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Shukshin, Vasily Makarovich - known Soviet writer, screenwriter, Director and actor. His literary work, the writer built on the opposition of rural and urban lifestyles. One of the clearest examples of creativity of Shukshin is a small Shukshin's story "Wolves". Brief summary it will be presented in the article.

Biography of Vasiliy Makarovich Shukshin (1929-1974).

Vasily Makarovich was born in 1929 in a peasant family in the Altai province. Shukshin, Sr., was executed in the period of collectivization, the future writer at the time was barely 5 years.

Vasily Shukshin wolves summary

At the age of 17, Vasily Makarovich went to get a job in the farm. The following 8 years, the author regularly changes location and occupation, he was promoted from mechanic at turbine and tractor factories to the teachers of the Russian language in the school of his native village.

In 1954, persuaded the mother to sell their only cow, the money Shukshin went to Moscow and entered the directing Department of VGIK. Two years later, Vasily Makarovich gets his first cameo role in the film "the Quiet don", and after 2 years will be published his first story "Two on a cart". Knowledge of Russian character and life experience of the author can be felt by reading even a brief summary of the "wolves" of V. M. Shukshin

History of the story "Wolves"

The Story "the Wolves" was written in 1967 and became one of the landmark works of the literary art of Vasiliy Makarovich. Summary the "Wolves" of V. M. Shukshin can not convey the humor and the depth of the narrative inherent in all works of the writer. Despite its brevity, simplicity, and simplicity, all the works of Shukshin instructive and deeply moral.


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Vasily Makarovich had high hopes for one of his first works, where he acted as a screenwriter. We are talking about a historical film about Rasputin. In 1967, a project which the author worked for over two years was rejected. Maybe this event influenced the name and total emotional plane of the story "Wolves".

Short contents of the story "Wolves" of V. M. Shukshin

Read the full works takes less than 10 minutes. Summary the "wolves" of Vasily Shukshin comparable in size to the original text, but definitely loses in expressiveness and imagery of the narrative. The writer is an acknowledged master of the short story.

The Events of a work occur in the unnamed village. Naum, another youngish cunning man, and his son Ivan - the protagonists of the story. Father-in-law and brother-in-law dislike each other, as described in the first paragraph of the text. Naum thinks Ivan is too lazy, son-in-law do not like living in a village and always accused him of laziness-in-law.

summary wolves Shukshin

The Men agreed to go to the forest for firewood, each in their own cart. In the way, they meet a pack of wolves. Naum immediately turns around and puts the horse into a gallop, continually shouting "Graby-ing!" At first Ivan is funny, he seems stupid and fear of father-in-law, and his inappropriate exclamation. But then, when the pack led by the leader catches the sledge, and Ivan had never seen the beast in person, realizes that the wolf is not an outside dog, his laughter disappearing.

A hero is nothing but beach for horse hay and sleigh rides. Naum, do not even think to slow down and to help her husband daughter, even axe has agreed to transfer immediately, and he threw to the curb. Ivan gets off of the sled, and the wolves catching up, and lift up his horse.

Vasily Shukshin wolves summary

The Pack does not touch the man, but he is angry and resentful. Ivan berates the father for cowardice, promises to beat for meanness, but to catch up with Naum not. The finale of the story, funny and tragic at the same time. Upon returning to the village Ivan find his wife and Nahum in the company of a policeman. Father-in-law blames son-in-law in drunkenness and lack of love for power, Ivan the lead in "rural jail" "from sin", although the police officer acknowledged that Naum and he doesn't like.

The moral of the story "Wolves"

Describing two of the chase - wolves for Ivan have Ivan for Nahum, the writer very subtly showed the reader how a man turn into a beast. Revenge, anger and obvious resentment do not paint it the same as pettiness, cowardice, meanness and quarrelsomeness.

summary wolves Shukshin

If before the death of the horse all the sympathies of the reader on the side of lazy, but the simple Ivan, after his threats to the test reader comes to the conclusion that they are "two of a kind". The policeman in the final shows more sympathy to Ivan, than to his own father-in-law.

Brief contents of the "Wolves" of V. M. Shukshin is not able to convey the caution and delicacy with which the author comes to the description of the moral side of the conflict.

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