopolis – the city of God. And today residents and visitors can observe the remains of this magnificent structure.


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In the Middle ages the city was built by Bulgarian military fortress Kozjak. After complete destruction by the Ottoman troops on its territory there was the village, Geseke. And only in 1935, the city received its current name Review. Bulgaria from this time opened up new prospects for its development.

Climate and weather

Bulgaria, ObzorThe Popular seaside resort of Obzor is known among tourists as the pearl of the Bulgarian black sea coast. Due to the proximity of the sea and mountains, the air here is filled with incredible freshness and wonderful smells.

But while in the city and a temperate continental climate, the temperature it is always higher than in Golden Sands, Albena and Varna. In the summer months it reaches 28-30 degrees above zero, by heating the water to a state of fresh milk. Therefore, the main time of the stay falls between may to October.

Due to the special climatic conditions and natural weather in Review happy campers and can enjoy the warmth of the sun and sea.

Attractions and historical places

As in any village, the Review is interesting and important places. So the most visited are the ancient ruins and sights of the middle Ages. It the Temple of Jupiter, built by Romans in a fortress Kozjak and antique columns and capitals, located in the Central Park of the city. Never remain without attention of tourists and the ruins of Heliopolis.Vacation in Review. Bulgaria, reviews

Very often and visited places such as the lighthouse at Cape Emine, the Orthodox Church and the House of culture. In the latter placed the Chitalishte library in which there are more than seventeen thousand books. Also in the House of culture periodically hosts a variety of entertainment: theatre performance, concerts and more. Many of them involve children of primary school age.

Interesting excursions

What is not only attracts to itself the friendly and Sunny Bulgaria? Leisure in the Review it is impossible even to imagine without memorable tours. A leisurely stroll through the city viewing its inimitable historic sites, field trips to nearby resort areas. Definitely need to feel the atmosphere of the ancient town of Sozopol to see the beauty of the streets of Varna and conquer Nessebar lying at an unusually beautiful little Peninsula.

While far from view, beckon for a visit and a true Bulgarian village Bayal and Emona. Here you can fully enjoy and feel the national colors of Bulgaria.

Leisure and entertainment

Bulgaria, holidays in ReviewLovers do not just lie on the beach, of course, you need to visit at least once this resort Review. Bulgaria is great for outdoor activities. It is very popular different kinds of water sports. This catamaran, skis, bananas. You can also enjoy the various water slides.

On the beach has entertainment center “Castle”, which provides tourists with various kinds of beach vacation.

If you want "to poaktivnichat” on land, you can try yourself riding on motorbikes and scooters, parachute jumping, games of Billiards. Or just enjoy the beauties of the city walking on a horse.

Transport and accommodation Review

Going on a trip, it is necessary to consider and transport especially in the town of Obzor. Bulgaria today has many means of transportation. But, given the relatively small area of the Review, it is possible to move and walk. Of course, there are Shuttle buses to get to Sozopol, Varna and Nessebar. Popularity has and water transport, for example, a catamaran or water motorcycle.Resort Overview Bulgaria

For many vacationers, in addition to the private sector, in the Review there is a base of hotels. It includes as the last overhaul of a historic building and recently built hotels. Their number increases every year, but the prices of accommodation and facilities the same as before, encouraging vacationers. The most popular hotels among tourists are Casablanca, Miramar, Nanev, ObzorCity, Elegant, Iberostar Luna Bay, starfish, Obzor beach, Paraiso beach, Tudi.

Stay and treatment

The Interweaving of history and modernity, natural beauty, friendly locals – that is what is most remembered vacationers Bulgaria. Obzor plays a role. It is one of the cleanest places on the black sea coast, because the nearest company is not less than sixty kilometers.

Weather in ReviewFor many tourists it is a quiet and cozy town. Its endless sandy beaches, pine forests, mineral springs with healing sulfur water, mountain streams and little silver waterfalls are the main advantages of the resort. That is why the Review is well suited for those suffering from bronchial and asthma-bronchial diseases.

Reviews of tourists

The question about the impression left in the soul the holidays in Obzor (Bulgaria), reviews are almost always positive. But for every stay in this country and this resort is different.

For some, the Overview – is a cozy and quiet place where good and cheap to rest with the children. Amusement parks, children's karting, playgrounds and swimming pools, water parks and convenient entry into the sea make extraordinary pastime for both children and their parents. And in the Central square in the town every summer are the children's festivals.

Obzor, Bulgaria, photos, Many of the guests expressed sincere delight, buying Bulgarian wine, ripe fruits and vegetables, as well as leather and linen, which make the local artisans. Delicious pastries and dairy products in grocery stores have a great success among tourists. It should be noted that compared to many resorts in Bulgaria in the Review very low prices.

For some Review – the perfect place for leisure and unrestrained entertainment. The presence of many shopping centres, restaurants and bars, cafes and bistros, shops, nightlife is a priority for active youth. True gourmets can enjoy culinary masterpieces of the national cuisine and other coastal delights in cheap restaurants.

For most tourists after a wonderful stay for a long time remains in memory of the town of Obzor (Bulgaria). Photo taken in the most beautiful and interesting places, will not forget about the great time spent.


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