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Who is Vitaliy Ostrovskiy? Many people know about it, Internet users who seek a natural recovery, treatment without synthetic drugs, as well as those who are interested in spiritual practices.

Vitaliy Ostrovsky healer biography

If you learned about it now or just recently want to understand whether to listen to his advice, use his recipes, be sure to read this article till the end. You will meet a folk healer Vitaly Ostrovsky reviews, which are also presented below. You have certainly resolved many doubts about the methods, recommendations and practical recipes.

Brief biography

It is Worth saying that Vitaliy does not advertise nor his personal life or profession. There are no data, for some reason, he became involved in herbalism to promote healthy eating and spiritual life. Despite its obscurity in the biography, he became known among the supporters of a healthy lifestyle. It is known only that Ostrovsky was born in Russia.

In principle, In a biography of folk healer Vitaly Ostrovsky you can only enable only that he is a talented herbalist, knows how to treat a disease without resorting to medicines from pharmacies. And also add that he is a deep believer in God. But, unfortunately, it is difficult to understand the Orthodox faith he professes or the other.

Videoblogger and writer

Healer Vitaliy Ostrovskiy (photo below) has its own YouTube channel where he regularly posts helpful videos about healthy eating, exercises, treatment. He has not only followers but also fans. He also has an official website.


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Vitaliy Ostrovsky healer reviews

For those who want to help themselves recover from illnesses and also for prevention of pathologies Vitaliy wrote several books. In the publications described in detail, and what to do, the advice and warnings.

Healer Vitaly Ostrovsky responds to the questions of the subscribers of the channel and readers, repeatedly gives a lot of explanations.

Healthy helps a lot!

It is Important to note that Vitaly Semenovich broadcast on YouTube is called “Healthy helps a lot”. He emphasizes in almost every video, making it clear that all the recommendations addressed to people who do not have serious pathologies.

healer Vitaliy Ostrovskiy

Of Course, every reader and listener takes on the responsibility himself. In addition, almost in each issue, as well as in all the books and on the website there is a warning to a sick person, before using a recipe, consult to the doctor. All these warnings are given to all without exception, but still meet negative reviews. Vitaliy Ostrovsky – folk healer, trying out many recipes on himself, well versed in anatomy (it is possible that his real profession is connected with medicine or biochemistry).

What kind Of disease is it

Vitaly Semenovich speaks of the treatment of many common diseases.

  • Male disease (prostatitis and prostate adenoma);
  • Gastritis and stomach ulcers;
  • Allergies;
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Endocrine pathology;
  • Diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis;
  • Parasitic, viral and fungal infections;
  • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder;
  • The problem with the kidneys and bladder;
  • Cancer;
  • Female and male infertility;
  • Diseases of the joints, muscles, bones, and so on.

The List is long enough. Vitaliy Ostrovsky – folk healer, the biography which is silent, gives advice that has helped many, but there are those who are harmed.

Who helped with tips and recipes?

In comments to each video on YouTube you can see a lot of issues and also thanks. Indeed, many who listened to the warnings of the healer about what you need or consult with a physician or to do gently on trial, received beneficial results.

Vitaliy Ostrovsky healer reviews food

Before using a particular recipe, which yields healer Vitaly Ostrovsky, you need to carefully consider whether to try myself or not. For example, given a recipe with garlic and linseed oil to thin thick blood. You need to ensure that there are no contraindications to the use of garlic, no gallstones, and blood is liquid. It would seem, the recipe is simple, natural and seemingly harmless. But one teaspoon of the drug could trigger a different trouble.

Who write negative reviews?

Vitaly Ostrovsky – healer reviews, which are found negative for the following reasons:

  • Someone does not accept folk remedies for the treatment;
  • Someone advice hurt;
  • Someone reacted to the recipes skeptical due to the lack of evidence that the technique works.

So anyone who is willing to impose on themselves this or that, they should listen to the advice of a competent physician, to your body, and act very carefully. Should start with minimal dosage.

About the correct andnatural nutrition

There are still great threads about food. Vitaliy Ostrovskiy - healer, which in most appreciation in terms of how to eat what foods to combine and which to exclude completely. We recommend you study as many diseases arise due to improper diet.

healer Vitaliy Ostrovskiy photo

There are also videos and chapters of books devoted to spiritual life and exercises. These materials also have positive reviews. Vitaliy Ostrovsky – healer, can not stand bad habits, in-store products, in honourable age is in good health, always in a good mood and every day dedicated to people who want to help yourself away from diseases.

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