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Saint Petersburg — the city, which is the second largest in the Russian Federation. It is home to more than 5 million people, whose number is constantly increasing, because here come people from different countries to work or study. SPb infrastructure is well developed: problems with transportation, communications, and education certainly is not. In addition, in the former capital of Russia almost every day open new establishments: cafes, shopping malls, shops, hair salons, wedding services and other companies. However, today we will talk about a Japanese restaurant network.

The restaurant «Nagasaki" (St. Petersburg) — a great institution, where the interior matches perfectly with the atmosphere. Here everyone can try tasty Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. Now we will discuss the project and customer reviews about it, and the main menu, know the exact schedule, contact information, possibility of delivery of meals at home, and much more. Let's start!


The First restaurant "Nagasaki" (SPb) opened quite a long time — in early December 2006, i.e. nearly 10 years ago. During this period of time from a small project formed a network working around Peter. Initially, the main focus of the administration «Nagasaki" (restaurant) made on the quality of Japanese dishes and ideal service. Due to this the project was able to reach such heights. By the way, the restaurants continue to improve, so in the near future we may be witnessing the opening of another institution somewhere in St. Petersburg or beyond, because in Moscow already is also a café this project.


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restaurant "Nagasaki" (Saint Petersburg)

If you ask the administration «Nagasaki” in the capital or St. Petersburg, what the success of this network, the answer is quite interesting. Most likely, you will hear that the main task of the personnel — quality service to the customers, which will recommend the establishment to my friends. The last to come and personally see great service and delicious food, so will advise a cafe with your friends. That's the way the system works.

Japanese cuisine

Many people know that Japanese food involves a large number of dishes of raw fish. Of course, nowadays such is very popular, but not everyone is ready to try similar foods (especially older people). What do you do?

Each restaurant "Nagasaki" (St. Petersburg) offers a menu where presented and modernised dishes of Japanese orientation. For example, you can try not only raw rolls or sushi, but a classic smoked or boiled fish, and lots of meat.

"Nagasaki" (restaurant)

Of Course, choose something delicious from a Japanese menu for the first time will be difficult. In this case, you can refer to the waiter and ask him all your questions or just ask to help with the choice of food, focusing on their own taste preferences.


To date, not all culinary schools offer customers meals at home. «Nagasaki” — restaurant (St. Petersburg), where you can order meals to be delivered to the destination as soon as possible. By the way, delivery in St. Petersburg is available.

In addition, the minimum order amount is only 600 rubles. For example, for the money you will be able to order two or three servings of rolls with different types of fillings. These dishes will be enough for a small group of friends.

"Nagasaki" (restaurant, St. Petersburg)

Couriers restaurants «Nagasaki” deliver orders to any point of St. Petersburg. It is also worth noting that the delivery takes just 60 minutes and costs nothing. If you live in SPb, and in the field, you can also make a booking, however please note that in this case the order will get to your destination a little longer.

Promotions & discounts

Each restaurant "Nagasaki" (St. Petersburg), which we will discuss a little later, holds constantly a variety of promotions makes customers discounts. Quite often you can buy a rolls with a big discount (this does not mean that the dish is poor, because such actions of administration of a logical — it's PR, due to which new customers appear).

All information on discounts and promotions always appear in the section “Special offers” or “news and events» the official website of the project. Also, learn about current promotions, you can call (812) 31-32-999.

Addresses and schedules

Each restaurant "Nagasaki" (St. Petersburg) always glad to new visitors. At the end of 2016 in St. Petersburg there are 5 establishments of this project, each of which you can book a table to try the best Japanese dishes.

restaurant "Nagasaki" (St. Petersburg): reviews

The First “Nagasaki” is on the commandant's prospectus (the 27th house, the 1st building). The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m..

Another restaurant called "Nagasaki", which reviews are very positive, you can visit on the streets of Budapest (83rd). Café is open daily from 11 to 2 o'clock.

Third place inthe metro station «Ladoga” on the prospect of Mentors (19th home) you have the opportunity to visit at the same time as two other restaurants.

"Nagasaki" at the Nevskiy prospect (the 64th house) has been on a different schedule. Sunday through Thursday you can visit the café from 11 to 23 hours, and on Friday and Saturday the restaurant closes at 2am.

Last in St. Petersburg establishment of the chain is located on Veterans Avenue (89th house) and is open from 11.00 am to 02.00.


The Main menu chain of restaurants presented on the official website, consists of sushi rolls, dishes of Uzbek cuisine, pizza, soups and salads, hot dishes, desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and special offers.

restaurant "Nagasaki" (SPb)

The Main responsibility, of course, are rolls and sushi, presented in a large quantity. Imagine that only nigiri-sushi are 16 positions (the cost varies in the range of 45-80.), and the classic rolls menu of more than 24 species (the price ranges from 95 to 345 rubles). In addition, there are other varieties of these dishes: hot rolls, sets and so on.

As for desserts, their menu is not much, but enough. Most in this section of ice cream 160 RUB. Also available to order cheesecake «new York” for 210 RUB, tiramisu for 230 RUB, cherry strudel for 260 rubles., «Napoleon” and “honey” for 210 RUB, marzipan loaf for 330 rubles, and other dishes.


Almost all customers of the institutions of the network appreciate the restaurants with 4-5 stars out of 5. Of course, negative comments in Runet still present: some people do not like the service and the price, while others argue that the food delivery was too long. Often there are reviews showing the opposite, that is about fast delivery and good service. The cost of meals, as you know, for someone big, and for someone is ridiculous (it all depends on the financial situation).

restaurant "Nagasaki": reviews

Thus, to say that this is the best or the worst chain of restaurants in St. Petersburg, it is impossible, however, it is worth noting that still larger number of guests schools fully quite all!

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