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Only some 25 years ago the pregnancy test was an innovation and most likely a gimmick. Possible pregnancy women was determined by the absence of menstruation, however, for confirmation had to go to the doctor and pass the necessary tests. Now everything is much easier – upon the slightest suspicion of a successful conception it is possible to apply a pregnancy test. Modern tests are very easy to use, give a 99% guarantee of result and, equally important, is widely available. Among the most popular - "FRAUTEST" (pregnancy), which reviews are very positive. It contains all the essential qualities-ease of use, accessibility and reliability.

How it works

To learn about your situation, it is sufficient to test at home – it is simple and fast. All of these products are a little different in its external performance and use, but the principle works the same at all "FRAUTEST". The effectiveness and authenticity of the results has been proven by numerous researches, in addition, assert positive about "FRAUTEST" reviews. To delay the levels of HCG in the body is quite low, but with a high sensitivity test is quite effective. In contact with urine soaked in the reagent part, she first paints a test strip in raspberry color, this suggests that the test is working properly, then a few minutes at the onset of pregnancy due to increased level of HCG in the urine is colored a second test strip. HCG-human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is released after attachment of the ovum to the uterine wall. Every 48 hours the amount in the pregnant woman's body doubles. Also judging by his performance in the blood, doctors can tell about uterine or ectopic pregnancy.

"FRAUTEST" ultrafunctional: feedback

More recently, manufacturers have increased the sensitivity of the test with 25 mIU/ml 15 Miu/ml, that is, the smaller this number, the more effective the test strip, and therefore it can show a pregnancy even a few days before menstruation.

No wonder many women have written about him positive feedback. "FRAUTEST" is able to detect the slightest amount of HCG and show a positive result even before the onset of menstruation. If you correctly follow the instructions of the user, collecting the first morning urine, you can find out about the pregnancy two days before the expected date of menstruation. The accuracy of this method of testing is equal to 99%, so "FRAUTEST" trusted by many women.

Pregnancy Tests "FRAUTEST": their types and cost

With the care of women and their comfort manufacturer Frautest released several variations of products intended to determine pregnancy. Depending on the price and method of using the now each woman can choose the most suitable product, armed with read reviews. "FRAUTEST" has the following types and cost:


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  • Frautest Express – the most popular of all of the proposed line, it has a small price-about 70 rubles, but high-impact. It is designed for use at home for like 2 days before menstruation and after. In the package there is one strip, Packed in a sealed package, the test itself with one side impregnated with a reagent sensitive to HCG. During testing, you dip the strip into the container of urine to the required level, then remove it and put on a horizontal surface. Within 3-5 minutes you can evaluate the result – it can be shown as in the form barely illuminated, and a bright second line, provided that the pregnancy occurred.


  • Double Control "FRAUTEST" (15 mIU). Reviews about it are not so numerous as on previous fellow, but it is no less effective. In the package there are two test strips, which you can double-check the result. Method of use is identical Frautest Express, and the price is slightly higher-about 95 rubles. The result when double-checking won't leave any doubt.

FRAUTEST pregnancy:reviews

The Most expensive instances

Expert Frautest – a technique of carrying out it is a little different from the rest. The test is a cassette complete with a pipette, which should be placed just a few drops of urine at a designated place and in a separate window in a couple of minutes you will see the results. This method provides high reliability of the results, but it will have to spend a little more – about 130 rubles.

pregnancy tests FRAUTEST reviews

Frautest Comfort advantages that is extra comfortable and with maximum hygiene. In the packing holder, plastic, on the other end of which ultrakultura strip. Test enough to put a couple of seconds under a stream of urine and to obtain a result within a short time. Its value is about 140 rubles. Despite its relatively high cost, pregnancy test “FRAUTEST» reviews received the most positive.

FRAUTEST 15 Miu reviews

Exclusive Frautest – for lovers of stylish design and maximum precision of the result. This test is also one of the most comfortable inthe application – it should be placed sensitive side under a stream of urine, close the lid, put on a flat, dry surface and wait for the result within 3-5 minutes. This method of testing is the most expensive, it will have to spend about 280 rubles, depending on the sales region. This type of "FRAUTEST" (pregnancy) feedback received the least amount, because reliable results can be obtained for a lower price.

FRAUTEST: reviews to delay

As all these types of test, the result only need to look within the first 10 minutes, after this time, the received data may be distorted.

How to determine the favorable time for conception

In Almost every a woman's menstrual cycle is ovulation is his main stage, without which conception is impossible, as at this time from a woman's ovary releases a Mature egg, ready to merge with the sperm. When planning a baby it is in this period, you should conceive. Generally, ovulation occurs mid-cycle – somewhere on day 14, but it happens that it can be early, late, or for certain reasons is not in a specific month.

A More precise definition of the time of the release of an egg can be extremely important information for some. This purpose was developed by the ovulation test. The fact that fertilization of the egg can be made within 48 hours after its release, else it will die, and have to wait for the next cycle. Another important point is that the spermatozoa deposited in the female organism, able to live 3 days, and if they will live up to ovulation, then it is possible fertilization.

Ovulation Test

Among the many a variety of methods for determining ovulation period is the most convenient of them is the ovulation test. It runs at home it's simple enough to use and highly effective.

The Principle of its action consists in determining the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. 1-2 days before ovulation the hormone level increases, which is a call to action for those wishing to conceive. Also using such tests it is possible to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, but it is not the most effective method of contraception. Ovulation test, as well as others, are commercially available in pharmacies.

"FRAUTEST" for high-precision determination of fertile days

Among the many proposed brands experts advise "FRAUTEST" ovulation. Reviews positive about it has already made a grateful women. Frautest – one of the most reliable ways to determine the ovulation period of the female body. Packaging accommodates 5 sealed strips, the kit also includes detailed instructions. At a constant menstrual cycle for checking the level of luteinizing hormone one pack will be enough.

FRAUTEST ovulation reviews

According to the instructions and advice of many women, "FRAUTEST" ovulation, which does not allow you to doubt in its effectiveness, may indicate a positive result after 40 seconds. Summary of the testing can be observed on the strip for 10 minutes, then if it changes it won't be believable. The sensitivity of the test is 30 mIU/ml.

Frautest – reliability, choice and efficiency

Under this brand you can also purchase other sets, combining 5 test strips for ovulation and pregnancy 2. This method is quite economical – do not have to run once again, and dissipated at the pharmacy. Then for more convenience, you can find 7 disposable tanks for urine collection and detailed instructions.

In Addition to the strips, the manufacturer offers a special tape to determine the exact days of ovulation, such the package contains 7 pieces. Women with irregular menstrual cycle should pay attention to this kit, also earned good reviews. “FRAUTEST” in magazines is a bit unusual to use concerning the strips. There is not requires a separate container to collect liquid, just the sensitive part of the device to expose under the urine stream for a few seconds, then put on a clean and dry horizontal surface. A reliable result within 10 minutes.

FRAUTEST ultrafunktsionalnuyu: reviews

What are the advantages of "FRAUTEST" ovulation

In the modern world for women invented a lot of gadgets that simplify life, the ovulation test is one of them. Its advantages are:

  • Allows you to schedule your own personal life, easy to use, cancels out some unpleasant procedures, such as measurement of basal temperature.
  • Designed to hold in home and at any time of the day, without haste and nerves.
  • Gives fast and accurate 99% of the result.
  • Available in all drugstores.
  • Maybe not the cheapest, but quite affordable for most buyers.

However, there are not only positive feedback. “FRAUTEST” in rare cases, it may be defective, causing the results of its carrying out can be incorrect, so when you buy should pay attention to the expiration date of the product if you have doubt to buyanother test.

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