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fiction about space

The cinematic genre of space fiction  popular for quite a long time. Just think, from protozanovskoye masterpiece “Aelita” to recently released “Gravity” and “Game Ender” it took almost 90 years old!

Do You remember how it all began

A Very bold step it was in the hungry and cold of Soviet Russia to take and to remove (just a year after the release has become as it is now would say, the best-selling works of Aleksei Tolstoy “Aelita”) was the first in the history of world cinema "Cosmo-fiction” feature film. However, it happened. And infernal beauty Julia Solntseva (!), and the nobility of the engineer Elk (Nikolai Tsereteli), and the remarkable debut of the great Igor Ilyinsky, as well as the Mars (how it represented the Soviet artists), exhausted by civil war Moscow – all preserved on film. Isn't it a miracle? So began the cinematic fiction about space.

Middle-aged People surely remember with nostalgia the endless work of Richard Viktorova «Moscow-Cassiopeia” and shot after "Teens in the Universe”. Today the adventures of students of the early 1970s in the vastness of other worlds and then the special effects seem naive. But then it, too, was a achievement! After all, movies about space – fiction and a rarity at that time. American masterpieces from the Soviet Union so far («cold war» in full bloom).

space movies science fictionThe Classics of the subgenre

If we talk about contemporary foreign cinema, unquestioned authority, “trendsetters," subgenre "fiction about space” came from several Directors. One of them – Stanley Kubrick and his repeatedly quoted (especially the scene of weightlessness under the immortal Strauss waltzes.) tape “2001: a Space Odyssey". Maybe someone and it's annoying that only 25 minutes of duration you hear the first word. However, what it is – a good science fiction about space and the cult thing – is indisputable. Another classic – George Lucas, Creator of the “Star wars”, who shot 30 odd years ago the three parts of the franchise, and years later returned to the theme and put the three other series of prequels to the already popular episodes. Ahead – the sequel, the premiere is scheduled for 2015. In the cast list you can see the familiar names: “veteran” Solo - Harrison Ford, the legendary Leia - Carrie Fisher, Luke is mark Hamill. How it will – hard to imagine. Ridley Scott began the Saga of “foreign”, James Cameron continued the gloomy third part put David Fincher. The end of the franchise was not triumphant, despite the presence of the same weaver and Winona Ryder. However, this is all examples of what should be the fiction about space.


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a good science fiction about space

Through the thorns-to the stars

A List of interesting and exciting representatives of this subgenre of kinofantastiki great. Utopia by Tim Burton with mark Wahlberg “planet of the apes”. A sparkling ribbon «Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy”, where audiences first noticed Brit Martin Freeman (Watson and the future of the hobbit Bilbo). A remake of Steven Soderbergh “Solaris” with George Clooney (picture not became a full cast of works of Tarkovsky, came out uneven, but also worthy of respect). Epoch-making “Armageddon” Michael Bay with one of the best roles Bruce Willis. It is impossible not to recall and parody films, which is also – fiction about space. “Sixth element” with Leslie Nielsen, mischievous "Cosmic egg" sparkling Mel Brooks, German “Space patrol. Episode 1”.

Already through the roof ratings and charges a recently released “Gravity” Alfonso Cuaron. So, the genre is still alive and in demand. For its development there are forces, means, and desire of the Directors to dare to continue.

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