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Pain is an unpleasant sensation, which is accompanied by emotional experiences caused by real, potential or psychogenic damage to the tissues of the body.

What is pain?

The Value of pain lies in its signaling and pathogenic functions. This means that when the body there is a potential or actual threat of damage, he said it's brain with unpleasant (painful) repercussions.

Pain are divided into two types:

  • Sharp pains that are relatively short-term and concrete relationship with tissue damage;
  • Chronic pain manifested during tissue repair.
What is pain to type?

Types of pain



The defeat of the soft tissues, bones, muscle spasm


The Defeat parenchymatous and hollow organs, hyperextension, the carcinomatosis, serous membranes, ascites, hydrothorax, and constipation


Damage (compression) neural structures

On the localization of pain are:

  • Butt;
  • Gynaecological, menstrual, birth, ovulation;
  • Head, eye and sunye;
  • Grudnya;
  • Jeludochny;
  • Kishechnike;
  • Mejrebernaya;
  • Mesechnye;
  • Pochetnye;
  • Poyasnenie;
  • Sedliska;
  • Serdechnye;
  • Tazovye;
  • The other pain.


description of headaches

Headache – one of the most common types of pain.

It is divided into the following main groups:

  • Vascular;
  • Muscle napryajeniya;
  • Liquorodynamics;
  • Nevelychka;
  • Psihologicheskaya;
  • Smeshannaya.

Some of the groups have their own subtypes. But even so, to make a diagnosis using the classification of pain according to the nature of the course and pathophysiological mechanisms.

Type and description of headache


Characteristic pains


Throbbing headache-like attack. Possible frequent relapses.

Tension Headache

The Most common pain is in the acute and chronic form. Symptoms include muscle tension, psychogenic or chronic cephalalgia


Acute or chronic headaches which arose as a result of traumatic brain injury

Vascular headaches

Appears as a result of changes of condition of the veins and arteries of the skull and brain: stroke subdural or epidural hematomas, and the like


Symptoms can include: low or high blood pressure.


Is the result of drug abuse, drug substances and or alcohol cessation application

Beam pain

The Symptoms: attacks of severe unilateral pain of variable duration and periodicity

Associated with impaired metabolism

The Symptoms are: hypercapnia, hypoxia, hypoglycaemia

Associated with structural changes in the structure of the head and neck

Is the result of various diseases of the neck, eyes, skull, of the mouth and so on


Is the result of irritation of the nerves during endoneural or extraneural process. Characterized by the appearance of zones that trigger pain attack

Other cases unclassifiable

The unusual and “mixed” type

Pain in region of heart

description of pain in the heart

Heart pain cause a lot more cause for concern than others. Because their consequences can be very serious.

Most Often the pain is accompanied by heart:

  • Weakness;
  • Palpitations;
  • Severe sweating;
  • A feeling of lack of air.

The pain may be different character:

  • Astra;
  • Topa;
  • Colusa;
  • Tanuma;
  • Dawasa;
  • Simausa;
  • Postojna;
  • Pristupoobrazna.
Main types and description of pain in the heart


Characteristic pain

Antigenany pain

In the heart receives insufficient oxygen and nutrients. The pain occurs during physical exertion or emotional excitement.

Symptoms: intermittent pain radiating under the shoulder blade, in the left shoulder or lower jaw.

Heart attack

Symptoms: a prolonged, intense pain that is accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath, blanching


This type of pain can be a symptom of such diseases of the heart, like arrhythmias, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, and complicationsintercostal neuralgia

The Pain occurs when various body movements

Acquired heart disease

There is relative insufficiency of coronary blood circulation and disorders of metabolic processes in the myocardium

SymptomsPain in the precordial region (middle and lower part of the chest)


Symptoms: a long aching pain in the precordial region, caused by increased blood pressure

Types of abdominal pain

characteristics of pain in the abdomen

Abdominal Pain is a fairly common phenomenon. It may be of a completely different nature: to be associated with diseases of the digestive system or caused by psychogenic factors.

Characteristic abdominal pain

Classification of pain


The origin


Manifested in the form of cramps of varying intensity in the region of the middle part of the abdomen


Long cutting pain, accompanied by tension of the abdominal muscles and increased pain with movement


Caused by a degree of suspiciousness of a person is the result of a stressful situation.


Most Often the pain burning and shooting character, appears when the temperature changes in the environment or touching the pain point.

The intensity in time


Different intensity can be caused by the disease and its characteristics (severity)






The Result of the limited narrowing of the lumen of the intestine.


The Result of the progressive inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity



Lasts from a few minutes to days. Characteristic of new diseases (e.g., inflammation of the Appendix)

The Chronic

Lasts three months or more. Characteristic of chronic diseases: gastritis, ulcer, gallbladder, pancreatitis.

Pain gastritis. Description

Such diseases as gastritis, is a fairly common phenomenon in the modern world. It is associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach according to the cause of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, as well as unhealthy habits such as Smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet and a stressful situation.


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Pain gastritis – a description of the forms of manifestation

Symptoms of gastritis


The Acute form

The Simple or catarrhal gastritis

Sudden and severe pain when eating poor quality food or allergic reactions to any product

Erosive or corrosive gastritis

Sudden and severe stomach pain when ingested chemicals in the stomach

Phlegmonous gastritis

The Result of purulent inflammation of the stomach

Fibrinous gastritis

A Rare form of gastritis, which is the result of blood poisoning.

The Chronic form.

Appears at the primary disease or the transition from acute to chronic

Symptoms of gastritis acute forms:

  • Acute paroxysmal pain;
  • Indigestion;
  • Vomiting
  • Increased production of saliva;
  • Constipation or diarrhea;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Bleeding in the stomach.

Symptoms of gastritis chronic forms:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • An unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • Heaviness in the stomach after eating;
  • Retching;
  • Lack of hemoglobin.

Pain in pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas.


  • Strong girdle pain in the left and right podrebere and epigastric region;
  • Vomiting
  • Violation of the chair;
  • Weakness;
  • Vertigo.
Characteristics of pain associated with pancreatitis



The Jet

The Result of lesion of the pancreas in children


The Result of the overuse of unhealthy food (fatty, spicy) and alcohol

Symptoms: sharp cutting pain zoster nature, vomiting, weakness

The Chronic

The Disease developsslowly with symptoms such as periodic aching pain in the stomach area, vomiting, nausea

Pain in liver disease

Pain in liver

Discomfort in the liver area can be caused by the following zabolevaniyami:

  • Gepatitom;
  • Cirrosa;
  • Opuholi;
  • Abscesses;
  • Steatosis.

What pain in the liver? The nature of the occurring pain under the right quadrant aching and long-lasting, they tend to grow even with a small physical exercise, eating junk food (fatty, spicy, fried, sweet), alcohol and cigarettes. Can also be nausea, belching and an unpleasant smell from the mouth.

In severe forms of the disease the symptoms of is added to itch in different areas of the body, spider veins, yellowish color of the skin and peeling.

Kidney Pain

description of pain in the kidneys

It is Impossible to determine with accuracy the associated pain directly with the kidneys or is it just the echoes of other diseases in the region of the back and right side. We have to identify other symptoms:

  • The pain is dull and aching;
  • Unilateral pain;
  • Fever;
  • The violation of urination.
Reason and description of pain in the kidneys




Kidney Stones or urolithiasis

The Stones into the ureter and impede the flow of urine, which this goes back to the kidney that leads to its swelling.

Wavy, very strong, can cover not only the right but on the left side, lower abdomen, groin

Kidney infection pyelonephritis

Swelling of the kidneys Occurs due to the ingress of infection by the bloodstream from a focus of inflammation: boil, uterus and its appendages, intestines, lungs, bladder,

A Sharp, aching. Become almost impossible any touch to the area of pain

Renal bleeding

May result in serious injury or cessation of blood supply to the kidneys due to thromboembolism of the renal artery

A Dull aching.

Nephroptosis or wandering kidney

There is ptosis of the kidney, and it begins to move around its axis, which leads to the kinking of blood vessels and blood circulation. Women have a higher predisposition to the disease.

A Dull pain in the lumbar region.

Renal failure

The kidneys partially or completely cease to perform its work because of violations of water-electrolyte balance in the body

At different stages of pain can vary from dull to sharp.

Muscle Pain

Myalgia – different localization and origin of muscle pain. What is the symptoms of this ailment?

Myalgia pain are divided into two types:

  • Aching, dull pain and pressure in the muscles;
  • General muscle weakness, pain when pressure, nausea, dizziness.

muscle pain what

The Emergence of a sense of muscle pain associated with nervous stress, psychological and emotional overload, overwork, physical exertion, exposure to cold and damp. One or more factors cause spasms in muscle tissue, which, in turn, lead to compression of nerve endings, which provokes the pain.

Also, there are cases when myalgia occurs on the background of chronic fatigue, which leads to the accumulation in the muscles tissues oxidized products of metabolism.

More dangerous scenario where myalgia is itself a symptom of an infectious disease or rheumatism.

A Special item for consideration is the muscle pain after training, which for many athletes is one of the criteria a good exercise.

Types of muscle pain after exercise

  1. The Usual reasonable – the most common pain that appears after a heavy workout. Are the source of the microtrauma and microreserve muscle fibers and excess lactic acid. This pain is normal and usually lasts for about two to three days. Her presence means that last workout you did well.
  2. Delayed pain that appears in the muscles after a couple of days after exercise. Usually this condition is common after changing the training program: its a complete change or an increase in load. The duration of the pain from a day to four.
  3. Pain due to injuries – a result of minor injury or serious problems (e.g., torn muscles). Symptoms: redness of the injury, his swelling, aching pain. Is not the norm and needs immediate medical interventions that are at least impose a compress on the injured place.

Pain struggles

 description of pain contractions

One of the symptoms of approaching childbirth-contractions. Description of pain varies from sharp to pull in the lumbar region andapply to lower abdomen and hips.

The Peak of the pain of contractions have on the time when the uterus begins to shrink even more, to reveal the uterine Zev. The process begins with a visceral pain which is difficult to localize. The cervix gradually opens, causing water breaks and the head falls child. It puts pressure on the muscles of the vagina, the cervix and the sacral nerve plexus. The nature of the pain changed to an intense, penetrating and sharp, mostly concentrated in the pelvic region.

Contractions can last from three to twelve hours (in rare cases even longer) and be accompanied by pain of varying degrees. A significant role in their sensations is the mental condition of the mother – you need to understand that this process brings you closer to meeting your baby.

And finally, most psychologists are inclined to believe that a pain – it's our excessive suspiciousness. Even so, no matter what character was your pain, it is better to consult your doctor and get preventive care.

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