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The Image of Onegin… How many times was taken and will be taken for his lighting is completely different. Probably not even hundreds of thousands (given the curriculum and specialist areas of higher education). Most likely, millions of times Russians and citizens abroad has tried to write about it. This iconic image not only enchants with its artistry and aesthetics; he at the time really inspired the intelligentsia of the early nineteenth century to bring Russia out of the impasse of social development to the high road of social and industrial progress.image Onegin


The site “Eugene Onegin” in the works of Pushkin

I Recall the words of Alexander Pushkin: “I am a monument erected without hands…” His seven years ' work on the novel in verse, “Eugene Onegin” the classic is considered a feat. It was a completely honest opinion “poet, the first Russian Parnas” the surrounding Russian society, including the upper light. He wrote about his generation, and this gave him strength… for the First time a domestic writer went up to Calvary realism and tried honestly and artistically represent that worried at the time the most advanced people of Russia. It was his favorite creation. It specially download the film up the specific "Onegin" verse – 14 lines of iambic tetrameter with the rhyming according to the formula CCddEffEgg.

Objectivity in showing the nobility of the beginning of XIX century

Alexander, following the principles of realism, honestly and openly showed that social stratum of nobles, in fact – managing Russian power ceased to be the driving force of progress. The nobility of the last century - people, Catherine formed in the era in which it was viewed and the hot blood, and the determination to make for the Fatherland actions and deeds - degenerated. Sunk into Oblivion the glorious victories and the approval of the Golden glory of Russia of the XVIII century. Service in the officer rank was not seduced by the nobility. Representatives of the upper light drew a race for ranks and awards. They enthusiastically engaged in various intrigues, machinations. Often the nobles put personal well-being and his private life above the interests of society. In addition, they were the main political force with an interest in preserving serfdom. After all, the right to rule the destinies of millions of people was the basis of their influence in the state.


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Passivity Onegin – a product of the elitist education

image of Onegin in the novelEugene Onegin is the representative of another, nesluzhilogo generation of the nobility of the early nineteenth century. Onegin – in the past the officer, but he became disillusioned and quit (according to Pushkin, he got bored with "warfare, and swords, and lead"). Serving the Fatherland as the idea of creation is similar to the monarch society, the gold typical for the XVIII century, a hundred years later ceased to be relevant for the nobles. Although these were the most educated people at the time.

It just helps to understand readers of the novel is extremely honest Onegin

An Obvious attempt by Pushkin, this amazing master of words, creating the image of Eugene, to capture, to convey to the readers the typical features of a contemporary controversial of the educated youth of Russia, which rage power, sparking the thought that, in the end, has some capital and connections, it is sufficient to implement something progressive and necessary. However, it is passive. He took on the role of an intelligent observer of life and not a participant. He reminds me of a marble boy tales of Andersen “little Mermaid”. His charm, beauty, intelligence – the cold. Perhaps that is why the image of Onegin's tragic…

Where could apply force Eugene?

This man, with his economic knowledge, on the basis of the historical situation really was where to apply force. Russia's economy lagged behind. There were no railroads. Capitalist enterprises were in their infancy. Serfdom fettered the human resource of the vast country. However, it is inactive and, surprisingly, society does not encourage, does not make it (man of excellence) to the solution of these important tasks. Russian society – amorphous, it is subject to the influence of the upper light. Noble youth, educated European (or Pro-French), originally completely socially disoriented! How deeply sucked her artificial, ephemeral, detached from Russian reality of the higher world of light!

Gendarme suppressing the Decembrist movement

And the upper light on a major account, subordinated to the personal selfish interests of some specific people. As we have seen – the circle is closed. A real “trick – 22”! Not this was the impetus for the creation of the Decembrist movement? In response to the excitement of progressive thought Emperor Nicholas I, then Alexander I (the latter, at least) chose a plan for the construction of the police power, the plan alien to the interests of the Russians. A victim of this type of state was and exiled to southern exile Pushkin. “Eugene Onegin”, a novel in verse, began to be created in South exile of the poet, through friends, his stay in Siberia for “outrageous verses that flooded Russia” at the last moment replaced, commute the sentence.

Roman Pushkin – a harbinger of change

Remember, what words begins the famouswritten by Professor Tolkien's novel trilogy. It starts off exciting with the thought that all over the world felt the change in all its elements, that these changes – the closest that they're coming.images in the novel Eugene Onegin

It seems to Us that this felt a century earlier and Alexander, on the eve of the creation of their greatest works. A means to Express and give to feel the forty of Russia the need for reform was the image of Onegin, the novel in verse, the iconic art and the realistic composition of Russia of the early XIX century.

Pushkin's novel was a powerful intellectual attack on obsolete serfdom.

“Eugene Onegin” is a work of folk

There is another aspect in Pushkin's poetry. Recall that the Alexander “Eugene Onegin” has been a favourite piece of music. The poet, following the adventures of his protagonist, creates a very broad picture of the Russian state. In the book we meet characters and high society, and the local nobility, and the peasantry. In addition to the actual display of all sections of society, Alexander demonstrates the tastes, the fashion of the time, trends of social thought. image of Onegin in Pushkin's novelThat is why Peter Pletnev, a friend of the poet, called the affair “pocket mirror” and Vissarion Belinsky – a work in the highest degree folk. This is despite the fact that the image of Onegin in the novel is largely tied to higher light. On the one hand, he despises it, ignoring its conventions, very clearly showing the reader that people are “out” are neither deep knowledge nor selfless work for the Fatherland. On the other hand, he can't move away from him enough to completely disregard its opinions and assessments. Alexander wrote about his hero, the fashionable ‘melancholy … ran for him… as a faithful wife”.

Onegin becomes a local nobleman

We meet with Eugene in the beginning of the novel when he, a poor nobleman, in the winter of 1819, all of a sudden becomes the heir of the deceased landlord, attributable to his uncle. The image of Onegin in Pushkin, educated tutor, a Frenchman, indifferent to what the poet himself loved the Russian language, Russian nature, folk culture, folklore. He perfectly speaks French, knows how to talk kindly, owns ‘science of the tender passion". Alexander picturesquely tells about visiting Onegin theatres and restaurants.

Pushkin OneginTo the inheritance he led a normal youth of his circle life, wasting it on the salons, the balls, receptions, theaters. However, he sickened of salon manners. He started to avoid the prompts.

The Image of Onegin in Pushkin's novel – a type of the educated gentleman that is aware clevernet serfdom. It is distinguished by cold logical mind and nobility of soul. Characteristically, entered into the possession of the estate, he replaced the heavy for the peasants serfdom ‘light dues”. However, an active owner of the farm, he never became. As a typical representative of the ruling class, he does not feel the slightest need for any work useful to society. Trying to do literary work, he soon lost interest in the hobby, as sarcastically wrote Pushkin. Onegin, becoming the local nobleman, remained a fashionable person. All previous education is not instilled in Eugene adapting to any activity. For him, the entire way of life of people creating public goods, foreign interest and willingness to participate actively. This remarkable, deep mind person, like a Greek hero Antaeus, devoid of communication with the native land, looks powerless and useless, not having any goal in life.

Love tester

It was during the period of stay in the village Eugene is his character. On the one hand, he avoids companies empty and limited surrounding landowners. On the other, as the analysis shows "Onegin", it does not stand the test of love.analysis Onegin

The Internal inconsistency of the main character of the novel most clearly displayed in his relationship with Tatiana Larina. Tatiana – the favorite character for most of Alexander Sergeyevich among all ever created. She, brought up on the novels, saw Eugene “same” type of romantic hero, and truly fell in love with him. Her written confessions, written in the summer of 1820 – a masterpiece of literary expressions of human feelings.

Admittedly, the female characters in the novel, “Eugene Onegin”, and in particular Tatyana Larina, much more natural than the protagonist of the novel, divorced from real people's reality, hovering in his thoughts. She, unlike the main character, has such a personality trait as proximity to people's perception of the world, sincerity. The hustle and bustle of light she calls “rags masquerade”. Vissarion Belinsky called the show “Russian” in the image of Tatiana (which is completely absent in the Eugenia) – a feat.

Indeed, Pushkin's Tatiana in the art, the people and members of the nobility rather contrasted, but not associated in the principle.

The Test of friendship

Eugene OneginLiterary hero Onegin is different “soul direct nobility”. Writes about him Pushkin, Eugene – “good guy” and his personal friend. Moreover, in one of his own depicted illustrations to the novel he shows himself near Onegin at the railing Nevsky bridge. Eugene binds the soul to the friends. An example can be found in his friendship with Vladimir Lensky, enthusiastic eighteen year old poet. He received education in Germany, imbued with the spirit of romanticism there. Being a poet, he is energetic, enthusiastic Boyko writes poetry. However, the analysis of “Eugene Onegin” shows that this friendship stems under the laws of the higher light. In addition to joint pleasant pastime at balls and away and friendly advice to each other, a friendship implied a huge ego of each of the young people. It was well made and the nurturing of mutual resentment, and the opportunity to take revenge on another for some minor and temporary inconvenience.

Completely stupid from the point of view of elementary common sense is the story of the duel between Onegin and Lensky 14 Jan 1821, ended tragically for the latter. Following the concepts of light, fear of being branded a coward, don't cancel the duel with cold sharp mind Eugene Onegin. The characters of the novel, of course, could settle their relations without resorting to arms. The manners of the upper light imposed on them from the outside, depressed and inadequate pattern of behavior.

Eugene Onegin after the duel

In the Winter of 1821, Onegin goes on a journey. It was opened the duelists – to go, to then, upon arrival, the gossip died down. And Tatiana at the same time getting married. Onegin in 1823/1824 lives in Odessa (chronology coincides with the presence there of the senses). And in the winter 1824/1825 years, he returned to St. Petersburg.

Here he meets Tatiana. He is already sincere. The ice of his heart melted. Eugene confesses love… However, Tatiana is another… the mother of the family, her husband's wife, a homemaker. Beyond the movements of her soul she feels a personal responsibility for the preservation of his family.

Pushkin… Onegin… Tatiana… What a wonderful picture of the feelings portrayed by the great master of the word!

The symbolic meaning of the image

Beginning with Pushkin's Eugene Onegin in Russian literature the tradition to portray “heroes of the time”. Classics, beginning with Alexander Pushkin, began to wonder about who he is – typical for this time of the person that determines the progress of society. After for Pushkin a hero to the public appeared Lermontov Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin. Comparative characteristics of Onegin and Pechorin shows that both of them – the nobles, their skepticism, unbelief in many ways - the fruits of the gendarmerie internal policy of Russia after the events of December 14, the policy of distrust of the people. The essence of both of these individuals – a protest against the surrounding reality, the desire to find and fulfill themselves.


comparison OneginThe Image of Onegin – a milestone for Pushkin's creative work. His richness and artistry admired and admire. It – not a gray person, he is a character texture. It is distinguished by a deep intellect, the ability to analyze and identify the real motives and levers of the process. He understands people. Various images in the novel "Eugene Onegin" seemed to attract the magnetism of the main character of the novel.

It has autobiographical traits. But the poet is not fully associating himself with Onegin. He does not idealize Eugene, pointing to the fact disadvantages. He calls his friend. Himself Alexander associates with “the voice of the author”.

A novel by Pushkin, as is known, ends on an unfinished action. Therefore, every reader has the right to invent – can Eugene find themselves, or will live the life – aimless.

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