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The World of musical art includes several dozen names of true geniuses. Their talent and contribution to the development of art forever left a mark in history and gave the world many musical masterpieces, which are now called classics. Rightful place among great musicians is the Austrian violinist and composer Fritz Kreisler. He was not only famous virtuoso violinist, but also the creation of stunning works, which are now peregrevaetsya contemporaries and included in the Golden collection of masterpieces of classical music.

Fritz Kreisler


Fritz Kreisler was born in 1875 in Vienna. His father worked as a doctor and in a circle of friends was known as a passionate music lover. Perhaps this addiction was the cause of the future choices of his son.

Four years Kreisler Fritz studied the violin and quite rapidly succeeded in it. Thanks to the brilliant abilities and contrary to the rules in seven years, the young violinist was accepted at the Vienna Conservatory. It was there that he made his first appearance in public. Among his teachers was the eminent composer and organist of that time, Anton Bruckner and renowned violinist and conductor Joseph Hellmesberger. After three years Fritz with a gold medal graduated from the Conservatory, and as a reward received a violin made by the famous Italian master Amati – the teacher of the great Antonio Stradivari.

In 1885 the young violinist entered the Paris Conservatoire. There he honed his musical skills at the lessons Joseph MASSAR and Leo Delibes. Upon reaching age 12, he passed the final examinations, received the Grand Prix and decided to start an independent music career.


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Antonio Stradivari


In 1889 Kreisler Fritz is sent to a joint concert tour in the United States with pianist Moritz Rosenthal. But expectations about the enthusiastic reception was rushed. The American public reacted with restraint to the creativity of a young violinist. Later, in 1900, Fritz made another attempt to tour across the States. This time he received a warm welcome and even received offers of cooperation, but to move overseas violinist no hurry. The European audience was more native and responsive.


In 1893 and 1896 years of Fritz Kreisler toured Russia. Along with him he performed Sergei Rachmaninoff. In 1899 he was the soloist in the Berlin Symphony orchestra under the baton of famous conductor Arthur Nikisch. A real triumph of Fritz received at the London concerts in 1904, he was awarded the gold medal of the London Philharmonic society. And outstanding British composer Edward Elgar dedicated to Kreisler violin Concerto, which was repeated in 1910 by Fritz.

Austrian violinist, despite the divergent responses and criticism, still remains popular and in demand until late age, yet because of blindness and deafness he did not have to finish his musical career.

love pangs


Fritz Kreisler is one of the leading violinists of the first half of the last century. He had a special playing style in which he combined technical perfection, and elegance of sound and lively rhythm, and phrasing. Of course, some technical "maneuvers" he took over from fellow predecessors, putting them in the warmth of his own soul and virtuosity. For example, the reception vibrato (alternating change of pitch, timbre or volume), borrowed from the Polish composer Henryk Wieniawski, was one of the distinguishing features of his work.

In Addition to genius violinist, Kreisler was a talented composer. It is deservedly considered masterpieces of operetta “sissy” and “Apple blossoms" of the string Quartet and works for violin, or cadence, for his concerts of Beethoven, Brahms and the Sonata Tartini «Devil's trill".

No less charming and virtuoso are the waltz "Pangs of love", "the Chinese tambourine", "Joy of love" and "Wonderful rosemary". They still echo today in the interpretation of his contemporaries, and the audience always welcomes them with a standing ovation. Special sympathy from the audience causes the play "Little Vienna March”.

works for violin


The Famous Kreisler Fritz and as a musician-hoaxer. In the years 1905-1910, he published “Classical manuscripts”. It was pieces for violin, piano, which the composer presented as compositions by Couperin, Pugnani, Francœur and Boccherini – composers of 17-18 centuries. Critics in their ignorance, have repeatedly noted the great style of these treatments, strict adherence to the texts of the originals. And only in 1935 Fritz himself admitted that all these pieces are his own compositions, not musical imitations of predecessors.

However, there was another side to such hoaxes. So, works “agony of love” and “Joy of love” at the time, Kreisler gave the styling of the old waltzes. They have been subjected to withering criticism, opposed to the transcriptions as samples of real music. But prinevskoe self-disclosure has shocked skeptics and detractors.


Fritz Kreisler was a small collection of antique violins created by the outstanding masters of the violin (for example, Antonio Stradivari, Carlo Bergonzi). Later, these tools began to wear the name of the owner – the great Kreisler.

Collection of violins came in handy for the Fritz, not only in numerous presentations and creative pursuits. The case when for repayment of tax arrears in the US violinist had to give a gift of a Guarneri (Del gesù) from the Library of Congress. In his later years Fritz has sold his entire collection of Antiques, leaving only the violin of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.

little Vienna March

Interesting facts

  • In 1896, tried out for the orchestra of the Vienna court Opera, but not passed the competition: it prevented the weakness of reading of the sheet.
  • When the First world war, Kreisler was called to the front, he was wounded and was demobilized. Due to insecurity the Fiddler was forced to leave the United States. But after 10 years of longing for his native Europe forced him to return. He lived first in Berlin, then moved to France.
  • In 1938, due to gains Nazi sentiments Kreisler, Fritz had to leave for the States and accept American citizenship. In 1941, Austrian violinist, was hit by a truck, but he quickly recovered after a disaster. Later, however, the trauma reasserted themselves and forced to leave his musical career.
  • Genius of the violin-Fritz Kreisler – possessed a lively cheerful disposition. One day he visited an antique shop to boast of his violin, and offer to buy her. In response, the owner called the police and reported that a stranger illegally was a tool “the great Kreisler”. To prove his identity and innocence, a virtuoso violinist had to play the violin.

Austrian violinist


Fritz Kreisler died in new York at the age of 86 years. He was afraid that it will soon be forgotten, and the fame of his works would crumble and sink into Oblivion. However, like most geniuses, the talent of the virtuoso violinist and composer, critics appreciated much later. And today he deservedly takes pride of place in the list of musical geniuses, whose performances and works are samples of the Immortals of classical music.


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