How to draw a dandelion. Sequential drawings with annotations


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Dandelion – a beautiful wild flower that can be seen not only in rural but also in urban yards and parks. Designers even deliberately sow the seeds of dandelions on the cottage lawns to create an image of the natural meadow landscape.

Dandelion is widely used in folk medicine for the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines. The leaves and stems of the flower are used in cosmetics. In national kitchens of some people you can even find recipes for salads, jam from dandelions.

A Detailed description of the dandelion as the Botanical of its useful properties can be found in any drug directory.

how to draw a dandelion

We are interested in the question of how to draw a dandelion.

How to teach children to draw this cute flower? This question is asked and kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers. Given sequential drawings with detailed explanations serve as an effective visual aid and talk about how to draw a dandelion with a pencil and paints.

Any pattern begins with the layout. Total draw light lines where you place the flower. Usually the image fits in the middle of the sheet. Then, using a picture of a dandelion, showing the gradual process of the drawing, just follow our instructions.

We show how to draw a dandelion may, blooming a bright yellow color. Therefore, great attention is paid to the petals.

description of dandelion

First, draw the head of a flower. It should be drawn with a compass, as in this illustration, diagram, and by hand. Mark the line of the stem extending from the flower heads and determine where you will place the leaves.


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picture of a dandelion

Now start drawing the petals. They grow from the center. It is important to distribute the petals so that you can see the movement. They are a little thinner at the base and slightly expands to the upper end.

make the head of the fluffy flower

Make the head of the flower “fluffy”. The edges draw additional petals, the tips of which were hidden under the petals painted before. So the flower head takes on the volume.

Now draw sheets

Now, draw the leaves. First run extending along the thin lines, and then detail them: add curves, draw the tips, make the veins.

picture ready. Paint it in two colors

The drawing is ready. Coloring it in two colors: yellow head and a stem and leaves make green. You can use colored pencils, watercolor or gouache.

How to draw a dandelion easy with a pencil? In this case, it looks impressive, the picture faded dandelion, when a light breeze its seeds are carried in small clusters-parachutes. Before you start to draw, subtly sharpen the pencil so the line was light, flying like dandelion fluff.

looks Impressive, the picture faded dandelion

As in the previous case, we draw the basket in the form of a circle. But instead of petals depicted achenes (more accurate name for the seeds of this flower). We draw a thin thread-stalks, and then pririsovyvat the so-called Pappus.

Draw a few separate flying umbrellas–the achenes. The drawing is ready.

Picture of a dandelion

To draw a dandelion on a neutral background, against the blue sky, mountains, blooming spring lawn.

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