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If you want to learn to draw, start with the basics: step-by-step master classes. For example, this article of the recommendation of a professional artist, how to draw a piece of cheese.

Five reasons to learn how to draw

This type of activities, like drawing, a lot of advantages. First, it helps to cope with boredom and to diversify leisure. Secondly, it is useful for self-development, as it trains hand-eye, fine motor skills, observation, memory, helps to form a sense of color and shape. Third, increases self-esteem, calms and stabilizes the psychological state. Fourth, suitable to all without exception, regardless of age and gender. And finally fifth, does not require complex equipment. Enough to have on hand:

  • White sheet of paper of a granular structure (i.e., not glossy);
  • A few pencils of varying hardness/softness (labelling TV, TM, TT);
  • Soft eraser.

Now let's cut to the chase and learn how to draw cheese.

Step by Step tutorial wizard

The first Step. First, on a sheet of paper, draw a parallelogram a quadrilateral with opposite sides which are pairwise parallel. And the figure should be slightly turned to the side, as shown below.

how to draw cheese

Step two. At the top of the parallelogram, draw a triangle. The base of the triangle should be slightly rounded, as in our example.

how to draw a piece of cheese

The third Step. Mark on the figure the outline of the holes, characteristic of this cheese. By the way, the holes in the product are formed during fermentation of raw milk. At this stage, on paper looms a piece of cheese.


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how to draw cheese

The fourth Step. This is the easiest step in our lesson. Just remove all the extra lines and make the contours are more smooth and clear.

Step five, final. At this stage we need to give the picture a natural for this, we add the shadows. The wizard recommends that you do this by hatching. First you need to decide which portions of the cheese will remain lit and which will drop shadow. Then shade those areas, which according to the authors should be darkened. If you cannot work with chiaroscuro, focus on an illustrative example.

how to draw cheese

If you did everything correctly then your picture will be similar to the wizard. Now you know how to draw cheese.

Instead of an epilogue

To learn how to draw beautifully, you need to practice a lot. Create simple sketches every day with step-by-step master classes. But when your hand becomes solid, start to draw from. This will help you become a true artist.

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