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Turkish Airlines – one of the most popular airlines in Europe, flying in different directions. Head office “Turkish airlines” is based at the international airport of Istanbul. The company has a huge number of flights and passengers, each of which is satisfied he gave his preference to the company. Despite the old age of the company, “Turkish airlines" regularly performs over 200 international and 40 domestic flights.

Originally a Turkish company to fly exclusively between the cities of Turkey, but with the increase in the fleet, she gradually began to expand their horizons. About 10 years ago, the company took part in the Star Alliance, after which she was awarded the title of best airlines in the world.

At the moment Turkish Airlines is a favorite carrier of millions of passengers worldwide. In addition, the company regularly flies to the United States of America, Asia and even some Russian cities.

Turkish Airlines


The Airline “Turkish airlines" was founded on 20 may 1933. First flights were made between Istanbul, Ankara and Eskisehir. Also interesting is the fact that the government several times changed the name of the company. Initially it was “the State aviation administration", and then Devlet Hava Yolları Umum Müdürlüğü.

In 1956, was made a major restructuring, and the airline became a mixed state Corporation Türk Hava Yolları. At the moment the state owns only 49% of the shares of the company, and the rest is in the hands of private owners.


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One of the main advantages of this carrier is the wide range of services provided on Board throughout the flight.

  • Great food.

Of Course, every passenger will prefer to eat on Board the aircraft, because to carry sandwiches in a plastic bag will not be allowed. In this regard, the company has thought of everything. Turkish Airlines offers its passengers a huge variety of dishes that are available to all passengers regardless of ticket type.

  • Fun.

Some planes have “Turkish airlines" is equipped with entertainment gadgets. Every passenger has free access to the entire media library (movies, games, music) on Board the aircraft.

  • Internet Access.

Most airlines prohibit its passengers to use electronic gadgets with access to the Internet during flight, but Turkish Airlines is a supporter of that position. The company allows its passengers to communicate in the network, texting and talking on the phone. Some planes even have outlets through which you can recharge your device.

  • The Presence of cameras in the tail and nose.

Turkish airlines Aircraft equipped with special cameras that allow passengers to stay in the loop and monitor the takeoff and landing, regardless of the selected location on Board.

  • Flight to minors.

Turkish Airlines is so responsible company that even included the unaccompanied minor service on Board. Parents need only to sign an agreement and flight attendants would be responsible for your child during the flight.

  • Medical care on Board.


Like all other airlines, Turkish Airlines offers its passengers several classes of service. Price category depends on the place in the selected class, so each passenger can choose a suitable place in the cabin.


The cheapest option is economy class, but it's not the economy, which many of you, dear readers, are accustomed to observe. With “Turkish airlines" your flight will be held in very comfortable conditions. In the salons of this category are located a comfortable seat with adjustable footrest and enlarged space between the backs of adjacent seats. As we have said, the cabin is on-Board entertainment system and power outlets, which are also available for users of this class. Not surprisingly, all the passengers used at least once by the carrier, leave only the most positive feedback.

Economy class

Business class

This category provides its passengers with a comfortable chair with a massage unit and a reading lamp. The decisive argument for the choice of the business class becomes an opportunity to transform the seat into a bed for the rest period. Each passenger receives a personal set of sheets and supplies: earplugs and an eye mask. Also worth noting is the fact that all the passengers of this class are separate counters at check-in that allows you to avoid the crowds.

Business class

Comfort class

What can be better than business class? Of course, the comfort class! This is a spacious seat, wide range of food, personal widescreen monitors and premium boarding. Soyou can describe the benefits of this class.

Comfort class

Our days

Reviews of “Turkish airlines” today, overwhelm the Internet. Each passenger at least once used the services of the carrier, left in full satisfaction. Turkish airlines – large new planes, excellent service and a huge selection of different directions.

The fleet of the company totals more than 300 aircraft that operates daily around the world. Turkish airlines used only two brands of aircraft-Boeing and Airbus.

To Buy tickets for the "Turkish airlines" on any of the flights on the official website of the company or in one of the offices of Turkish airlines.

Planes “Turkish airlines" Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A340; Boeing 737, 777.

Registration and baggage

Passengers of the Turkish airlines need to know the basic rules of check-in and baggage allowance. The company provides both online check-in, and directly at the airport. Registration for "Turkish airlines" via the Internet is done during the day before the flight, but no later than 1.5 hours before the flight. Procedure online check similar with other companies: choose a convenient location in the cabin, saved the landing receipt.

The baggage allowance is bag weighing 20 kg for economy class and for those who get in business class-30 kg. and Not less important requirement is tightly Packed bag. Packaging can independently at home either directly in one of the airports.

To display the official website of the company "Turkish airlines" on the Russian language you need to switch the icon in the upper right corner on the corresponding flag of their country.

The dimensions of hand Luggage must not exceed the established norm 23x40x55, and the weight is 8 kg.

What not to carry on Board?

The Airline had not established any rigid restrictions on transportation of things. In the list of prohibited items includes obvious set, specific to each airline: weapons, flammable and toxic substances, sharp and piercing objects, radioactive materials.

"Turkish airlines"

Why “Turkish airlines”?

Turkish Airlines managed to gain recognition around the world for a reason. It is famous for its high-class service, quality aircraft and responsible approach to any detail. All crew members – a team of professionals that can give your flight with maximum comfort. To the question “Why fly with Turkish Airlines?” the answer is quite simple – the rating of the company evolved over the years based on thousands of reviews, which regularly leave passengers on different forums. The opinion of people – one of the components of the company that they are paying special attention. With Turkish Airlines your flight will be unforgettable!

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