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Michelle Borth - Hollywood actress, known for the television series "Tell me you love me", "Supernatural" and "Freddie". The actress had many full-length horror films. The most famous of them - "Komodo vs Cobra", in which the role of Dr. Susan Richardson got Michelle Board. Filmography of the actress includes over twenty films and TV series.Michelle borth


The Actress was born and raised in new York. In his youth, Michelle wanted to be a gymnast, but after participating in several theatre productions in the summer camp she decided to become an actress.

In 2001, Michelle graduated from pace University in Manhattan, earning a bachelor's degree in acting.

Film Career

The Acting career of Michelle Borth began in 2002 with a small role in the blockbuster "in your face". The film is not widely known.

The Next few years, the actress was filmed mostly in horror. In 2003 she played in supernatural horror film, "an Ominous warning", released straight to video. At the same time, the actress worked on the Thriller "Wonderland" and James Cox. With her the film starred Carrie Fisher and Kate Bosworth.

In 2004, she was approved for one of the leading roles in the horror film "the Nursing fraternity." The Director of the film was made by David Decato, known for his low-budget horror films ("witches of the Caribbean", "the pit and the pendulum").

Michelle Borth filmography


In 2005, the actress appeared in the horror film "Komodo vs. Cobra" Jim Uaynorski. The picture is not broadcast in theaters and went straight to video.

Following a notable project in the filmography of Michelle Borth became the mystical television series "Veryexistence". She played Cameron in the episode "What is and what will never happen".

In 2007, Michel played a major role in the television series "Tell me you love me," which received notoriety due to the presence of explicit sex scenes. After the first season the show was closed due to low ratings.


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The following year, the actress auditioned and got the lead role in the detective series "the Forgotten", goes on the air from September 2009 to July 2010.

After the end of the TV series "the Forgotten" Michelle got a role in another popular television project - "Hawaii 5.0". Her character, Catherine Rollins appears regularly in the third and fourth seasons of the series, and in first and second occasionally.

Among the works of Michel is also worth noting the medical television series "Military hospital" in which she played Rebecca Gordon. The series was watched by over a million viewers worldwide.

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