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Outline of the novel “Nevskiy Prospekt” came when N. Gogol worked on ‘Night before Christmas” in 1831. At this time the writer lived in St. Petersburg, and briefly served in different government departments. Personal experience has affected in the accuracy of the description of St Petersburg's landscape and way of life.

Ode to Nevsky Prospekt

At the beginning of the novel the author gives a fine precise characterization of the main streets of the city. In the description already Peeps and lyricist and satirist at the same time. Composing the anthem of street life, and she describes downright hourly, ironically and poetically, the writer tells who, when and in what mood walks or runs through a beautiful Avenue - the main artery of the capital.a short retelling of Nevsky Prospekt Here and smells of festivities. Tutors and governesses derive their Pets for walks, a little later, strolling couples and those fortunate, whose service ends in two hours a day. Later, in three hours, he at all times of the year blossoms in spring, green uniforms, which are mostly run in a hurry and hungry, not considering the signs and shops, and in the evenings, at dusk, there are young people in search of adventure.Nevsky prospect story With this description of the city center starts a brief retelling. The Nevsky prospect is at the time of the protagonist in the story, which walk in the evening two friends – Piskarev and Pirogov.

Artist Piskarev

They both noticed two beautiful girls and decided to meet. But as the girls went in different directions, and the young people dispersed, catching up with young beauties. So is the plot of the action.

We Continue the story. Nevsky prospect led the artist Piskareva for the very beautiful, he thought, ethereal brunette. Piskarev is by nature a very sensitive and timid, but N. Gogol generalizes this way. He gives a portrait of a particular artist, but a person belonging to a particular social group. These are all the artists-the people of Petersburg – they are kind, gentle, shy, drink a tea with each other and talking quietly, sitting in a small room.


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While the Piskarev goes after the girl, he wants to see only one thing – where she lives. But she beckoned him in, and the artist found himself in a brothel. It's terrible for the tender heart of the artist's surprise, he flees in terror to his home. This continues the story. Nevsky Prospekt with its temptations will destroy unsuitable for the artist's life. At home he had a wonderful dream that the girl invited him to prom. And then he will dream about her continuously, until you come to the idea that he should marry the girl and get her so out of the abyss into which it fell. But this is not required. She doesn't want to live a meager life.

Resume the story. Nevsky Prospekt leads Piskareva home. It is locked, and the neighbors can't see it. Finally the door of his room broke, and everyone saw that he killed himself.Nevsky prospect Gogol content He was quietly buried at Okhtinskoe cemetery. Unadapted to real life, he couldn't cope with it.

Lieutenant Pies

This is a completely different social type, shown N. V. Gogol, arrogant and unscrupulous. This Lovelace was the chase he liked the blonde. In this part of the "Nevsky prospect" – the story of a smug and arrogant of the Nikolaev military. Lieutenant Pirogov enters the house of a German tinsmith Schiller, to which his buddy Hoffman is going to cut his nose. Shiller calculated the money spent on tobacco, and decided that it was cheaper to live without a nose. The two friends are completely drunk, but sober, when see a stranger. Pie to explain how he got here, says he wants to order a new spur. But looking almost every day, can not get attracted to the blonde one. Finally he finds out when her husband not is at home, and quietly comes to take care of the pretty wife of the tinsmith. He persuades her to dance with him, hoping that everything will go by itself.Nevsky prospect heroes But in the midst of the dance the husband returned with friends and interrupted the fun that the hostess does not like. They are flogged, so worth it in the first edition of the novel, the Lieutenant, and in the second it is said is uncertain, and kicked him out. At first, the Pies wanted to run to complain though the General, though the king, but, on reflection, I decided to throw the insult out of my head. So it goes “Nevskiy Prospekt”, the story N. V. Gogol. The Lieutenant calms down completely, going into a cake shop and eating puffs. Evening he was dancing, and everybody admired them.


This Is the story of “Nevskiy Prospekt”. Heroes, Piskarev and Pirogov, very different, and it is shown N. V. Gogol extremely bright. If the artist is sympathy, arrogant and absolutely shameless Lieutenant-disgust. This is a very short story “Nevskiy Prospekt” (Gogol). The content is what eventually led the the author: all a deception and an empty dream, the devil himself shows “all not in its present form”.

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