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March 23, 2017 ended the series "Naruto", so why not take stock of this famous anime epic that was broadcast for 15 years? Someone grew up on this show and someone is “excited” watched all the seasons in a row. But here's the paradox: on the question of how many episodes in "Naruto" about 60 % of the audience can't give a definite answer. “Lot” or “Around 500" are common answers. So please give this matter some attention.

Basic information about the release of the first season

The Anime series "Naruto" was released on Japanese TV in 2002 and 3 October. The first 135 episodes of the anime exactly like the original manga. Then the screens start to appear the fillers. They really lived up to audience expectations, but despite this, work on the project has not stopped. The release of the first season ended in 2007. So, how many episodes in season 1 "Naruto"? For the beginning of the structure, then calculate.

how many episodes in naruto

Anime Series "Naruto"

The First 26 episodes introduce the viewer to the main characters and the world of the shinobi. Graduates of the school are divided into teams with a mentor in the Chapter and perform various tasks. After performing the important mission of the three main characters (Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura) their mentors put forward for participation in the Chuunin exam (competition to increase the rank of the shinobi).

The Second block 26 describes how is the exam, and tells of the attack of the international criminal Orochimaru on a team of main characters.

In the next 26 episodes, the viewer learns that the village is attacked by shinobi of the Sand and Sound. The third Hokage is fighting Orochimaru, under the “cover” Naruto meets Jira – the legendary sannino.


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Fourth 26-episode block tells of the events that occur after the battle in the village. The enemies retreated, but the Third Hokage killed. His place offered to take Girae, he refuses and together with Naruto goes in search of another candidate – Tsunade.

On 26 series characters anime "Naruto" appear before the audience a whole other side. Sasuke realizes that he is not as strong as he would like, and runs away from the village, becoming a disciple of Orochimaru. To get him back, assembled a special group.

The Sixth block 26 says that the mission failed. Sasuke went to Orochimaru, and Naruto becomes a student Jirai. Further, all series are fillers, their total number is 63. The last episode of season refers to the main storyline, it shows how Naruto, along with Jira leave the village.

Now let's answer the question, how many episodes in season 1 "Naruto". Six blocks of 26 episodes, 63 of the filler and the final episode in the sum will provide 220 series.

how many episodes in season 1 of naruto

Second season

The First episode of the second season was released on February 15, 2007. The series was broadcast on Japanese TV every Thursday at 19:30. "Naruto: shippuuden” - that the original title of the second season. To answer the question, how many episodes in "Naruto" you need to take into account this information.

The Second season can be divided into 26 blocks (arches). The number of series in them not so straightforward as in the first. It is also worth noting that along with the plot episodes left 197 14 of the fillers and flashbacks. Fillers start to appear after the 51st series of the season and some blocks consist exclusively of them.

naruto anime characters

Anime Series "Naruto: shippuuden”

For those who have not watched the second season or not yet inspected, we will not reveal full information. Will tell only in General terms about the main events of the series.

It's been 3 years since Sasuke left the village and Naruto went along with Jira. In the world of shinobi active criminal organization akatsuki, whose members are trying to catch all the Jinchuuriki (shinobi, in which are sealed the tailed demons, Naruto is one of them). In the fight against these criminals hurt and killed a lot of heroes. But as it turned out, the organization was only a “figurehead”. The real culprit turned out to be a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf village, who lived a few decades ago. Its main objective is to plunge the entire world into an eternal illusion. Shinobi from different countries unite and go to war.

Overall it was a 289 series main plot. And speaking of that, how many episodes in "Naruto", the result will be: 220 episodes of the first season, 14 of flashbacks, fillers, 197 and 289 episodes of the main story come to a total of 720 episodes of the famous anime series.

anime series naruto

Additional information

Thus, over the long 15 years of screening out of 720 episodes, based on the original, eponymous manga "Naruto" of Masashi Kishimoto. But that's not all. In the breaks between series Directors engaged in the production of feature films and OVA.

For the time out 8 of the original anime series (ovashek):

  • "the Search for four-leaf clovers."
  • "Fight in the village of Hidden Waterfall."
  • The"Konoha Sports festival".
  • "the Big fight: Gunina against geninv".
  • "Cross roads".
  • "the Genie and three wishes".
  • "the Friendship of Naruto and Sasuke".
  • "Naruto vs Konokhomaru".

In Addition to the OVA, was released 11 films. It is worth noting the special popularity of the latest film “Naruto: Boruto”, which was released on 7 August 2015. It tells about the new generation of shinobi, namely the son of Naruto. On the basis of that film Directors began to work on producing a new anime series “Boruto: a new generation”. The first series was released on 5 April 2017.

Now you can answer, how many episodes in "Naruto" of the 720 episodes. But coupled with all of the anime that relate to this story, you get a number a little more. In the world nothing can last forever, but speaking of the anime "Naruto", then sometimes one gets the impression that it will never end. And the audience did not particularly want to release favorite characters, so 720 series anime series, perhaps not the limit. Suddenly released a third season?


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