Moscow state Estrada theatre, the performance "Kysya": reviews from critics and audiences


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The Famous house on the embankment of the Moscow river where is located the Moscow state theatre, saw a lot of intriguing performances and brilliant roles. Among them, the performance "Kysya", which reviews are rather contradictory. The main role plays the famous comedian and actor Dmitry Nagiyev.

Roman "Kysya"

Favorite genre of writing to Vladimir Kunin was fantastic. Therefore, in his work "Kysya" the author did not depart from favorite stories. All works from the series "Kysya" (5 books) written with a great sense of humor, irony, and contain some fantastic moments.

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They tell of the adventures of a cat of Martyn who owns hypnosis and teleportation. He lives in the days of perestroika in the Russian Federation and in difficult years for other States. The character has a philosophical bent of mind, unique charm that makes it an incorrigible Casanova. Martin finds himself in a difficult situation, filled with crime, intrigues and secrets. But after some time, still finds a way out of any situation, moreover, investigates the case with admirable ingenuity.

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First performance on the work by V. Kunin

In 2001 the first time the public saw the performance "Kysya" with Nagiyev. Reviews don't have to wait long. The artists did not doubt the success of this production. The directing was done by three friends: Igor Lifanov, Alexei Klimushkin and Dmitry Nagiyev. They decided to work together, and the choice fell on the work of Vladimir Kunin. The performance had the audience success.

For a Long time the actors adhered to the traditions themselves play the main roles in his play, but 7 years later Alexei Klimushkin began to play a tycoon in the TV series "Univer". Because of the inability to combine theatrical activity and employment in the series, he was forced to leave the performance "Kysya" with Nagiyev. Reviews about this situation was different, everyone had an opinion about the resignation of Alexei from the scene.


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This event could not affect the friendship of his comrades. To this day it is unknown what exactly offended Nagiyev and Lifanova in the behavior of Alex. But the fact remains: their life and actor parted ways.

Rise "Kasi"

This statement was named the highest-grossing in the last decade. The incredible popularity of hit play "Kysya", reviews about the game Nagiyev, Lifanova and Klimushkin was on the front pages of St. Petersburg Newspapers. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine this trio on stage and without notice.

The company's First tour with the play

In the future with touring theater troupe began to travel to cities in Russia and abroad.

She posetila:

  • Kazan;
  • Mosque;
  • Saratov;
  • Soci;
  • Perm;
  • Nizhnevartovsk;
  • Chelyabinsk;
  • Surgut;
  • Volgograd;
  • Anapu;
  • Novosibirsk;
  • Krasnoyarsk;
  • Novy Urengoy;
  • Kiev;
  • Kharkov;
  • Odessa;
  • Riga;
  • Tallinn and many other cities.

Philosophy of the actor

Dmitri liked to play the role of Martin, he believed that the view user profile suffers from the same ailments as people. That is why the viewing of the film will be a lot of people, and they should be interesting to watch the performance "Kysya" with Nagiyev.

Even the use of profanity, we could not have. Cat Martin - funny and ironic character who behaves like a sex maniac and loves to philosophize. A special spice to the plot gives the time in which events unfold. The hard times of perestroika affect of Martin's, and it makes even more interesting the performance "Kysya". The reviews were exciting, many people like and play, and the performance of roles. Hard to find anyone who could say that the actors don't give their all on stage. Even the most hardened skeptics were satisfied with the viewing of the production.

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Dmitry Nagiyev dislikes cats, so I was happy with the fact that they are not on stage. Character Kysya - just a figment of the imagination of the author of the novel, a kind of metaphor. In fact, the actors played people, and images of cats - just an artistic technique. In this formulation have been shown the problems of the society the time of adjustment and personality characteristics of people's thinking, then lived.

Though the performance, as well as the brilliant acting, humorous, yet the share of tragedy in it is present. After all, what would a fun and interesting neither was the life of Martyn, the end is still sad. Kysya intervened always and in everything, and the injustice of the world destroyed him. We can say that the performance "Kysya" with Nagiyev derzhet on the actor, not twisted storyline.

"Kysya" in Yalta

Martyn in the face of Dmitry Nagiyev always looked brutal, brazen and impressive. As mentioned above, the show beat all ratings in popularity, the actors toured the cities of Russia and CIS countries, and in 2008 it was the turn of Yalta.

In 2008, turned 6 years since then, as the performance "Kysya", reviews of which had spread beyond the Russian Federation, for the first time went on tour. In Yalta there is a hall "Jubilee", it has about 2 000 places. When Harvey learned about the number of viewers, it is confused. He commented: "I am grateful that I had the opportunity to perform on this stage. But not even every popular, hyped artists could afford such a luxury..."

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Dmitry Nagiyev - a vivid example of hardworking talented person. He throughout his life has proven that not just got into the world of show business, his path was difficult and thorny. These facts indicate that even the most simple person without money and connections are able to achieve success in his life.

After the performances in Yalta was a full house, applause. Caused a strong reaction "Kysya" (the play). The feedback exceeded all expectations, but most of all the audience appreciated a brilliant play Nagiyev. Everyone noted that he was gorgeous, his role was played from A to Z.

St. Petersburg nine

19 Dec 2009 the play was 9 years old. He was played on the stage in St. Petersburg. Was sold out "Kysya" (the play). Reviews from critics were divided, some were indignant because of the Mat and the blatant lust of the character, while others enjoyed the acting.

Harvey and his colleagues could not leave the stage because the crowd of fans simply would not let go of his idol. Standing ovations and conversations is the result of the production of the play in St. Petersburg.

2010 "Kasi"

Again, the play attracted a full house. This event took place in Kazan. Every year, Dmitry became more candid with the press, talks about his love for dogs. Said that cats are not among his favorites. But this does not mean that he is bad applies to them.

Reporters tried to ask tricky questions about the city, wanted to know about his negative impressions of the trip to Kazan. But being a man prudent and discreet, he answered that he likes everything, the city is beautiful, clean and well maintained. The actor spoke about some of the projects, roles in theatre and cinema.

After a tour in Kazan, the troupe headed to Nizhnekamsk, where brilliantly played "Kysya". Nizhnekamsk, the audience was delighted by the premiere, there were a full house. The role Nagiyev remembered by many for a long time.

The Jubilee year "Kasi"

In 2011, the company held the anniversary of the performance "Kysya". Reviews of the production scattered throughout the country. In the hall there was an empty space, the atmosphere was enthusiastic and inspiring. "Kysya" you can easily call the record of theatrical notices. That year, this show plays to full houses, the popularity of Dmitry Nagiyev as a theater actor growing. Some people visit twice the performance "Kysya", reviews of such enthusiastic fans attracted an increasing number of viewers.

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The Main role remains for actors Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanova. Hardly any statement can be compared with "Kasei" in popularity, the number of spectators in the hall and pleasant impressions.

The cat Martyn breed of don Juans will break the records of the famous Soviet characters, the leading actor, Dmitry Nagiyev, will be totally different throughout performance. The actor made the role so much that it is hard to imagine that anyone can claim to be "Kysya".

Restart "Kasi"

In 2012 there was a change of some actors and scenes have been added to the episodes. Some pleasant surprises were waiting for spectators this year. Performance "Kysya" with Nagiyev changed only the form, the content remains the same. Now, the main idea of this action is: "the world is ruled by love!"

It is love between people, animals, everything, not lust. The core idea was the emphasis on love. The performance came a son, Dmitry, Kirill Nagiev. Despite her young age, Cyril already had demand in theatre circles.

view user profile show in Moscow 2016 testimonials

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