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Kozhinov, Vadim Valerianovich is a well - known Soviet critic and publicist. Want to know more about this art, his life and activities? Read on.

Kozhinov Vadim: biography

Kozhinov Vadim

Future critic was born on 5 July 1930 in Moscow in the family of a regular employee. His father was an engineer and mother a housewife. Kozhinov Vadim from childhood showed his talent. From an early age was fond of literature. And when Vadim went to school, the teacher immediately realized that the guy has literary ability. In 1948 Kozhinov, Vadim Valerianovich received secondary education. The young man decided to enter MSU faculty of Philology.

There Kozhinov studied for six years, and in 1954 he graduated with honors. After that, he enrolled in graduate school. The training took place in the iconic Russian institution - the Institute of world literature of a name of Maxim Gorky. Since 1957 Kozhinov Vadim secured a position in the Department of theory of literature of the Institute. And in 1958 the young man defended his thesis.

Family Kagenovich lived near the girl's Field in wooden house, which was built by the grandfather Vadim. However, shortly before the outbreak of the great Patriotic war Kozhinov got personal apartment, which was located near the Donskoy monastery.

Personal life

Kozhinov, Vadim Valerianovich

Kozhinov Vadim was married twice. The first marriage he had made with Lyudmila Ruskol, which at that time was an ordinary student of Moscow state University. Vadim mother was against the Union, however, the writer neglected her advice. And, as it turned out, in vain. In fact the ship of love Vadim and Lyudmila rather quickly crashed on the rocks of everyday problems. It is for this reason the marriage was terminated. Kozhinov Vadim, despite the setback in his personal life, continued to believe in true love. He soon met the woman who became his companion. With his second wife, literary critic Elena Ermilova (the daughter of the famous literary critic Vladimir Yermilov), Vadim Valerianovich was married for more than forty happy years.


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In the last years of his life Kozhinov Vadim had quite serious health problems. Publicist repeatedly complained to his friend the lion Anninsky on the aging force. In addition, negative health criticism was influenced by a passion for alcohol. Thus, in 2001, kozhinova occurred exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease. In the end, the literary critic has died, if you believe the medical diagnosis from acute gastric bleeding.

Kozhinov, Vadim Valerianovich was buried at Vvedenskoye cemetery. In addition to relatives and close friends on the farewell was attended by a significant part of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora, which Kozhinov maintained friendly relations.

Importance to Russian literature

How to write poems

Kozhinov Vadim had a huge influence on the then literature. In his long career, the writer has acquired relationships with various writers, publishers, critics, literary critics, and other intellectual elite. That is Kozhinov Vadim had a significant weight in the Soviet literature. For example, he could easily arrange for any book edition.

His connections Kozhinov actively used, finding and promoting young talents in great literature. For example, Vadim Valerianovich has had a huge impact on his career and creative path of the writer Ekaterina Markova. In addition, Kozhinov became one of the founders of the publishing house called "Algorithm" which has been producing books on historical and social subjects. It was founded back in 1996 and exists to this day.

We Can say that Kozhinov Vadim left a huge trace in Russian art. This writer took an active part in the literary process, helping the young talents etc. in Addition, attention should be paid to scientific robots kozhinova, who to this day are considered to be the Bible of the poet. About them you can read below.

Vadim Kozhinov: books

Vadim Kozhinov books

For Kozhinov wrote more than 30 books. They were devoted to the theory of literature and modern literary process in Russia. One of the most popular pieces kozhinova - book called "How to write poetry. The laws of poetry". Thanks to her, the author has gained popularity and good reputation in literary circles. In the book "How to write poetry..." he talks about the basics of poetic craft. Kozhinov literally under the microscope considering the lyrical works, highlighting and explaining the main points that should pay attention to each poet. However, this product is not some guide or tutorial. The book conducts a dialogue with the reader about poetry and talks about "how to write", and "how to feel the poetry".

Vadim Kozhinov published scientific works of a historical nature. The greatest response in the academic community has produced articles about the black hundreds, the repression of 1937, the year and the role of Jewish communities in the history of the USSR. These publications have generated a number of responses critical of the character.

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