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Judging by the fact that in the novel “covered” has not yet the name of Napoleon Bonaparte (and how it could spread in this wilderness, where all live under the laws of antiquity?), the action takes place in the 10-ies of the XIX century. Although the work itself was written almost twenty years later. The basis of it became a true story about a poor nobleman, whom he deprived of land, and he to live, was forced to do a robbery.

Dreams and acts of the young Emperor Alexander I

Emperor Peter Alekseevich did 90% of farmers are not just serfs, and full of slaves, who could not even marry on their own. Historical epoch described in the novel ‘covered’, it fully confirms. A landowner when Pyotr Alekseevich also carried onerous service – or in the army, or for public office. While he served, he was placed on earth with serfs. Hence the name – “landlord”. To serve if he could not, the land and the peasants were taken. Tsar Peter III gave liberty to the nobility. Now the noble Lord may serve or not to serve at their own discretion, but the land and the peasants were in his full possession.

historical epoch described in the novel “covered”

This Is the historical era in the novel “covered”. The kings bestowed (that is gave) the serfs and the land to the landowners. So some of them grew rich. While others remained poor, with a small amount of land and serfs. To keep them in slavery, it was necessary to keep people in total ignorance. That's why learning the alphabet was not practiced. The peasants called their owners “master”, “mistress”, but they – ‘master”. This was the historical epoch described in the novel “covered”.


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The Noblewoman would marry only people of their class. If of noble birth people had violated this rule, he became a pariah. Most of the bar considered this normal. Some were educated at home, the other left as a young Dubrovsky, study in big cities. Someone spoke French, others knew only everyday words, which in the case can insert into your speech. They didn't want to know those people who did not belong to the nobility and did not respect them. Such a relationship characterizes the historical epoch described in the novel “covered”.

How to change country?

Of Course, the young Emperor dreamed of a Constitution, as was a staunch Republican. But someone had to give? Not trained to read wild people? Or maybe just competent? The nobility? Clergy? Painfully the Emperor was looking for the right way. What about during these searches, is a new historical epoch described in the novel “covered”. It seems that the time has frozen at the turn of Catherine and Paul. The Emperor was well aware of the savagery and stupidity of even the best representatives of the nobility. So what can you say about the education of representatives of other classes-officials, peasants, serfs and free people? Studied at best at seminaries, they knew nothing, and their Patriarchal life and manners was just horrified.

Village life

Rich gentleman Kiril Petrovitch Troekurov in the province was in a special position. He loved the fawning of people who all were happy to please him. To master not bored, he took a variety of guests and disrespectful and a mockery to be treated. It is entertained. Every day he was inspecting his land, then arranged for a long period of feasts, having fun «pranks» over new acquaintances. Those who did not want to tolerate his tyranny, he was able to scare so that with him more and didn't argue.

historical era in the novel Dubrovsky

His neighbor, and the only person he considered a friend, – Andrey Gavrilovich Dubrovsky. Troyekurov often dreamed to marry their children. Poor but proud Dubrovsky didn't think it proper.

Both the landowner had been madly in love hound hunting, and often hunted together.

Language of the novel “covered”

Russian language – a very thin structure, which can convey many shades of thoughts of any person. In the novel, he shows how changed our language over the past two hundred years. Language historical epoch described in the novel ‘covered’, – answers to cultural demands of the time.

historical epoch described in the novel Dubrovsky, replies

Gone, are now obsolete words of the novel: the province, the yard, the Lieutenant General-in-chief, clerk, slave, solicitor, the clerk, the Governor, a bill of sale, certainly, lawman, Stremyannaya street, psari, the driver, assessor, thesee field.

What was the basis of the novel “covered”?

These questions concern the reader, who sympathize with Vladimir Gavrilovic and Maria Kirillovna. Does the historical epoch described in the novel "Dubrovskii" answers to questions?

Who was the prototype of the novel? The answer is – a real person, a nobleman Pavel Ostrovsky.

You Finished the novel? No. He began to reveal with the fullness of the picture of Russian life of that time and was not able to put “live” characters in the adventurous environment of the European novel, is far from reality. Historical era in the novel “covered” stand in contradiction with real life.

Why Masha and Vladimir was impossible to connect your life? By the standards of our time, it's very simple: they could do it. But in those years there was the concept of “the sacrament of marriage” which believers break could not: it was against all existing rules. With the burden of this sin the man to live just couldn't.

historical epoch described in the novel Dubrovsky answers to the questions

During the life of Pushkin this novel, which he considered unfinished, but, perhaps, intended to return to it, was not published. Perhaps the author would be able subsequently to find the answers to the questions that bothered him.


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