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Many well-known tale of “Smart worker”. It belongs to the so-called household works such a plan. Recall its outline.

Unsuccessful work older brothers

Fairy Tale “Smart worker” says that one old man had three sons. The brothers decided to work for the ass. He promised a good salary, but set a condition: if early leave, money for work not see them. First went the elder brother to the priest. His hard work and hunger plagued. Had big brother to take the legs to the living to stay. Greedy pop, referring to the deal, penny gave him. The same happened with the middle brother. He returned home to the father with nothing.

The Younger brother in the work of the priest

Russian folk tales for children often begin with the fact that the youngest of the three sons of some poor person tries to resolve a dangerous situation. Is no exception and describing a work. Younger brother went to the employees to the priest after two senior. the tale of the clever workerThe Deal the owner was still the same: prematurely go – not a penny will you get. Woke worker pop early and before Breakfast went with him to the far mowing. But the younger brother, pretending that the rope forgotten, returned and begged the priests pies with a fish and loaf of white bread. After mowing pop in matting wrapped, and bade the laborer horse to rule. And the younger brother of the cakes of bread were eaten, water drunk and goes happy. “Smart worker” – Russian folk tale, which teaches us that sometimes only the wisdom, cunning and wit come to the rescue out of trouble.


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Tricks smart worker

Turned the younger brother into another road, not on the one that pop pointed out. the tale of the smart employee summariesThey Stopped in a field unfamiliar, had the hook to do. On the way, they found the village in which they decided to stop for the night. Stopped our heroes near the hut of the shopkeeper. Younger brother went to ask him for the night, but warned that with him the father is ill, not his mind. He is punished shopkeeper to the two times the priest is the same not suggested, they say, if it is angry. The friendly owners invite guests to dinner. Pop doesn't sit, waiting once again called. So he stayed hungry. But this is not the end of the tale “Smart worker”. The summary, unfortunately, does not allow the details to pass on all the tricks the youngest of the brothers.

Night at the shopkeeper

The Employee, after eating, lay down to sleep. He woke up hungry pop and asked him to feed. Then the employee said he noticed in the stove a pot of porridge. Climbed up father, put his hands in the hot, and can not pull out. Younger brother advises him against the wall to break the pot to release the hand. So did pop, but in the darkness miscalculated and broke the pot head's own master. The shopkeeper jumped up, screams with all his might. Scared father, but to escape from there. Sly and his servant persuaded the landlord to give him a hundred rubles in search of a priest. So deceived all smart worker. Russian folk tale teaches to find the good in any situation.

Happy ending

Taking the money and horses, went to the younger brother home. On the way he meets a scared priest. Cunning worker told him that if he does not want the father to answer for the murder of a shopkeeper, he will have to give the employee three hundred rubles, Yes two good horses. Gave everything pop, and even satisfied so cheaply. And his younger brother came home with money and gifts, saying that he had received from the priest for himself and for the brothers full. quick content smart workerI Hope that I was able to transfer even its summary. “Smart worker” – a story with a happy ending. There is a lot of wisdom.

Fairy Tale “Smart worker" loved by both kids and adults. The moral of it is this: do not chase the cheapness. It validates the proverb “the Miser pays twice”.

Stories about animals

• "the Bean". About how cock choked the seed. And it saved the chicken, kalashnyky, Grebeniki, girl, tree, sticky and river-mother.

• "Zimov'e beasts". About how in the forest ox, sheep, pig, goose and rooster from the cold and predators were saved. The tale teaches that, only United, can conquer all adversity.

• "the wolf and the kids". As grey forest predator ate the seven kids and the mother goat found a way to save them.

• "the Gingerbread man". As the Gingerbread man outsmarted the hare, wolf, bear – all but a cunning Fox. She ate him.

• "the cat, the rooster and the Fox". How cunning forest resident (Fox) tricked Cock to her, and the cat saved him.Russian folk tales list

• "the Fox and the crane". About the failed friendship of a Fox with a crane.

• "the Fox with jump rope". How redhead cheater, finding a jump rope, traded it in the village, first a chicken, then gusoku, then to Turkey. In the end, justice triumphed, and left the Fox with nothing.

• "Teremok". As in the old cabin in field going mouse-norushka, frog-wah, Bunny-pobegaychik, foxy-sister, top-gray flank, a bear clumsy. They began to live happily ever after. Yes, but the old home did not survive, and collapsed. Had the animals to build a new home.

• "hen-Ryaba". How the hen has laid grandparents Golden egg. They beat him, but not defeated. And the mouse ran, tail waved, it crashed. Long mourned the elderly – blow their chicken another egg – not gold, and simple.

• "Masha and the bear". About how a little girl outsmarted toed forest dweller, does not let her grandfather and grandmother. Mashen'ka baked the pies, put in a box, and she sat there. Took the bear a treat grandma and grandpa. So the girl was at home.

We All love Russian folk tales. The list can be endless. Young children especially like stories about animals above.

Fairy tales

• "Baba Yaga and Tamarisk". How magically the old man and his wife were born forty sons. The younger one was weak and puny. And began to call him – Zamorska. Yes, but he was smarter and more cunning than his older brothers. He has deceived itself Baba Yaga and the brothers saved.

• "Vasilisa the Beautiful". The tale of how a brave young girl defeated the evil stepmother and her two ugly daughters and a Baba Yaga, who wanted lime beauty. In the final, described the marriage of the king on mistress Vasilisa the Beautiful.

• "Geese-Swans". About how Alyonushka bailed out brother Ivanushka, who was carried away on the wings of the geese to Baba Yaga. And helped her in this forest Apple tree, a stove-mother and milk river and honey.

• "Ivan – cow's son." The tale of the three heroes fought with snake monsters and defeated them. Stronger, braver and clever among them were Ivan – cow son. He helped his brothers to stay alive and home safely to come back.

• "Ivan Tsarevich and the grey wolf". About how the three sons of Tsar Berendey went to get the Firebird in a Golden cage. The younger brother, Ivan Tsarevich, found not only this curiosity, but also got the Golden horse, and also won the heart of Helen. Russian folk tales for childrenAnd helped him in this grey wolf. On the way home, the older brothers decided to kill Ivan and loot to pick up. Having done this dirty deed, they went with all the good the priest-king. But the grey wolf by typing live and dead water, revived Ivan Tsarevich, caught up with the brothers and punished them.

• "tithe-havroshechka". The tale of the orphan Havroshechka, by chance caught up in the family of the evil stepmother. The girl for me did not give, forcing her to work from morning to evening. One salvation was Havroshechka – helped her around the speckled cow. On hearing this, her stepmother commanded to slaughter a cow. But the girl bone of his Baranoski collected, planted in the garden and began to water. From them grew the Apple tree. Havroshechka was treated with shiny red apples, a passing gentleman, and he married her.

• "Marya Morevna". About how Ivan Tsarevich after his parents died, has married their sisters for the Falcon, eagle and Raven. And then he got married-to the beautiful Marie Morine. But short-lived was the happiness of the newlyweds. Stole the beautiful bag of bones. Ivan Tsarevich got his wife from prison. And helped him in this sisters and their husbands: Falcon, eagle and Raven.

• Nikita Kozhemyaka. About how the Kiev hero Nikita defeated the evil snake and the Royal daughter out of trouble saved.

• "a Feather of Finist the Clear Falcon". The tale of how one of three daughters of a merchant asked his father to bring her the feather of Finist Clear Falcon. The merchant fulfilled the order. The feather turned into a beautiful Prince, who, after many misadventures married the youngest daughter of a merchant.

• "By magic". How lazy Emelya caught a magic pike, could all of their desires to celebrate and the king's daughter to marry.

• "the frog Princess". The three princes started on the arrow to find wives. Arrow younger brother, Ivan Tsarevich, fell into the swamp, and he was forced to marry a frog. But she was the enchanted Princess. Many trials was the young couple on th...

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