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Maria brink – a talented singer, member of American metal band In This Moment. Want to get acquainted with her biography and work? We're happy to provide that opportunity.Maria brink

Maria brink biography, family

She was born on 17 December 1977 in the USA. Her hometown is Schenectady (new York). The childhood of our heroine can not be called carefree and happy. As a child, Maria had been sexually abused by father. He soon left the family.

The Education of girls has a mother that was a drug addict. Mary matured early. She learned to cook, wash and clean. In adolescence, our heroine started hanging out with questionable companies. At 15 she gave birth to a son Davion.


Maria brink moved out of the house his mother rented an apartment on the outskirts of the city. The girl took a tiny son. She had a hard time. Our heroine got a job in a Laundry, where she spent 40 hours a week. At this time her little son was sitting an elderly neighbor.

After some time, Mary was forced to take his mother to rehab. The woman went to therapy and swore to his daughter that will never touch drugs. This helped the girl to gain confidence and begin to implement a long-standing dream-to be a singer.

A Creative journey

At 18 years of age, Maria brink formed his own group Pulse. Joined by familiar musicians from Schenectady. Then the band broke up.

In 2002, brink Jr. went to Los Angeles. Almost 6 weeks she wandered on apartments of their friends. And when they gave her their own homes, immediately took their son, who all this time lived with her mother recovered.


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To feed herself and her child, Mary took up any job. She was walking her dogs, was a salesman in a clothing store and as a waitress in a bar. The girl learned how to play keyboards. Free she sang in cafes, dreaming of the big stage.

Soon our heroine with his buddies Chris and Jeff have created a musical band Dying Star. But after two gigs they decided to suspend their activities.Maria brink biography

Since 2007, Maria brink is the lead singer of the metal band In This Moment. When it was recorded 5 albums. Blonde is not only a great performer but a talented lyricist. In each composition she puts his soul and the emotions experienced.

In conclusion

Biography and works of Maria brink was in detail considered by us. We have a bright, confident yourself a young woman with a strong character. We wish her success in her career and the big love!

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