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As you know, a real actress, like a good wine: not aging, and becoming its own special charm, with age. American Annette Bening (Annette Bening) can safely be attributed to women like that. Despite the fact that she's almost sixty – it is full of charm and optimism.

Annette Bening biography early years

A future star was Born in a small provincial town of Topeka, Kansas. Annette Bening Her parents were ordinary people, quite distant from the world of show business. Mother Annette was a homemaker, bringing up four children and in his spare time – sang in the Church choir. His father worked as an insurance agent. Our heroine was the youngest child in the family, because of this, parents often do not have enough time to discipline her, so that Annette had often been left to itself.

From early childhood, from Annette Bening was shown artistic abilities. Inheriting from his mother a pleasant melodious voice, the girl made a successful debut in the title role in the school play ‘Sound of music”.

At seventeen, Annette went on to study acting at the High school Patrick Henry. After the girl continued College San Diego Mesa and the University of San Francisco.

Career in the theatre

At First, Annette Bening wanted to be a good theatre actress. To achieve this, after graduating, she participated in numerous productions.

The Debut of the actress in the professional theatre scene took place in 1980 at the Shakespeare festival in Colorado. Later, she played in repertory theatre San Diego and on the stage of the American Conservatory theater in San Francisco.


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In 1985-1986 Annette Bening spoke at the Denver center for the performing arts. During this period she participated in productions of "Pygmalion" and «the Cherry orchard».

The following year her talent was noticed and she was invited to perform on Broadway. Here she very successfully debuted in the play by Tina Howe called "Coastal disturbances”.

Early career in film and television

As soon As Bening's career in the theater took off, the woman began to try myself as an actress of film and television.

Annette made her Debut in the television movie “the Hunt for Claude Dallas”, after which had a few roles in episodes of various television series. In the movie, this actress first appeared in 1988 in the film “nature”.

The following year, Ms. Bening received its first serious role in the movie "Valmont". Annette Bening movies In this tape she played charming schemer the Marquise de Merten. The role of managed Bening is so good that it was nominated for the award by the Chicago Association of film critics as the best promising actress.

Best movies Actresses

The Nineties were the most fruitful in the career of Annette Bening. In 1990 she starred in the title role in the movie “Con” for the first time was nominated for “Oscar” and the British film Academy award. Critics praised her acting skills and soon Benning were invited to appear well-known Directors.

In the following years proved that she is versatile actress, Annette Bening. Movies with her participation differed not only in plot, but in genre. The heroine, which played Bening, was not similar to each other. So, “Something about Henry" with Harrison Ford she played a loving and caring spouse; in “Bugsy” - a fatal beauty that had killed her lover; in "American President" naive lobbists fell in love with the US President. Annette Bening biography

Graduated from a decade the actress involved in the movie ‘American Beauty”, for which she again was nominated for the «Oscar».

Career Bening in the two thousand

With the beginning of the new Millennium actress again begins to appear in the television series, what not to do for nearly a decade. In the movie she was invited less frequently, compared to the nineties. However, even those rare roles that she was invited to play, an actress sings with incredible skill, which does not go unnoticed.

In 2003, Bening starred in the Western “Open range” with Kevin costner. And next year she plays in the film adaptation of the Somerset Maugham novel “Theater”. Annette Bening, for her role of an aging actress Julia Lambert in this movie, is once again nominated for the «Oscar». theater Annette Bening However, like the previous two times – without success.

In the following years with her participation are such films as "sharp edges" of the “Woman”, “Mother and child”, “ruby sparks" of the “Search”, “Danny Collins”, “apply”, “Seagull", ‘the good, the bad” and others.

For the last of the films the actress unsuccessfully nominated for the «Oscar». But for her role in this film she was awarded the «Golden globe" award of the Association of gays and lesbians.

Today, the Bening not so popular in the profession, as in past years, but she has enough time to spend with the family.

Annette Bening: family and children

Early In his career, the actress quite often wound up novels. So, while in College, she met with ned Bellamy. Later tied her short relationship with ed Begley and Andrew Lek.

In 1984, she married George. Stephen white – known choreographer. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only seven years, after which the couple peacefully divorced. Annette Bening family

On the set of the movie “Bugsy”, Bening met with the famous actor Warren Beatty in 1992 and married him. Despite the 22 year difference in age, the Union proved happy. From Annette and Warren were born four children.

Interesting facts about the actress

  • Although a full-fledged debut on the scene, Bening is considered a part in the school production of the musical “Sound of music”, the first acting experience, she was Hispanic in the formulation “Three little pigs” in high school.
  • Being a very smart girl, Annette finished high school a year early. “Saved” time, the actress spent on working a cook to make your money for College.
  • Despite the fact that the actress has not won a single “Oscar”, she is the winner of two "Golden globes" (‘Theatre’, ‘the good, the bad”), as well as other less well known awards.
  • Annette Benning is fond of yoga. These exercises help the actress to remove tension that builds up during filming.
  • In real life, the actress is not similar to their heroines. It is more quiet and a little shy.
  • In 2010, the eldest daughter Bening Kathleen, changed sex by surgical intervention, becoming thus, Stephen. Parents of latter-day Stephen was shocked by the act of his daughter. Over time, however, were forced to accept. Fearing problems with their other children, since then, spends a lot of time Annette Bening.Annette Bening with children
  • The Actress is an ordained priest of the monastery of the Universal Life Church.

During his career, Bening has achieved a lot. She starred in many great films. Despite the great love of the audience and the respect of critics, yet she did not get the coveted “Oscar”. However, the fans of Annette Bening still hope that she will be honored with this award, because Leonardo DiCaprio got his “Oscar” only the fifth attempt.


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