What is the name of Christina from "Uni. New Dorm"? Brief biography of the actress


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A Very popular project of channel TNT "University", to the delight of fans, will be continued. And in the new series heroes of old Michael, Kuzma and Anton are not just settled in a new hostel. They had three neighbors: Masha, Yana and Christina. Each of them is interesting in its own way. But especially I remember the last heroine. It features a clear life position, strong character and straightforwardness. And many began to wonder, what's the name of Christina from "Uni. New Dorm" really?

Actress episode or not?

Anastasia Samburski (this is the name of the actress who played the role of Christine in "the University") is not immediately became a star of television. After completing his studies at GITIS, she was invited to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, which is working today. The most notable theatrical works Anastasia steel roles in "the Devils. Scenes from the life of Nikolai Stavrogin", "Prince Caspian" and "the bobsled for an adult male". All in all, she played more than 10 different characters, and each time critics have noted the excellent play of the actress.University Cristina

However, before you become a star for the continuation of the sitcom "Univer", Cristina (or Nastasia) long were recorded only in episodic roles in TV series and movies. Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 2008. She played a small role of a girl at the cinema in the film "Say Leo". Then followed the shooting in the popular TV series "Wild", "Amazon" and "Detectives." But it was just the episodes, nothing more.

A star

In 2011, Anastasia Samburski got the lead role, and she became a star. After reaching the screens of the continuation of the series "Univer" many have become interested in the name of Christine from "Uni. New Dorm". Nastia was able to so realistically transform into her character that the actress just started her associate. And really, the girl is very convincingly portrayed a hard and inflexible man-hater.what is the name of Christina from the new uni Dorm


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However, in the course of the show the audience not just see other traits of Christina. She is always ready to lend a shoulder to her friends and sometimes become a real senior fellow. Besides, eventually she manages to win the heart of Anton Martynov, which was not under the power of any lady. In this case, all celebrating the natural beauty of the actress. Perhaps even so interesting to viewers, the name of Christine from "Uni. The new dormitory".

Other activities

Of Course, Anastasia's interests are not limited to work in theater and TV shows. So, since 2013 she is the host of a popular talk-show "am I right" on the channel "Yu". In addition, she participated in the filming for the popular men's magazines Maxim and Playboy. According to fans, Nastya Samburski is one of the sexiest women. If we add to this the constant shooting in the movie, her career can be considered very successful. Perhaps soon on how name is Christine from "Uni. New Dorm", anybody and will not ask. Popularity will do the job.

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