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One of the best works of Russian classical literature, of course, is the novel-epopee L. Tolstoy "War and peace”, in which the author from the first pages highlights the unnaturalness of any conflicts. Contribute to this scene with the description of a peaceful life with family and friends, always ready to understand and to help. But to understand what moral values are most attracted to the writer in people, to help the analysis of the episode ‘the name of the Growth”.

analysis of the episode name-height

The scene in the novel-epic

Almost all 1 part of the first volume of exploring the characters and established in their homes and society in General principles.

After describing the nobility gathered in the cabin Scherer, Tolstoy shows how to celebrate a birthday in the house Rostovs. This family was involved in the work is very important for a writer, the idea of family, as he identified it. And begins the introduction to the Growth and narrative of their fate from the stage in which to gather together family and friends. During the afternoon there is a joyful, friendly atmosphere, emphasizing that the owners welcome all who crossed their threshold. And although the Countess, tired of the visits, throws: "quite Well" her words are not perceived as a reluctance to see visitors. This, to a greater extent, the manifestation of sincerity and simplicity – the main advantages of all family members with the exception of the eldest daughter of Faith. That is the main difference between the Growth of the other "nests of the gentry" represented in the novel.

birthday Natasha Rostova


The House of the count was known throughout Moscow, including hospitality and cordiality that will prove the analysis of the episode ‘the name of the Growth”. On this day the morning began to drive guests to congratulate the mother and daughter. The Countess, a woman of about forty-five, took all in the living room. Beside her sat already a grown-up Faith. The youth, including the birthday girl, thirteen-year-old Natasha, felt this lesson quite boring because you do your more interesting cases.

All who came with friendly smile and warm words – here, by the way, instead of the fashionable French preferred native Russian - met the count. He brought them to his wife, and seeing, inviting each guest is sure to be a festive evening dinner which was arranged according to tradition, even in spite of financial difficulties.


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History with Pierre

A Demonstration can be considered a scene in which one of the guests tells the story of the illegitimate son of count Bezukhov, in drunken revelry the police have adhered to the back of the bear. It caused universal laughter and sincere joy. Especially amused the count, beautifully presented described the entire scene. It is worth noting that Scherer, for example, the guests certainly would have tried to give a moral assessment of such a stupid behavior of Pierre and even to hang him suitable labels.

birthday growth analysis of the episode

Thus, the name of the Growth – analysis of the episode's highlights – talk about simplicity, naturalness, lack of pretense and a sham of hospitality in this family.

Early evening

Count always, even in such a difficult time for them trying to throw all the rules – the money is never treated as the main values in life. Description the women gathered in the living room, and the men went to the office of the owner: they had to admire his wonderful collection of pipes and, of course, discuss the political news, the main of which was the war. Each of the guests expressed their opinions regarding the current political situation, but I do it somehow unobtrusively and without much debate. I emphasize the young Lieutenant Berg, which not coincidentally came on the birthday of Natasha (daughter) and the Countess: it was intended for grooms Faith. Often he preferred to remain silent, watching the scene and assessing the situation. Now Berg has fascinated the audience with a story about what an advantageous position he occupied in the guard and how fast he got promoted. However, he did not notice that the interest is likely to have been caused by a manifestation of ostentation and narcissism, a little taken in like a circle and it is appropriate Anna Pavlovna. It stressed the final phrase of one of the guests, that with this approach to life Berg goes everywhere. But here, everything happened naturally, without pretensions to superiority on the part of any of the guests or the count.

Welcome guest

It was time for lunch, and the men returned to the living room. The hosts all looked at the door that spoke eloquently about one thing: not all the guests arrived. Finally, there was a noise in the living room became, you might say, stumbled, pyatidesyatiletiya Marya Dmitrievna, for lack of which all have not started to celebrate the birthday of Growth. Analysis of the episode, when all of the guests stood up at the appearance of the ladies, emphasizes its importance in this circle. Somewhat rough, but only in Russian, she turned to meet her, the Earl and to his beloved goddaughter – Natasha-"Cossack", making in the course of a couple of comments present here Pierre Bezukhov. But precisely because of this honesty and ease of communication be respected and even somewhat feared in both capitals. Although I must say that if, as the analysis shows, the name of Growth without it, there began, in the cabin, like Scherer, the emergence of Akhrosimova it would be in principle impossible – so much different it is from the high nobility with their “high” manners, arrogance and pretense.

war and peace the Rostovs name-day

Only now, when blue earrings were gifted to the daughter, and the young count Bezukhov told off a guest for the story of the bear, all went to the table.

Description dinner

Analysis of the episode ‘the name of the Growth” shows that at dinner everything went as expected – ie in General was observed taken in the secular society of decency. The women sat at one end of the table, the men on the other. Interesting observation of the author regarding the fact that the master, casting his eyes on who was sitting across from his wife, quietly poured the wine the guests and himself, and the Countess in turn, tried not to let her husband's eyes and noticed how his face and bald head became redder. This detail emphasizes how well the couple know each other over the years of living together.

Livening up men soon began to talk about the war. But this question interested them more due to the fact that we had to send to the front sons. For example, soon had to leave the house Rostovs son, Nicholas. Guests are quite surprised: “what this Bonaparte decided to fight?” Gradually, the conversation involved and the young Nikolai, ready to conquer or die for Russia, and Marya Dmitrievna, noting that all the will of God (she has the most at the front were four sons). Thus, war is here perceived as a terrible event, which was not the way to achieve titles and awards, and the necessity and duty of every patriot.

Courageous prank

The Episode "the name of the Growth” stresses that at the table gathered the whole family, including younger members. They have established a special relationship that felt already an adult Faith looked with irony. Young people were more concerned about mutual likes and Hobbies. So hushed Sonya, a poor relation of Growth, the whole evening was watching the Nicholas, which was soon to leave. Birthday girl Natasha looked at each other with Boris, also ready to go to the front. Sometimes her attention was attracted by their unusual appearance, the large and clumsy Pierre.

episode name-height

And suddenly, when the dispute about the war subsided and the guests on each half of the table started talking about his, there was a clear voice of Natasha. Her appeal to her mother at this point looked daring and contrary to etiquette. Argue with his younger brother, she decided to find out what will be served for dessert. Its a question first of all shocked, but so very brave girls who dared then to enter into a dialogue with Marya Dmitrievna, all pretty fun. And the birthday girl felt like a real character, and the whole evening was in a rapturous condition.

Entertainment after dinner

Birthday Natasha Rostova and her mother continue with a description of a game of cards, which was attended by men and myself Marya Dmitrievna, singing to the accompaniment and, of course, dancing. Natasha made it just one more liberty, inviting strangers to her Pierre. And then she sat with him, and, fanning herself, doing secular conversation, causing the admiration of her godmother: “What?” But the real event was the dance performed by the count and Marya Dmitrievna. So much simplicity, of naturalness, of sincerity was in their coming from the depths of the soul and fun if not always clever, but natural movements that they was impossible not to admire.

birthday party in the house of growth

So Tolstoy emphasizes the truly national character of their favorite characters in the novel "War and peace”.

Birthday Growth: insights

As noted in the first part of the work again...

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