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Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are things to admire and places to go to have only pleasant emotions. This majestic Palace square, and the fantastic fountains of Peterhof, and the labyrinths of the Summer garden. Here year round in a large number of tourists come from around the globe. Many travelers, traveling for the first time in the city on the Neva, the question immediately arises, where in Peter it is possible to stay inexpensively.

Indeed, in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, it is very important to find a good place to stay. If your budget is limited, you are perfect suggestions are presented in the article.

Stay in the Northern capital

To Visit Peter at least once in their life dreams of practically every citizen of Russia. Here many architectural monuments included in the top most beautiful cultural attractions in the world. Among them the Winter Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress, Saviour-on-blood. In addition, the city has many wonderful parks and gardens where you can walk and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, read your favorite book and listen to performances of street musicians. Also will not leave anyone indifferent white nights and the bridges over the Neva. To see this sight in the summer. So, choose the month for vacation, the first thing you need to create all conditions for a comfortable stay.

Hostel "life"


A Great option for budget travelers. Where to stay in St. Petersburg cheap? A: in the hostel. It is a hostel with a common kitchen. The room, usually small, from two to ten seats. The cost of hostels differs depending on whether you want to buy a whole room or just remove the bed. The prices are very economical and will appeal to the rational tourists.

  • Travelers, vacationers often in St. Petersburg are usually advised to stay in the hostel "life" or "riverside" the First option is ideal for those who do not know where cheap to stay in St. Petersburg near the center. Is "life" in the Central area of the city - Nevsky prospect, 47. Walking distance to many shops, attractions, squares and parks. While the hostel offers free Wi-Fi, clean and cosy rooms. Price per night from 700 rubles. The friendly staff does everything to make your stay in the hostel was the most comfortable.
Hostel "riverside"
  • Riverside is located at the address: Moika river Embankment, building 40. The room is available for two or more people. Kitchen and common areas always spotless. The Windows are beautiful flowers, creating a good atmosphere. Administrators and cleaning staff carefully monitor the cleanliness in the rooms and always ready to help you. The price: from 900 rubles per day.

Hotels in the economy class

Another option for travelers wanting to combine decent living conditions and affordable prices. In these hotels there is a lot of unnecessary services as in Deluxe classes for which you will have to overpay. Usually on-site to present only the essential: a small cafe and Laundry facilities.


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Hotel "Vyborg"

Clean and comfortable

Among these hotels the most popular among visitors is "Vyborg". This option is most often selected couples with young children. Is the hotel "Vyborg" in the Primorsky district, near the metro station "Chernaya Rechka", Tarkovskii, 3. Another definite plus - two large Park near the hotel. They have a lot of rides and playgrounds - it's exactly like the youngest guests of the city. As for the room Fund of the hotel, all the rooms are divided into two categories: economy and standard. The prices are quite low - from 1 100 per night.

In the rooms of economy class have TV, telephone and a sink. Shower and toilet are shared, located on the floor. The rooms standard, a bathroom, a refrigerator, a TV and a telephone. Area they have more options of economy class. Room rates usually include Breakfast, passing on the buffet. Reviews of visitors, the portions are large and food is very tasty. So if you're going on holiday with a small child and not know where to stay with kids in Peter inexpensive, then pay attention to this hotel.

Private messages

The locals are happy to rent their homes to visitors. The price is usually much lower than in the most inexpensive hotels and hostels. From private owners you can rent an apartment for short term stays and long period. The announcement of the delivery of housing can be found on websites or in local Newspapers in the section on real estate. This is a great option for those who do not know where in Peter to stay inexpensive. The main rule is not to fall for scams, ask the owners of the documents at home, be sure to sign a rental agreement which will be registered all participants in the transaction and the terms and conditions.

Cheap hotels

Where to stay in St. Petersburg cheap: reviews

Guests, who prefer economical accommodation options leave a lot of positive feedback about the hotels of economy class and hostels. They focus on the helpful staff and cleanliness of the rooms. If you don't know where in St. Petersburg to stay inexpensive, then choose any of the options presented in the article. Wonderful stay and pleasant emotions!

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hi everyone! You can stay in our hostel Nice on Mokhovay 30. We are in the center of St-Petersburg. Photos and prices on our web sitr

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