The drug "Phenylephrine hydrochloride": instructions for use


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The Cure “phenylephrine Hcl” refers to preparations of group of agonists, has a vasoconstrictor effect. The closest analogue is the means “Mezaton”.phenylephrine hydrochloride


Phenylephrine is an active element in the composition of many drugs. The remedy stimulates the adrenergic receptors of blood vessels, which are located in the sinuses of the nasal mucosa, the local blood circulation is not disturbed. Thanks to the vasoconstrictor action is the outflow of blood, reduces the swelling of mucous membranes, sinuses and the Eustachian tube. As a result of exposure of the drug “Phenylephrine hydrochloride" restore violated flu, allergies or colds nasal breathing. Anti-edematous effect lasts for six hours and starts three minutes after instillation. Part of the drug glycine softens the effects of drug, protects the nasal mucosa from excessive drying out. In addition, the drug is used in ophthalmology. The medicine is made in the form of nasal and eye drops.


The Cure “Phenylephrine hydrochloride" of the prescribed for acute rhinitis, triggered by a cold, allergic reactions, flu, respiratory viral infections, sinusitis (ethmoidal, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis).phenylephrine drops the Drug is used for adjunctive treatment of acute otitis media. Drops used during the preparatory diagnostic procedures in the nasal area, before performing surgical intervention. In ophthalmology the medication is administered for a rapid expansion of the pupil during surgical intervention to prevent the development of uveitis, and degradation in adhesion.


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The Drug “Phenylephrine" (nose drops) is administered to children under two years in the amount of two units in each course. The procedure is carried out not more often than once in six hours. To 6 years the tool buried in the amount of three drops. Guys older is preferable to use more concentrated solutions of analogues of the drug “Phenylephrine hydrochloride”. The duration of treatment is three days, can optionally be extended up to ten days. Eye drops prescribed for adults in quantities of one unit to one or both of the conjunctiva once a day. Apply within five days.

Side effectsmezaton description

Nose Drops “Phenylephrine hydrochloride” can trigger such adverse reactions as dizziness, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, tingling in the nose, hot flashes, burning. Eye drops can cause temporary blurred vision, redness, hyperemia of the conjunctiva. Prolonged use leads to the clogging of the tear duct keratinization of the conjunctiva.


Do not use the medication “Phenylephrine hydrochloride" individual sensitivity, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, illnesses of the thyroid gland. It is impossible to inject the drug for treatment of vascular aneurysm, dry rhinitis, angle-closure glaucoma. You cannot use during pregnancy and breast-feeding a baby.

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