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There are many useful accessories for guitarists. For example, a Capo-a device that changes the tone of the guitar. It will be useful for those who want to sing to the accompaniment of an instrument. Often, carefully chosen chords don't fit your voice. The melody is recognizable, but sounds very high or, on the contrary, is low, in this case, can save the situation is the use of a Capo. Look at what this device.

Why a Capo is used?

Capo thisA Capo is a device that allows aspiring musicians to change the key of a melody without changing the chords or retuning of the instrument, and professionals use it to search for a new sound. Often installed with a Capo novice composers are trying to practice previously not used them at all. Sometimes during these experiments, they get an unusual sound, which is then used during performances.

The Chords with a Capo sound different than on the open strings. However, they need to take exactly the same as in the simple game. Depending on your needs, you can put a Capo on one fret to the ninth. The countdown needs to conduct from the head of the fretboard. Remember that game you should have enough space. All of the frets, which are located on the Capo to the head of the neck are performed during the game. According to its principle action Capo – offset zero nut.

How to use the device?

a Capo with his own handsIt would Seem that to use this guitar accessory simply – simply clip it on the fretboard and play the selected tone, but there are several points that you need to consider. First of all, it is impossible to place the accessory directly on the thresholds – in this case it will press the strings and the guitar will not sound.


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More properly be placed directly behind the fret Capo for classical guitar. This will allow you to avoid the second common mistake – the installation of the accessory between frets, which leads to the rattling of the strings. It is also important to choose the right Capo, as they vary in structure and compression force. Some are designed for electric guitars, while others are designed specifically for acoustics.


chords with a CapoMost Often, musicians try to save on this device. They buy cheap capodistra constituting the elastic band and the clasp. The advantage of such models is only one – low price (the cost of the accessory is rarely more than 200 rubles). But the disadvantages of such models mass: low resistance to abrasion, do not hold the metal strings, fuzzy sound. Belt accessories very quickly come into disrepair and require replacement.

If you do not have the opportunity to buy quality Capo – it's not scary. In practice it is possible to make a device with their hands. For this you will need a credit eraser and a pencil. A pencil (preferably hex), press the strings on the necessary tune, and a rubber band secure it so that it does not move from this place.

Features array of Capo

Capodistra Sold in online stores for musicians and normal retail outlets. Who wants to buy this accessory, it is important to make choices based on such criteria as:

• durability;
• possibility of use with an existing type of guitar and strings.
• weight;
• pressing.

If the strings will settle down well enough, the tone of the guitar will change insignificantly, and the sound of the instrument is added to the rattle. Excessive pinning of the strings is fraught with injuries of the neck. It is best to find a model in which the impact force on the strings is controlled. For this option you will approach the elastic tape with holes, or spring mechanisms.

The Strength and weight of the accessory are often interrelated, especially if we are talking about a metal Capo. Many try to take the model with the greatest weight, as they believe that it is more durable. However, long rehearsals to spend with such a model will not work.

What is a Capo better?

Capo for classical guitarIf you made a Capo with his own hands, it is not surprising that it will fail at the crucial moment. For guitars with nylon strings suitable options from fabric or plastic models. The tension of a good model for fans, especially if they have in their design the bar of more resistant material. It is best to take the tension of a model system of delaying having openings. In this case, the tape is held more firmly.

The Ideal choice would be a Capo with the spring mechanism made of metal. It will fit to any guitar, since the pressure force can be adjusted. The disadvantage of such a model can be called a value. In some cases the price for the accessory can be over 1000. Use such kapodistrais often professional musicians.

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