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A Famous musician and an interesting person is Frederic Chopin. A brief biography of him presented in this article. He was born March 1, 1810-St not far from Warsaw.

Biography of ChopinThe family of the future composer was very educated. His father had officer rank, served in the army, and then engaged in teaching in the Warsaw Lyceum. He also played the piano, violin and flute. Mother of Frederick loved music. It is not surprising that in such a family was born the great musician and composer.

Musical talent manifested itself in his early years, and the first essay was already published 1817-m. the First mentor Frederick was Vojtech Iwny. It was he who taught the future composer to understand and love classical music. The boy had a serious illness – congenital tuberculosis.

Biography of Chopin, says that the first public concert he had in 1818-m. Frederick played the piano. In the period 1823-1829. he studied at the music Lyceum, and then in the main music school, where he taught his own father. There Frederick studied Polish literature, history, aesthetics, and mastered other Humanities. At that time the future composer was fond of drawing cartoons, writing plays and poems. Over the years of study Frederick traveled with performances all over the territory of Poland, visited Vienna and Berlin. The first style of piano he was influenced by Hummel. In the Polish capital, Frederick was involved in various music circles.

Frederic Chopin brief biographyBiography of Chopin tells us that after graduation (1830) he gave three concerts in Warsaw, which became a triumph. In the same year Frederick went abroad on a trip and was forever separated from his homeland. Having been in many European cities, finally settled in Paris. In 1835, he went to Leipzig, where he met Schumann.


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Frederic Chopin biography

In 1836, the composer became acquainted with a Polish girl named Maria Wodzinska. They began an affair. However, her parents consent to the wedding was not given. The relationship lasted only a year, and young people left. This leads to the fact that in 1838-m going to Mallorca Frederic Chopin. His biography says that on this island he met George sand, a famous writer from France. Really her name was Aurora Dupin. In the estate of the writer Frederick often spent his summers. It was for its time a rather eccentric personality. Aurora wore men's clothes and Smoking a pipe. However, despite this the writer had two children. Novel famous people lasted about 9 years.

Chopin was constantly developing his talent and implemented creatively, however, his mental balance was negatively affected by the rupture with George sand, which occurred in 1848. the Composer experienced difficulty of the material plane, and his strength undermined tuberculosis. Biography Chopin suggests that in 1848 he went to Britain, but health has not allowed the composer to give scheduled concerts in London. Frederick returned to Paris a broken and exhausted.

Biography of Chopin tells us that in 1849 he died of tuberculosis. He was interred in the French capital. However, the heart, according to the will, was taken to Warsaw where it was buried in the Church.

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