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Dr. strange (Marvel Comics) - superhero possessing great magical power. Last neurosurgeon, he has the title of Archmage of the Land and is the main defender of the planet from various mystical dangers. First appeared in Silver age comics.

Dr. strange (Marvel Comics publisher)

doctor strange marvel comics

The Debut of the character took place in June 1963 in the comic book Strange Tales, issue 110. Then again strange appeared in the comics. And in issue 115 was the history of the origin of the hero.

Strange was created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee. According to the latter, the creation of the character was inspired by the radio program Chandu the Magician, which was published in 30 years.

For the First time, strange appeared outside the comics in the television movie “Doctor strange”, which received negative reviews from critics and was not a success among the fans. Because of this reaction plans create a full series about the hero were not implemented. After this failure, strange occasionally appeared in various animated series based on Marvel comics.


Stephen strange was born to the family of Eugene and Beverly strange in 1930. When the boy was 2 years old, the family was born another child – Donna. And then Stefan appeared, and a younger brother - Victor. Even as a little girl, Donna was seriously injured and his elder brother took care of her. At this time Stefan realized that he wanted to help people, and decided to become a doctor.

doctor strange comics

Dr. strange (Marvel Comics) graduated from medical school in record time (only 5 years) has become a prominent neurosurgeon. This quick success made Stephen very arrogant. When Strange was 30, his mother died, which made the doctor even more insensitive and callous.


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Stefan disgusting talked to the patients and is constantly rude. The exception was the translator of the UN Madeline Revell. Strange saved the girl's life, they began an affair that ended in a proposal to get married. But Madeline refused to Stefan because of his horrible personality.

A few years after the death of his mother from a severe illness dying father Stephen. And the next day after the funeral dying brother Victor. Strange decides to freeze the body of Victor and try to bring him back to life.

Attempt to recover and familiarity with the magic

In 1963, gets into a car accident doctor strange. The comic book depicts a horrible accident in which Stefan seriously damaged their hands. The doctors had done all that was in their power, but finally to restore the limb failed. In the clinic Strangu offered to go to a consultant or assistant, as it could no longer operate. But because of his pride Stefan refused. He goes in search of medication. In his travels he had heard about the Tibetan sorcerer the Oldest, who could restore his hand.

Spending his last money for a ticket to Tibet's Doctor strange. Marvel Comics, however, has been slow to ease the life of his hero. So, the Oldest refuses to heal Stefan and invites him to start learning the magical arts, but a former doctor refuses. But after a failed attack on the Oldest of his pupil Mordo, strange was mesmerized by the strength, which is controlled by the magician. He agrees to learn magic.

doctor strange comics

The Oldest predicted that Stefan would become Sorcerer Supreme. In addition, he was looking for his successor, which place was perfect for strange. Started training, which ended with the test – Stefan had to fight to the Death. Incredible efforts the magician won. His reward was immortality and that the Ankh on his forehead, which appears only in cases when he is in danger.

The Birth of a superhero

In 1970, after training, returns to new York, Doctor Strange (Doctor strange). Heroes “marvel’, as you can see, very often start their superhero career in big cities. Was no exception and Stefan. Returning home, he began working as a consultant on mystical phenomena, is struggling with demonic creatures. In the same period of his life, he first meets a Nightmare – a supervillain who feeds on bad dreams. Strange gradually becomes a very famous magician, and the authorities do not stop to go to him for advice and assistance.

A Very long time kept to himself and stayed away from other superheroes Doctor strange. Comic book describes in detail the moment when Stefan had the first encounter with the world of heroes and villains-Loki tricked the mage to attack Thor. In the end, the villain plan was exposed, and strange, together with an asgardian, defeated the enemy.

The wizard was often allied with other superheroes to defeat the villains. However, standing in the team was preferring to work alone.

strange version in the comics


Doctor strange - comics character endowed with incredible magical powers. The level of power allows him to be called one of the most powerful beings in the universe. But the magic the hero uses only in order to protect the planet from a destructive otherworldly forces. He was called the sorcerer Supreme of the Earth until after the battle with the Hulk will not hurt your hands and not lost the title. Like all light wizards, he draws strength from three main sources:

  • Self power – depends on the innate qualities of a magician. Strange endowed them off. Through this power, he received eternal life, defeating Death. Can move in the astral, to teleport, hypnotize, illusion magic. These abilities can be strengthened through various artifacts, e.g., Eye, Agamotto.
  • Forces of the Universe – doctor strange can control the mystical energy of the universe and to embody it in the following spells: magic lightning, telekinesis, teleportation, transformation of objects into other, shield, invisibility, journey between worlds, a small control molecules.
  • Divine power – Stefan is able to call upon the energy of magical and non-magical creatures, the so-called Principalitas. Because of this, he increases their strength.

Despite the fact that strange is the White mage, he sometimes is forced to resort to dark forces and devastating magic.

doctor strange story publisher marvel comics debut


Dr. strange (Marvel Comics) – this is not only a superhero, but also an outstanding surgeon who has earned recognition in the profession. The main specialization of Stephen – neurosurgery. However, after strange had an accident and damaged his hands, he was unable to continue medical activities. However, he finally left the profession and took on the duties of assistant and mentor young surgeons.

Strange is an expert in the field of magic and occultism. He was trained at the Oldest for 7 years.

Stephen is a master of unarmed combat. He learned this skill from the monks of kamar-Tay. These skills saved Strange life when he couldn't use magic.


To enhance their abilities Doctor strange (Marvel Comics) uses a variety of artifacts.

doctor strange is a marvel comics

Eye, Agamotto – the most powerful of them. This artifact is placed in an amulet the eye of Agamotto. To operate it can only be a good magician. Relic gives you the following opportunities to its owner.

  • Absorption of energy;
  • Detection of lies;
  • Gain telepathy and telekinesis;
  • A look back;
  • Traveling between worlds;
  • Emits light that drives the dark forces;
  • Helps to feel the nearness of magical energy.
  • Shield.

In addition, doctor strange uses the following artifacts:

  • Cloak of Levitation-gives its owner the ability to fly, but also protects the host from various physical damages. To manage the gown by using telepathy, in addition, it is able to change its shape and color.
  • Yellow belt – extended 10 times.
  • Balloon Agamotto – the artifact is stored in the sanctuary Stephen, in a room called the Chamber of Shadows. Relic is a transparent sphere, which is placed in the box, standing on three legs. Strange usually uses this artifact to predict the future. In addition, the balloon can be seen approaching on the Ground a threat or danger to any other world.
  • Rod Walumba – stick, decorated on both sides carved heads of demons. Long ago the artifact was divided into 2 parts, but were later restored Dormammu. The main strength of the rod is that it can accumulate the energy of the universe and transform it.

comics doctor strange Dr. strange


Talks about the weaknesses of the comic book superhero Doctor Strange.

Doctor strange is dependent on its artifacts and spells. If he loses any of his relics, it will weaken. And may even lose their strength. Except...

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