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Relax, to rejuvenate, to enjoy, and energize residents and guests of the southern capital of Kazakhstan in the Paradise called "Tau Spa center" (Almaty).


"Tau Spa" (Almaty) is located on the territory of the tourist complex "Tau Dastarkhan", located in extraordinary beauty of the Alma-Arasan gorge, at the foot of Zailiyskiy Alatau ridge (the ridge in the North-West of the Tien-Shan). So now there is no need to go thousands of miles to relax and unwind, a Spa complex near Almaty. Only a quarter of hour by car separates the residents and guests of the city from a meeting with a Wellness complex with baths and saunas.

Tau Spa Almaty

Having open and closed areas, "Tau Spa" (Almaty), in the summer, has the ability to accommodate up to 500 campers, while in winter – only 250 people. You can come here as one day or for a couple, staying at the hotel.


From ten in the morning until two o'clock daily at any time of the year guests "Tau Spa" (Almaty) will have:

  • Two adults, a 25-meter pool (1,3-2,5 meters deep);
  • Water slides and rides for visitors of different age categories;
  • Two children's pool (75 cm deep);
  • Indoor swimming pools filled with water of the Mediterranean and Dead seas;
  • Comfortable saunas and baths in a contemporary design (with a font, Russian, Turkish, Finnish, Japanese, Alpine and Eastern);
  • Solarium;
  • Gym with the latest exercise equipment for people of various physical training;
  • Hot tubs;
  • Restaurants with a wide range of dishes of national cuisine.


Guests of the resort are positive about the time spent at rest in "Tau Spa" (Almaty). Photo and comments to them they are happy to post on your social networks.


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Tau Spa center of Almaty

Like almost all: fresh air, amazing landscapes, great clean baths and a variety of pools, responsible rescuers and friendly receptionists. My only complaint is that expressed by many guests who refers to the increased cost of power at the centre.

"Tau Spa" (Almaty) – this is an opportunity not only to actively spend time, but also to make new friends, to be charged by cheerfulness and energy for a long time. The conditions created here for recreation to satisfy even the most strict and demanding customers.

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