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In the twentieth century, Russia went through many trials: coups, regime change, revolution for revolution… Troubled times dictate their conditions and demanded changes in public and political life. For the solution of many urgent undertook a "mistress of doom" - literature. Talented poets of the twentieth century belonged to the revolution in different ways. Some didn't take it and left his native land, while others remained and longed for change for the better. Alexander Block claimed that you must listen to the revolution with all my heart and mind, for him it – "the music has ears should hear."

History of the poem "Twelve". The recognition of poet, critic

the history of the poem's twelve

The Work was written after the February and October revolution. The Block itself admits that the poem formed very quickly, because he wrote it while in anticipation of change. First, he wrote the individual verses, and then gathered them together in a single composition, and in the end marveled at how little it crossed out. It is interesting that the poem grew up with only a few words ("I'll slit knife, slit"), which instantly appeared in 8 stanzas. Stood Blizzard January days, and this mood the poet has carried through all his work. Poem of the Unit could not persist to the present day as the author, in deathbed delirium demanded that the wife Love Mendeleeva burned his baby, but she didn't. Alexander suddenly turned into an enemy of the people and of poets, which Gumilev gave him the verdict: the service of the Antichrist, the secondary crucifixion of Christ and the execution of the sovereign.


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Short contents of the poem "Twelve"

Events occur in winter in Petrograd. Blowing a Blizzard, through which is heard screaming, screeching. At night the city moves squad of twelve soldiers – the so-called Champions with the old world, which ruthlessly shoot and destroy all in its path. One of them, the sensual Ivan kills his girlfriend Katka and subsequently going through her death, but his friends tell him to gather strength: "not now is the time to coddle you." Squad warns citizens of the impending robbery: they will eradicate everything that reminds them of the old world. They forget about God who walketh "no name St." and praying Petka remind that it already has "blood girls", and so he should not expect help from the Lord. However, in the last, twelfth Chapter, He appears: "the white crown of roses Ahead – Jesus Christ." Who is – Savior or destroyer, – the Unit does not give an answer, so the meaning of the final poem "Twelve" is interpreted in different ways.

Image Jesus

image of Christ in the poem of twelve

The Appearance of Christ in the final – an unexpected phenomenon, because in Holy Russia already fired several times and removed the cross. One hundred years after the writing of the poem and literary critics still consider this issue and put forward a few guesses. Jesus is headed by a detachment of red guards and leads them into the new world – the criminals become saints. Other researchers believe that this is the apostles, marching revolutionary step under the leadership of Peter. Mikhail Voloshin says that the image of Christ in the poem "Twelve" was introduced with a different purpose: it does not save the squad, but rather he is trying to hide from him. Pavel Florensky drew attention to the changes in the name of Jesus - the one he "Jesus", but do not be naive and assume that was a typo admitted by accident. The team is headed by the Antichrist, who is also omnipotent, invulnerable "and Blizzard is invisible."

Song poem

images of the poem's twelve

"Twelve" is a response heard by the Unit music of the revolution, and the musicality of the compositions is achieved by clear rhythm. The poem is not like the previous works of Alexander Alexandrovich, and poet if it is in the search for new forms that he can successfully. The tradition of the March later in his work will be continued by the futurist Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poem consists of twelve different shapes of parts that are interrelated and form a coherent whole. If the analysis of the poem "the Twelve," you can identify the dots between verses, which is inserted by the editors after the publication of the - obviously, the censors felt it necessary to omit some places. At certain points in the narrative goes by the wayside, and the actions are described in dialogues and monologues. The rhyme is irregular, and in some episodes not at all, the action is often interrupted by the shooting – "fuck-cluck-cluck!"

Language Features in the poem "Twelve"

The most brilliant symbolist twentieth century, Alexander Blok, was a turning point in the work. The poet who wrote the earlier poems about women and love, takes an interest in new themes and the onset of a revolution finally convinced him to rethink the motives of his work. The history of the poem "Twelve" is very unusual – Block wrote it in a fit of expectations, passions and gathered urban folklore, without ignoring even the vernacular and branney vocabulary. The phrase "Chocolate "Mignon" ate" is owned by Liubov. Prostitute Katya the Block "tolstolutsky", flashlight – "elektrichesky", the cadets – "Uncaria", and Russia – "fatass". The author beautifully conveyed the flavor of street life, but doing a full analysis of the poem "the Twelve," it is possible to identify and catch phrase. The verse "...the Wind, the wind – for all God's earth!" soon became a proverb.

This is a mysterious number twelve...

analysis of the poem, twelve

Delving into the history of the writing of the poem, we can identify some contradictory points. In the history of world culture there are some numbers, which feature was noticed by ancient people: one they bring good luck, others – misfortune. Figure 12 is the embodiment of cosmic order and is found in European, Chinese, Vedic and pagan cultures. Because in Russia from the tenth century preached Christianity, interested in the sacred value of this number the Christians. So, 12 – is the number of Jesus ' apostles, 12 fruits of the spirit, the 12 tribes of Israel; at the base of the Holy city lay 12 gates and stones, which is also very symbolic. Also, we all know that this figure is often found not only in religion, but in everyday life. For 12 hours last day and night, 12 months a year. In Ancient Greece and Rome this is the number of the main gods seated on Olympus.

Twelve – the figure is indeed unusual and mysterious, but the Block itself Alexander warned that the poem is very symbolic, and every symbol and allusion can be interpreted in different ways. Perhaps the meaning of the number in the poem is very realistic, because at the time of the revolution Krasnogvardeyskiy do patrols consisted of 12 people.

Two worlds in the work

The Confrontation between the past and the new time – the main theme of the poem "Twelve". Block saw in the revolution "deliverance from spiritual swamp" and believed that sooner or later it has to happen. Old world to its foundations was not destined to survive for long – for the sake of change society is willing to make sacrifices. The poem begins with a snowstorm, which is the way of the coup. "The wind, the wind – for all God's earth!" against this wind of change that seemed to cover not only Russia but the whole world, not everyone can resist. Twelve red army soldiers walk through a Blizzard, not afraid of anything. The old world is powerless in the face of the upcoming new, and the harbingers of the revolution - such as uncontrollable and unstoppable.

Democracy or anarchy?

the theme of the poem is a twelve-unit

Twelve of the red army - the main images of the poem "Twelve". They are irreconcilable to the old ways – go, and they all uneasy. They – a reflection of the true face of the revolution that sweeps away everything in its path, as well as Blizzard. The red guards are warning residents to lock up "the floor" and unlock the cellars, because "now there will be looting." Similar cries symbolize anarchy, but not the struggle of the proletariat for a better life. They despise the old world, but what can you offer in return? Destroying, they are not ready to create. They don't say: "we We will build a new world, create!" Analysis of the poem "the Twelve," will allow you to see in the events of the death of the country. The uselessness of the revolution confirms the old lady who, on seeing the poster "All power to the constituent Assembly!", affected why it is needed. Such a large flap can would be to make puttees for you guys in the cold and hungry days, when "everyone – naked, undressed", the government needs to care about the welfare of the people.

Even the Church was deprived of its former power. Alexander Blok depicts the priest, which, if used to "belly forward" and shone a cross, now the same as all the others, overcome the guard, and they refer to him as "comrade pop". The new government is not a Church and faith and encourage the red guards to shoot Holy Russia from the rifle.

Victim for what?

the content of the poem, twelve

For the revolution the life of one human means nothing against the backdrop of worldwide blizzards. When one of the twelve soldiers named Petka accidentally kills his girlfriend Katya, he begins to wail, not believing what was happening. In the eyes of the eleven others it looks like a weakness, for it is not to me...

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