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Between Novorossiysk and the village of Abrau-Durso is a little-known village of South Ozereyevka. The people of this resort town dubbed «South Ozereika”.

The Village with trees and shrubs typical of the South of Russia, lies in the valley between the mountains. The climate in these Mediterranean areas: low rainfall, moderate humidity and absence of strong winds attract tourists.

The beach

Between the mountains stretched the main beach of Ozereevka (a little over two kilometers). Rocky shore at the Central beach was chosen by the tourists, vacationers “savages”. A big plus to stay in Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, reviews confirm this is a small number of tourists even in the peak season. Therefore, the coastal beach freely and comfortably, and the sea is clear.

Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, reviews

On the shore guests can enjoy plenty of water sports. There is rental of catamarans and jet skis.

The Percentage of guests coming from other regions, there is small but growing from year to year.

Cozy province

Stay in Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, reviews, travel the best thing about this saying is the perfect option for those tired of big cities hustle and bustle. The village has several guest houses, Inns and lodges.

The Options are numerous. In Ozereyevka opened a diving centre. There are lessons, teaching you the basics of diving and finding sunken vessels. Guests can also enjoy visit to the equestrian historical show “Rome” and a riding club. Tour programme of these places varied: Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, trips to Abrau-Dyurso and other memorabilia, historical and just beautiful places of Krasnodar region.


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Stay in Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, reviews


Most of the hotels of the village is located on two Central streets: Peace and Freedom. On the coast with its own beaches, is a few departmental bases of rest and children's recreation camps. Therefore, the village of South Ozereyevka (beach) guest reviews are different. The cost of a room in a private household or the rooms begins from thousand roubles. Price will increase depending on the proximity to the sea and “class” property.

Guest Houses

Resting in the village of South Ozereyevka leave a good feedback about a few guest houses. One of them – “Magnolia”. Opened just three years ago. Guests are provided with superior apartment: one bedroom, two - and three “standard”. Each has a TV, split, refrigerator and toilet with shower. The guest house offers free Wi-Fi, children's Playground are available. Board means accommodation in rooms, use of kitchen, shared access, equipped with modern appliances, barbecue areas and Parking.

Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, reviews vacationers

By prior arrangement, a Shuttle service, which is paid separately.

No less interesting offer – hotel-country house “Shedevil” in the village of Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka. Reviews of tourists, interrupting each other, praising this place. It is situated on main street – to sea on the doorstep. The complex consists of two buildings, wood and brick. In a house of two rooms with independent entrance: Green and White. Capital structure prepared for guests two rooms: Red and Blue. All apartments feature split-system, fridge, TV, WC with shower and a kitchenette. It is equipped with electric stove, sink, kettle and a small table. Facilities for cooking and eating included. The room was clean, including hot.

Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, beach, reviews

On site in a shaded place a large capital gazebo. It is equipped area with barbecue, grill and barbecue. There are tables, comfy sofas and benches.

Perfect conditions for the guests of village of South Ozereyevka, the reviews of clients confirm this, – guest houses “diving”, “the sea” and others.

Holiday accommodation near water: camping

On the left side from the Central beach right on the shore is camping “Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka”. Can simultaneously accommodate up to 80 cars. The territory of the tent camp has good infrastructure: restaurants, cafes, barbecue and kitchen area, a dining room and toilets. On the territory is allowed to set up tents, but you can stay in a small wooden summer houses.

Visitors to the village of South Ozereyevka (camping) reviews sometimes leave unflattering because of the lack of protection and drinking water. There is only the well, supplying technical water. But mostly happy campers: to the sea a few steps, people nothing, a lot of vegetation, plenty of cover from the heat. The minimum rental fee, children under ten years are free.

Other options

In the private sector there are many successful proposals economy-housing. On various sites you can book a single bed or a small room for a few people with the minimum conditions. Some rooms are fan only, some – TV, refrigerator and shower. But most – toilet, showers and kitchen are in the yard.

Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, camping, reviews

For the wealthy tourists there are several offers rental apartments, so-called flat type. In them from two to four rooms. Be sure the room has a toilet, shower (and almost always bath) and kitchen. The apartment is equipped with modern appliances: TV, refrigerator, split-system, kitchen equipment and utensils for cooking and eating. Some rooms-the apartments of the village of South Ozereyevka (reviews give reason to think so), there are in-room safes.


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