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Alan Marshall was born, like every child, run, jump, fun to play with peers. But it turned out otherwise. Life was such that every movement was overcome and feat. And he never let his suffering to others. On the contrary, throughout his life gave lessons of courage and perseverance of Alan Marshall. The story of his life – it is the story of a man with an honest, courageous look at the reality and feeling of joy of life.Alan Marshall


It is described in the book called "I can jump through puddles". The boy was in a hurry to be born. He almost got ahead of came at the last moment the midwife. Everyone was waiting for: two sisters, mother and father. It happened on 2 may 1902 in Australia, in the Western district of Victoria, in Nurata. The father saw the son, immediately said that it will be a runner and rider, because the legs had strong. Alan Marshall and he thought I was a kid that would ride and handle any horse.Alan Marshall's personal life

School and disease

Soon after the child began to go to school, an epidemic of polio. It is now all children do from it inoculations. Then they simply did not exist. Alan Marshall became ill at age 6 and never was able physically to recover. After spending eighteen months in the hospital, he became an invalid, whose inheritance – bed and crutches. While he was recovering, avidly read adventure books and comics. He rejected all attempts to take care of him and tried to do as much myself. Father and mother encouraged all of the desire of the child, particularly the fact that he wanted to share all the activities and occupations of his classmates. Alan with his healthy, boyish perception of the world did not feel that it is exceptional that he's a little cripple. With the school enemy he was fighting with sticks, climb into the crater of an extinct volcano, learned to swim and ride a horse. Before you diehard stubborn Alan Marshall (biography). The photo below is our attention to his horse, which he learned to manage. Alan Marshall biographyHis illiterate father was an exceptional pedagogical talent. The parents did not seek solace in religion and did not submit to the “God willing”. Father taught his young son to be involved in everything, what is seemingly denied to him by fate, and to empathize and to profit. Do not hurt with pity and Alan Carter, who took it on a long trip to the loggers. The mother of his friend Joe also noticed the crutches Alan. Not moaning on the crippled and itinerant seasonal workers, swagmen. All among the people, taught Alan the habit to rely on yourself and be able to lend a hand to someone who is in trouble.


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The Young man dreamed of becoming a writer, but the knowledge that he received in a rural school and business College, is not enough. But Marshall with paralyzed legs, no one wanted to take. So he was happy to become a clerk in the municipality with a miserable salary, and an accountant in a Shoe factory, and a night watchman. But everything I saw and heard, as well as his reflections, Alan Marshall wrote in his notebooks. Over time they have accumulated about a hundred. In the thirties swept the country a wave of the crisis, there were massive layoffs, and the unemployed imprisoned.Alan Marshall biography photo of the Newspaper that came out daily, together did not print stories about Alan marginalized people. “pictures of the proletariat" placed only one newspaper where the journalist wrote about the sweatshop system in the factories "GM" and articles against war and fascism and in support of the Republic in Spain. In thirty-seven years, Marshall became the editor in a small magazine with anti-fascist orientation, and then he was elected President of the League of writers.


Met Olivia Dickson in 1937, Alan Marshall. Personal life is gradually settling in. They were married may 30, 1941 in Melbourne. In this marriage had two daughters. The wife could barely understand his vigorous activity. Alan traveled the roads of Australia first in a covered wagon which was pulled by horses, and in the mid-forties – the car, which was equipped with sophisticated straps for control. The upper half of his body was athletic, but failed completely withered legs. The right had to be amputated. In 1957, after his novel about his childhood, his wife shortly before his death, broke up with him. Then Alan lived alone and wrote in Newspapers (he had his own column) for women who have rough life drinking husbands.


Marshall believed that all our positive qualities stem from the troubles that happened to us.writer All his life he was seen as consisting of peaks and plains, and the task of the writer was to show that the vertices of are achievable. He was a passionate defender of people with disabilities. Wrote thousands of letters to children with disabilities, encouraging them to follow their dreams and not give up. In 1972 he received the Order of Britain for services to the disabled, in 1981 – the Order of Australia for her services to literature. In 1964, Marshall first visited the country, and later became President of the society ‘Australia – USSR».

Cheerful creativity Alan Marshall proves to all that the man has no right to bow down under the blows of fate. The writer died in 1984 when he was 81.


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