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Today we talk about the movie “Ark”. Actors and roles are presented next. Director - Alexander Kott. The script to create a Marina Mareeva. Camera work - Peter dukhovskoy. The composer was V. Agafonov. Produced by Sergey Sendyk. The picture belongs to the drama genre and created by the company “the Pyramid”.


ark film actors

Describe the plot of the film “Ark” (2017). The actors are presented in the following sections. In a seaside town with his family Nikolai lives. He is famous in the whole district, so people come to him if something happens. It acts as a reliable protector and the Supreme judge. For this character called Noah, the name of the ark received his hotel. Anna - his wife and a loyal friend of this man. She shares his view of the world, tries to help Nicholas. Once Noah found out about what has grandson. He met with the boy's mother, Nino, however, this is not related.

Basic members

Nikolai Zakharovich and his wife, Anna – the main characters of the film “Ark”. Actors Alexander Baluev and Vladimir Glagolev has embodied these images.

Aleksandr Baluev was trained in the Studio of the Moscow art theatre, in the workshop of Pavel Massalsky and M. Tarkhanov. Joined the Soviet Army Theatre. Currently, Alexander can be seen only in antrepriznyh performances. First, however, he has also worked in the Moscow theater Yermolova.

Vera Glagoleva - the national actress of the Russian Federation. In her youth, she practiced archery, played in the Junior team of the capital, became the master of sports. Faith auditioned for the main role in the film “edge”. It approved. Subsequently, the tape was awarded a prize at the film festival, held in Ljubljana.


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Barshak and Spitz

ark film actors and roles

Michael and Nino remembered by the audience of the film “Ark”. Actors Pavel Barshak and Katherine Spitz moved these characters to the screen.

Pavel Barshak was born in Moscow. Was a student of RATI, he studied at the directing faculty. Paul joined the Moscow theater "Peter Fomenko's Workshop”. In the film “Walk” he inherited one of the main roles. The film was awarded many awards. The successful work is the role of Dani, a Comedy called “Night the seller”.

Katherine Spitz trained at the Perm Institute of culture. She chose the faculty of arts. Katerina played on the stage of the Perm theatre's New drama M. A. Oleneva. Changed the place of creative activities. Joined the state Musical theatre of national art of Vladimir Nazarov.

Other characters

Actors of the movie “Ark” Mikhail Gorevoy and Anna Tsukanova-Cott was played by Paul and Olga.

Mikhail Gorevoy was trained in the Studio of the Moscow art theatre, in the course of Bogomolov. Started career in theater “Contemporaries – 2”. Taught the Stanislavsky system. After returning home organized by “the Factory theatre events”. Vlad Popov played in the bond movie “Die another day”.

Anna Tsukanova-Cott in 7 years became a student of the Moscow theatre school No. 123. Anna made her film debut, performing a cameo role in the graduation film of Director Alexander Kotta. Starred in 17 subjects of the journal “pie”. Anna played the first big role in the series directed by Vladimir Basov - «Clean». Played in the musical "northeast" in the nursery company.

Actors of the movie “Ark” Yuri Fedorov and Nina Stanislavsky appeared in the story as a buyer and administrator of the Bank.

ark 2017 film actors

Yuri Fedorov was born in Simferopol. Awarded the title of Honored artist of Ukraine. Yuri was trained at the Voronezh Institute of arts and the Moscow theatrical school of Schukin. Began performing on the stage of the Tula drama theatre of bitter. Changed the place of creative activities. Joined Bryansk drama theatre.

Nina stanislawska was born in Kerch. She was trained in the Studio at CARD bitter.

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