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This film is able to impress even the most sophisticated audience. American drama was filmed in 2008. This film "Seven lives". Actors and the roles played by them are described in this article.


The Film "Seven lives" tells the story of a talented engineer Tim Thomas. By a twist of fate he gets in a terrible accident, which killed seven innocent people. Including his girlfriend Sarah. Tim is the cause of the incident: distracted from the road for a couple of seconds, he wanted to send a TEXT message, which eventually turned into a tragedy. The main character could not forgive himself, his life gradually turns into a hell. Not a day goes by that Tim did not think about the accident. That's why he decides to save seven other lives. Tim throws a promising job and begins to gather information about the people who want to help. But all the plans fall apart when Tim starts to like the girl he must rescue.

"Seven lives". Actors

The Team involved in making the film

  • Director: Gabriele Muccino.
  • Script: the Grant Niport.
  • Production work: Todd black, Jason Blumenthal, James Lassiter, will Smith, Steve Tisch, and others.
  • Artists: j. Michael Riva, David F. Klassen, Sharen Davis, Leslie A. Pope.
  • Music: Angelo Milli.
  • Editor: Hughes, Winborn.
  • Operator: Philippe Le Surdo.

Will Smith

In a large number of famous films played by will Smith, "Seven lives” – is one of them. Guy's acting career began in 1990, when he performed the title role in the famous TV series. After his graduation career will began to decline, but it regained popularity thanks to the filming of the movie “Bad boys”. Since then, the actor became known to the General public. Participated in voicing cartoons, starred in some movies with his son. In the movie “Seven Gina” will Smith played the role of Tim Thomas. Currently continues to occupy the position of one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.


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will Smith. "Seven lives"

Rosario Dawson

In the movie "Seven Lives" Rosario Dawson played the role of Emily, the girl falls for the main character. The actress was born in new York. The love of acting began to experience in childhood. Her first performance on television was a children's program "sesame Street”. When the actress was about 15 years old, her noted professional photographer Larry Clark and renowned producer harmony Korin. Thanks to him, she began to star in the film “Children”. And so began her acting career. Rosario starred in low-budget movies and TV shows and famous blockbusters.

"Seven lives". Rosario Dawson

Woody Harrelson

In the movie "Seven lives" of the actors matched perfectly. Talented woody Harrelson played Ezra Turner, the first candidate for help, a blind meat seller. The actor was born in Texas, but circumstances have forced his family to move to Ohio. Was interested in theater in College, after graduation he received the degree. Became famous after the role of woody Boyd in a Comedy television series “Cheers”. Appeared in several famous films: “the Old men”, “Welcome to Zombieland”, “Hunger games” and “me”.

Movie "Seven lives"


In the film, played the brother of the protagonist, Tim, to whom he donated a portion of their lung. Born in Maryland, first time not even thought about becoming an actor, all that interested in the teenager – football and basketball. After watching the film “o” with Denzel Washington, the guy is seriously thinking about a career. After graduating from College, purchased a home and engaged in the fulfillment of their dreams. Michael attended acting classes and went to the all important listening. In 1999 he found a place in a theatrical setting, and in 2001, the actor began to star in a big movie. Behind him – shooting in comedies, action films and television series.

Barry pepper

Born in 1970 in Canada. Almost his entire youth was traveling with family. In College he realized that his calling-to play the movie. Studied acting at the Studio theatre. In the film appears as a friend of the main character named Dan. Gained popularity because of the role of the devout sniper in tape “Saving private Ryan” and a prison guard in the drama "the Green mile”. Played a journalist, a baseball player, doing voice acting in video games and even several times appeared in the music video. The actor received «Golden raspberry” for the worst role of a secondary plan in the film “battlefield Earth".

Madison Pettis

The Aspiring actress. Played the daughter of a woman who helps Tim escape from her husband. Known for his roles in such television series as “Hannah Montana” and “Life with boys", as well as in the films “Girl from Beverly hills” and “Game Plan”. Currently, Madison Pettis lives in Los Angeles and starred in several situation comedies. In his younger years, the girl is a popular actress.

Madison Pettis

Interesting facts

  • To Grant the Niport, the screenwriter of the film, the film is the first work in the cinema. Prior to that he worked only with the series.
  • In the film "Seven lives" actors Rosario Dawson and will Smith meet for the second time. They had worked on the painting “Men in black 2”.
  • The Original name of the painting translates to English as "Seven pounds". This is a reference to the famous Shakespeare play. The story tells of a major transaction of the merchant and the moneylender, the debt which was paid by the flesh.
  • Film "Seven lives" is the second collaboration of Gabriel Muccino and will Smith. Before that, they met on the set of drama “pursuit of happiness”.
  • Michael and who plays Ben, was selected for the role by will Smith.

In the film "Seven lives" of the actors implemented the idea of the Director, is amazing playing their roles. It is impossible to stay indifferent while watching this film.


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